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    DLighter reacted to 2P51 in Ship art   
    Not really ship art, but with Special Modifications out I thought it was a great Droid Cyber Tech.

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    DLighter reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    DLighter reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    DLighter reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    DLighter reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
    I find your mockery of my art selections....disturbing....

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    DLighter reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    DLighter reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    DLighter reacted to Tear44 in How did your Jedi survive?   
    None of my players are Jedi. They are force sensitive. The Jedi died. Or are only a meager dozen of beings in a Galaxy of Trillions (Quintillions?)
    The Force didn't die in Order 66. People continue to be born who can use it. Some live their whole lives never wielding its powers. Others become Dreaded Agents of the Empire. Most go on to have very Lucky lives or make Spiritual Connections in their communities.
    But just using the force doesn't make one a Jedi.
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    DLighter reacted to LugWrench in Creating Inquisitors   
    *Reads GroggyGolem's reply*

    *Insert Evil Grin here*
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    DLighter reacted to Tramp Graphics in A-Wing and T-47 size   
    Nope. Silhouette is purely a means of measuring the size of something. For instance, the ATAT Walker is Silhouette 4. It's absolutely huge. 
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    DLighter reacted to Gavinfoxx in Homebrew Strike Cruiser Stats!   
    So what do you all think? Yes, it's overpowered, but Astartes vessels are supposed to be better than other ships, and, after all, this is the hull that Inquisitors use as their suuuper high end Inquisitorial ship of choice, so it must have something that makes it better than other ships, yes?  How would you change this?
    "Very, very rarely, Rogue Traders of sufficient influence can gain the ownership of the mighty Strike Cruisers, those fast-response vessels of the Astartes.  They never come with the actual Astartes that normally crew these vessels (along with innumerable chapter serfs and servitors of course).  Normally, most Rogue Traders outfit them similarly to how Astartes outfit Vanguard Cruisers, for extended independent operations.  After all, if one has access to the fastest variety of ship in the Imperium, the last thing you will want to do is slow it down with Escorts that can't keep up.  Not that this ship would normally need escorts, being built to such generally high standards, with absurdly good armor, being essentially 'a much better Dauntless'."
    Adeptus Astartes Strike Cruiser
    Light-Cruiser scale vessel
    Crew: 50,000
    Speed: 7
    Maneuverability: 15
    Detection: 20
    Hull: 60
    Armor: 24
    Turret: 2
    Ship Points: 70
    Space: 57
    Weapon Mounts: Port, Starbord, Prow, Prow (Slot taken)

    Wings of the Angels: The Strike Cruiser is well known as the most reliably fastest ship in the Imperium, at least when traveling through the Immaterium.  The exact reason for it's fleetness through the Warp is unknown, but the effects are well-documented.  Navigation Tests to pilot the ship through the warp gain a +10, and travel through the warp takes 1d3 less weeks than normal.  Reroll all rolls for Blasphemous Tendencies or Temperamental Warp Engine under Past Histories and Machine Spirit Oddities until those results are not chosen.  Further, when installed, any Warp drive where the version that would go on a light cruiser is slower than the one that would go on a Frigate or smaller, like the Markov Warp Drive, has the speed of the cruiser variant increased to the speed of the Frigate variant.

    Astartes Prow: May not choose any component predicated on having a more traditional prow, such as a Variable Figurehead, a Reinforced Prow, or a Power Ram.  In one of the prow slots, the vessel also has an integrated forward-facing Launch Bay and Cargo Hold, which must be provided with a point of power, and can not be removed.  This does not impact the ship's ability to have a separate, second Prow weapon mount.  This component normally launches Thunderhawks, Stormravens, Storm Eagles, and their void-capable Cutter variants, and carries extra mission cargo as well.  Due to being designed into the vessel, this component does not lower the overall maneuverability of the ship.  With this component, the cost of the component is already integrated in the ship. Provides 100 Achievement Points to Trade and Criminal objectives, and counts as a strength 1 bay.

