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  1. conflict(mechanic) is not about you feeling bad about fully justified actions like destroying the death star...it 's about you doing immoral things if you feel bad or not...like killing an unarmed and beaten opponent. It is about your slide towards the darkside. Ender is a different situation than Luke destroying the death star...Ender did not destroy a space station full of people out to kill planets full of people. He realized after they tricked him that he had committed genocide against a race who was beaten and no longer a threat.
  2. absolutely, and I especially like the idea of some minion you've wrongd coming back later in the campaign as a nemesis possibly....after you've forgotten all about him. I mean he was just a faceless minion....but he hasn't forgotten you! That could b a fun story arc, even just finding out who this guy actually is. like the creature in the hitchhikers guide who wants to kill Arthur Dent....and he turns out to be a guy who kept getting reincarnated and then subsequently killed by Arthur Dent as a fly or rabbit, or whale.
  3. I never said you SHOULD kill them, just that if you frighten them away, you might consider they might be possibl candidates to come back and haunt you later, especially if one of them gains influence later and maybe is no longer a minion...and he remembers you. just saying, specially if you are going to allow them to apply it to each minion instead of each minion group the way you should, that you balance that out so the PC's dont think they can go around just frighten everyone they meet as a way of solving problems. "kill them all" and frightening everyone away or scathing rebuking everyone are not the only ways to solve an encounter. mainly saying it is a good way to introduce more story into the campaign, and I wouldn't have them come back in the same session....unless it was for story reasons.
  4. depending on the minions I wouldn't necessarily run it that way...storm troopers or gang members might come back with more friends, however I would give one check per minion group. I would say minions would be of the mindset that they have more courage in numbers(if only to not look weak in front of their "friends", in which case its really fear of their friends overriding fear of you, in ). In fact i would give you a setback die if they outnumbered you, maybe two if they had more than double your numbers. I'm not saying the minions would always come back, but I want my players to feel there are consequences for their actions. What their characters do has an actual influence on the world we are creating and decisions made today can affect what happens tomorrow, or next week.
  5. I'm not sure I would say the effect is the same....dead enemies don't regroup, pump up their courage, hold a grudge or come back to haunt you
  6. I think you mean, what they said is the truth....from a certain point of view
  7. i mean the source code, been working in c# for the last 5 years, but at my new position im working in PERL and XSL so would love to see what he's done with it. I miss working in a nice oo language and it looks like an interesting project
  8. i don't imagine you'd be willing to share the source for the generator
  9. but of course some setup can vary depending on the outcome of the last scenario
  10. FFG LCG cards will say attach to a character you control if that's what they mean, they are really good about that kind of thing. If a card is limited in some way they will lay it out on the card for you. it's not a bad question, and once you get into more of the LCG cards you will see a lot of examples of things like that, check out cardgame db and see the kinds of text in swtcg and conquest cards there will be a lot more examples there
  11. star wars(full) conquest(full) agot 2.0(full) cthulhu(all but one box expansion and only a couple of the asylum packs yet) netrunner(75% +) lotr(sporadically)
  12. Is there still a good place to play pick up games of Star wars lcg in san diego, I'm going to be there for work next week
  13. i really want to see more Ents, creatures would be nice with a Radagast hero
  14. you can't use clear sleeves with the alternate art card because they use the in-house manufacturing for those and they could have slightly different color or cardstock than the other cards....so you could know when a card was coming available
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