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  1. Awesome thanks for clearing that up for me, think I will just play that they do trigger makes for a harder and more exciting battle
  2. So if you choose the order do you take the ones you defeat as trophys even if you lose one of the battles or do they get kept on the space for the next person to encounter them? TSS exact wording is "At the start of this battle each enemy in your tier with a willpower attribute immediately moves to your space and joins this battle." So if you land on Lair of the vexigar or Mutant warlord. Roll 4-5 draw a yellow threat card, mutant draw a red threat card if you don't win the battle then they get left on the space I would have thought they would get put into the discard pile? Thanks for the reply.
  3. If you have multiple different attribute enemy's( a blue, a yellow and a red) who do you battle first, second and/or third if they are all enemy's? Do you have to go strongest and work your way down or can you choose? The card thousand son sorcerer, if you draw this card and bring all the enemy's with the same attribute to the space do you then also encounter there card description for instance draw a corruption card at the start of this battle? If you land on a space txt box that makes you draw a threat card after a dice roll, does the threat card go to the discard pile if you fail/defeated or does it stay on the space? If it stays on the space do you encounter the card first then roll for the text box?
  4. Thanks for all the reply folks and for helping me out.
  5. If you draw the enchanter card on your move and have a craft of 4 or more do you get the perk or do you end your turn then the next person to land on the space gets the perk? Likewise if you draw the magic stream on your turn do you place 3 strengh tokens on it instead of 4 as you have taken one for drawing the card or do you place 4 on it end your turn then it's only if you land on it again do you gain 1str?
  6. Looking to see if anybody knows where I could buy a set of dice from the revised 4th edition without buying the game?
  7. Thanks for the reply, as far as I am aware you have to prep for battle before the enemy rolls so you wouldn't be able to see the enemies score before playing your power/asset/wargear cards.
  8. Hi, new to the thread so sorry if this has already been brought up but i couldnt find an answer. Just bought the game (my very first fantasy board game i may add). I was wondering if you can play any wargear cards or threat asset cards(in your play area) with charge values on them at any point in your battle, like after you have already done your battle roll, to boost the result. Instead of at the prep for battle step (where must play power cards) before you or the enemy roll. It doesnt clarify in the rules, i know you can only use one weapon and armour per turn and any number of equipment cards.I assume that threat asset and wargear cards without charges on them you would be using anyway, if you so wished, so they would be used at the prep for battle stage anyway. The Forgotten portal cards aswell do they get left on the space that they were drawn on, stupid question i know but just to clarify. Also is there any other web way portals on the board apart from the one that lets you travel from middle to outer as the forgotten portal card says you may move to a web way portal space which to me seems like there is more than one. Sorry for rambling, any help in this would be much appreciated.
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