    Outfitted for war: The Strike Cruiser is designed solely for combat, and in anticipation of this her masters have equipped her with the heavy power couplings and projection arrays required to maintain multiple void shields. The Strike Cruiser can use ‘cruiser only’ Void Shield Components.
    "More common, though less famous, than the Adeptus Astartes Strike Cruiser is the Arbites variant of the ship, the 'Punisher' Class, often seen as the primary Arbites patrol vessel in important sectors.  Less heavily armored than the Astartes variant, especially towards the rear, it often has forward-mounted torpedoes or a bombardment cannon.  It also often has specialized components for the day-to-day running of a patrol and prisoner transport ship, but none of these components are integral to the ship.  This class of Strike Cruiser is more commonly seen in the hands of Rogue Traders than the Astartes variant, being more easy to acquire, but it is still rare."

    Adeptus Arbites Punisher-Class Strike Cruiser
    Light-Cruiser scale vessel
    Crew: 50,000
    Speed: 7
    Maneuverability: 15
    Detection: 20
    Hull: 60
    Armor: 22, 20 rear
    Turret: 2
    Ship Points: 63
    Space: 57
    Weapon Mounts: Port, Starbord, Prow, Dorsal (Taken)

    Long Arm of the Law: The Strike Cruiser is well known as the most reliably fastest ship in the Imperium, at least when traveling through the Immaterium.  The exact reason for it's fleetness through the Warp is unknown, but the effects are well-documented.  Navigation Tests to pilot the ship through the warp gain a +10, and travel through the warp takes 1d3 less weeks than normal.  Re-roll all rolls for Blasphemous Tendencies or Temperamental Warp Engine under Past Histories and Machine Spirit Oddities until those results are not chosen.  Further, when installed, any Warp drive where the version that would go on a light cruiser is slower than the one that would go on a Frigate or smaller, like the Markov Warp Drive, has the speed of the cruiser variant increased to the speed of the Frigate variant.

    Dorsal Precinct: Instead of a dorsal weapon slot slot, this vessel has a Launch Bay and Cargo Hold, which must be provided with a point of power as any other bay and can not be removed.  This component normally launches all manner of Cutters, Lighters, Landers, Aeronautica, and Barges, and even some Eagle Interceptors, and carries extra mission cargo as well.  Due to being designed into the vessel, this component does not lower the overall maneuverability of the ship.  With this component, the cost of the component is already integrated in the ship. Provides 100 Achievement Points to Trade and Criminal objectives, and counts as a strength 1 bay, albeit one incapable of servicing a full wing of bombers or assault boats, beyond the odd prestige one or two.
    Hawking Exploration Cruiser

    This ship is essentially the perfect ship for many types of Rogue Traders as well as certain Explorator fleets.  Technically sized as a Light Cruiser, albeit a large one, it is extremely fast for it's size, if slightly hard to maneuver compared to other light cruisers.  It is highly capable of operating independently, and has very advanced shields and sensors.  Larger than a Defiant or Dauntless, smaller than a Dictator or Lunar, these ships can almost act as full Cruisers, with a cost to match.  Almost always fitted with Exploration Bridges and Multi-Band Auspexes, the design originally dates back to Macharius's crusades.  The ship always has a background package equivalent to a Thulian Explorator Vessel without the Archeotech component, with the benefits and costs already integrated into it's capabilities.

    Hull Integrity: 60
    Maneuverability: 10
    Detection: 32
    Armor: 19
    Turret Rating: 2
    Space: 60
    Speed: 7
    Ship Points: 68
    Weapon Capacity: 1 Prow, 2 Port, 2 Starboard (of these, 1 port and 1 starboard slot are pre-equipped with Components)

    Support Carrier: The Hawking comes pre-equipped with bays that act as a specialized variant of Jovian-pattern Escort Bays in the Port and Starboard slots.  However, these bays have extra space to store cargo due to the nature of the Ship's mission; each also adds 50 points towards Trade or Criminal objectives.  2 Power must be supplied to these bays in total.  These components can not be removed.  However, due to the specialized nature of these bays, they are incapable of servicing full wings of Bombers, beyond the odd prestige one or two; they are generally used for the wide variety and massive quantity of utility and scouting and surveying small craft, including some specialized grav-chute-equipped drop vehicles, that an exploration-focused ship, which can not be assumed to have access to full docking facilities, may need.

