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  1. The more i think about it, the more i think maybe a character has to die. I've had the "What happens when you die" talk with my group. They're aware of it. It's not the end of the world (game), just the end of that character and we agreed that the new character would get the XP boost to meet up with the rest of the group. Plus, my group has gone through the evolution of never playing an RPG to bordering on min-maxing characters and situations. They are skewing toward the focus of "winning" the scene rather than RPing their characters. It's not in a malicious manner, i think it just evolved naturally as they got more into the game and the mechanics. I have a feeling that the day my game gets to the point where i can't balance the encounters (ships not withstanding), then someone will have to die. I have my game tonight - One PC is in pursuit of a Nemesis who just took off, but he's heading into a fight with Three TIE fighters supported by a star destroyer to aid the Nemesis's hyperspace retreat. Time to lay the hammer down.
  2. Thanks for all the excellent insight everyone. Really appreciate all the responses. Looking forward to trying out some of these tactics in my next game.
  3. All good suggestions - i did use a remote shutdown last game. Locked one of the PCs in the cockpit while the Nemesis took potshots at him (almost killed him). I guess this also speaks to the fact that sometimes as the GM, i feel overwhelmed by the players and can't quite get the balance right. What i think will be challenging they blow through and what i think isn't, they have trouble with. Often times, i feel "outplayed" by four players working together. Not that i'm a confrontational GM, just the opposite, but my group has evolved from never playing an RPG to knowing how it works and how to leverage their skills and talents. They expect to succeed everytime, and picking and choosing what they don't succeed at generates a little tension. Nothing table-breaking, but i've just never actually campaigned this long and the ship aspect of the game is one that they are starting to latch on to as a universal solution.
  4. My PCs love ships. LOVE them, for one big reason: They like to hop into ships and shoot everything, mainly NPCs. Let me set the scene: A ship is docked next to an old temple, stormtroopers are loading equipment onto the ship and PC's goal is to stop them for obtaining the equipment and investigate the temple. Of course, they want to steal the shuttle and shoot all the poor troopers with the guns. This is basically the standard operating procedure of my PCs. There's a NPC threat, they look for the nearest ship to hop in it and rain the pain onto NPCs. They've wiped out squads of minions, rival bounty hunters, etc. I got wise to their game, and in the instance above, i had them trying to splice the computer via a Nemesis opposed roll and leveraged dark side points to keep them from using the ship too much. It ended up being the hardest session in 10-session campaign so far. The PCs got their a***s handed to them by the assassin droid who owned the ship. How do you deal with PCs stealing ships? And, more importantly, how do you nerf the strategy of hopping in any available ship and taking out the planned opposition without being too heavy handed?
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