    Exotic Projection Arrays: The Exploration Cruiser, being almost as large as a normal Cruiser, can select Cruiser Only Void Shields. Further, all shields placed in these slots gain the benefits of being Repulsor shields.

    Explorer: The vessel adds +75 to all Exploration Endeavours. Add 3 months of emergency supplies.  The prow can not have a reinforced prow or a power ram without lowering the detection capability of the vessel by 5.
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    DLighter reacted to Col. Orange in Grenade question - failing the check   
    A small puppy runs into the battle, jumps, catches the grenade in its mouth and runs off before anyone can steal its new toy.
    Everyone pauses.
    There is a wet "crump" off screen.
    The combatants look uncomfortable and avoid each other's gaze.
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    DLighter reacted to derroehre in Do droids fear?   
    I like to think that he rolled 4 Despairs on a fear check while leaving the Tantive IV and is now grasped by unspeakable fear for the remainder of the campaign.
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    DLighter reacted to Kyla in Homebrew Clone "Species" - Need Feedback   
    So, if I could add my 2 cents - I don't think that the Willpower 3 accurately reflects what the Clones were bred for. Remember, they were designed to follow orders blindly, but also to be subject to force powers to allow them to be better controlled (though initially brought up in the EU stuff, this is supported through the idea of Jedi Generals in the Clones Wars assisting the clones with Battle Meditation). Due to this, it would probably be more accurate to give the Clones ranks in Discipline (which would be used to allow a trooper pinned by heavy weapons fire to attack normally per the example) and Cool (which is used when trying to resist Charm or Negotiation to stop a Clone from carrying out his order) specifically as opposed to giving them high a Willpower to begin with. Also, Clones weren't ignorant or simple, so a 1 Intellect might be a little low - especially with how knowledgeable it portrayed them (knowing information about species, field training other clones as needed, knowledge of planets and areas in both the Outer Rim and Core Worlds - that's Knowledge Xenology, Outer Rim, Core Worlds and Education right there).
    With the introduction of the subspecies of Nikto, it might benefit the same application for Clones, with sub-types for Clone Commander, Clone Pilot, Clone Trooper, and Advanced Reconnaissance Clone. I think this tailors them a little better to the roles they are designed for. The idea of restricting careers and specializations I think fits better as a Campaign or Story effect than it does a "species" aspect. This means that if you had a Clone Pilot that was needed in the motorpool, you would of course be trained as a mechanic, but your genome would be inherently geared to the purpose of flying it not necessarily fixing it.
    As a suggestion;
    CLONE (Grand Army of the Republic) Brawn 3, Agility 3, Intellect 2, Cunning 2, Willpower 1, Presence 1 Wound Threshold: 11 + Brawn Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower Starting XP: 70 Bred for Obedience: Clones are bred to follow their orders, Clones gain 1 free rank in Cool and Discipline but cannot train these skills above 2 at character creation.  Flash Training: Clones receive an extensive amount of high-speed, simulated training in their fields of specialization, and fall into sub-species;   Clone Commander - Gain 1 free rank in the Command talent (Typically Commander Career) Clone Pilot - Gain 1 free rank in the Skilled Jockey talent (Typically Ace Career) Clone Trooper - Gain 1 free rank in the Toughened talent (Typically Soldier Career) Advanced Reconnaissance Clone - Gain 1 free rank in the Stalker talent (Typically Spy Career)
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    DLighter reacted to Sebastian Yorke in Funniest *** you or your players have ever done   
    *grabs popcorn*
    Our Engiseer Prime detected the Arch Militant's stress levels were too high and to counter that he uploaded a routine to all the mobile servitors in the ship to randomly offer him hugs. Now, the AM now uses his Power Armor every time he has to leave his room.
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    DLighter reacted to N0-1_H3r3 in Cool Names For Chaos Vessels   
    The Dark Mechanicus forge-ship that's turned up in my campaign is called the #DIV/0.
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    DLighter reacted to zypher in Darkstryder   
    Okay, I'm doing it. Been planning on running this since the box set first came out 1 million years ago.
    If you don't know what Darkstryder is, its an old d6 box set.. it was designed for the players to have multiple pregenerated PCs taken from different groupings (ie: everyone had one pilot, one command staff, one ground fighty guy etc) of a rebellion corvette. It was a neat concept, that was almost impossible to pull off well. The story the game was set in, is friggen awesome tho. DISCLAIMER: I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on the plot stuff of the box set, its really long and kinda convulated. Largely this thread is intended for those already familiar w the set.. or for others who might have more generalized counsel.
    Mechanically I'm not worried about the conversion to FFG I've done that a lot already, it's reflexive at this point.
    Plot wise, I'm doing away with multiple PCs, its crazy hard to manage; and I discovered, when I tried this w d6, players get a lot less invested in their characters if they've got 4 or 5 of them. Also they end up w a favorite and it becomes a mess.
    Basic premise, for folks who are unaware, Republic corvette chasing a rogue Moff, into unknown space.. almost a Voyager, Battlestar Galactica, or Lost In Space feel to the game. You never know what you're gonna run into, Canon doesn't matter as much, cause you're in crazy space, and scarcity of resources and ship damage is a huge factor.
    I figure I'll start them all of with the F&D box set and a couple of the book adventures FFG is pumping out. Then they get sent out to chase the Moff, AFTER the rebel corvette has already started the chase. So the first arc of the game is PCs chasing rebels, chasing imperials. I'm gonna give the PCs a fast freighter so they can catch up.. but it's mainly going to be them ending up in systems seeing and haveing to deal with the fallout of the game of cat and mouse the rebels and imps are playing.
    Act 2 is them meeting up with the corvette (for which I will have a cork board on the wall w bios on the mountain of NPCs.) And then Battlestar Galactica style drama.. while the force users try to deal w a rebel ship, who's discipline is fraying pretty bad and is rife with dissent and sabotage.
    Act 3 is maybe them taking command of the ship, maybe not.. depends on decisions and rolls.. but act 3 is the protracted climax of them finally closing in on their prey.
    I'm pretty happy w a lot of the ideas I have (more then I posted here aka: an instructor of the inquisitors has gone rogue taken a handful of students and is signing on w the Moff, one of the PCs is going to be a former student of his, one of the PCs ex girlfriend is an ex imperial that is pretending to be a rebel on the corvette her loyalties are not entirely clear, etc etc) but I love more input.
    Anyone feel free to bounce ideas my way.. but especially if you're familiar with the box set.
    Thanks for any input guys!
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    DLighter reacted to theshadowduke in Cool Names For Chaos Vessels   
    Since it hasn't been mentioned, The Event Horizon.
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    DLighter reacted to Dyslexic Dragon in Critical Hits, Vibroswords and Edges   
    Don't forget that you can get a Hired Gun's ability LAST ONE STANDING easy in 190xp and that murders minions  and rivals  
    (just had too  )
    With the 1 Crit Vibro weapons, sunder and ranged is the bane to these types of weapons. Just remember with the right equipment in the right hands can be deadly   
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    DLighter reacted to Thanatos in Character optimization   
    When you say optimization I assume that you mean making your character extremely competent.
    First and foremost you should have a plan or your character, and end goal. For example my character is gonna be a "fly by the seat of his pants" hotshot and self-proclaimed pirate. So my main focus is pilot skills followed by skills like Cool, Deception, Coordination, etc.
    Secondly, while stats are important they are not nearly as important as skill ranks. As said before, more dice is more success. This is true in real life. Someone who is incredibly strong will almost always be beaten by someone with more skill.
    Thirdly, you should have some combat skills. I strongly recommend ranged light or ranged heavy, but melee or brawling is just as good. For the best result you should have one close combat skill and one ranged combat skill.
    Fourth, be familiar with the kind of tasks you can do. A Slicer might seem very limited in combat capabilities, till they hijack a near by turret and rip the squad of Black Sun hitmen a new one (several new ones in fact). Read up on your skills and talents and think of ways you can use them in different situations.
    Fifth, gear, gadgets, and gizmos. What's a pilot without a ship? What's a mercenary without his guns? Even a Jedi needs his lightsaber for those times when things can't be settled peacefully (or to insure thing go more peaceful then they might). Knowing who your character will become you can create a wishlist of the gear you want and need, and work on finding this gear.
    Oh, and I should mention, before you do any of this, make sure that your character fills a needed role in your group. While it might be fun to run around as a dual wielding gunslinger, it's less fun when you have everyone filling in a gunslinger type's role. If this means you have to be the medic of the group, so be it, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. After all, Doc Holliday was a medic (a dentist actually) and he was a notorious gambler and deadly gunfighter, and the famous Chinese hero Wong Fei Hong wasn't just a badass martial artist, he was a well educated medical doctor.
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    DLighter reacted to mouthymerc in Lightsaber stats in Edge vs. Force and destiny   
    In Edge and age there was no Lightsaber skill (unless you introduced it) and there were no talents to support lightsabers. Because of this, the lightsaber that we got was the endgame one so it would appear to be the mythological weapon it seems to be for some. The vorpal sword if you will. If you have player(s) with one and are now allowing access to F&D abilities, you may want to reconsider the stats or be prepared to deal with a maxxed out lightsaber.
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    DLighter reacted to jbmacek in Why would anyone ever play a droid?   
    "These aren't the droids you are looking for."
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    DLighter reacted to johnnygaijin in Art of my group   
    "Crash" human smuggler/pilot
    Dirko rodian smuggler/thief
    Jacen human spy/infiltrator, colonist/performer
    RG droid hired gun/marauder, bounty hunter/assassin
    Art by my friend and GM Wil Long
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    DLighter reacted to plarfem in How I converted my D&D campaign to the EotE system (conversion rules included)   
    This gets a little longwinded, so for those just looking to see the conversion rules I used, here is a link to the 50 pg pdf that includes races, talent trees, spells, and equipment: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxUTXhu-XPR6SHg2d1NCT1QxbFE/view?usp=sharing . I would love any and all feedback.
    So this project starts a little ways back, right when the Edge of the Empire full game had was just coming out- I had started a D&D campaign. We were playing Reavers of Harkenwold, a really good, semi-sandbox adventure that came in the 4E DM’s Kit, and things were going well as the players were really invested in the story, but the game was just a little too mechanical and the players were not really getting enough narrative control for my taste.

    Enter Edge of the Empire.

    One game night, we had a couple of people out, so we tried out the Edge of the Empire Beginner’s game that I had purchased after listening to the Order 66 podcast about the new version of the game. We absolutely loved the system, and played the beginner game and Long Arm of the Hutt the following few sessions. We really got into the dual axes of success and advantage, and really enjoyed figuring out what the narrative results meant.

    When we finished that, we didn’t really want to lose all the great characters and storylines of the D&D game we had developed so far, but I just couldn’t see going back to the clunkier system. So, I got it in my head I would do a conversion. I started small, by only converting the characters we had in use in order to avoid getting overwhelmed with the scope of creating everything. I have linked a couple examples of character sheets (note: there are images for characters in those files that I am not claiming to have created or own, we just downloaded them to paste into the character sheets as character portraits).
    Character Examples:


    Anyway, I made several talent trees and spells as needed, and it worked really well. We had a blast finishing up that campaign and the new system worked out better than I could have hoped.

    After that campaign finished, we played a Star Wars campaign tying together Jewel of Yavin and Beyond the Rim. When we finished that, we wanted to go back to fantasy. With that in mind, I worked to expand the conversion I had previously started. We decided to play a campaign based on the olf Dungeon Magazine adventure, The Rat Trap, by Tim Ide, as it provided a wonderful urban setting that we could use.

    Here is a link to the video I created for my players to introduce the campaign: 

    (Again, this was made for my group’s use and the images and music were not created by me, just compiled and edited to be used for this presentation)

    Anyway, I finished the draft of the conversion rules, and we are using this campaign to really try to playtest them, and so far, it has worked well, so I thought I would share my experiences and the rules. I have also linked a few character sheets from the new campaign as examples.
    Character Examples:

    Here is the link to the pdf of the rules conversion:


    In the linked pdf, you will find:

    Races, p 1: Conversion rules for seven D&D fantasy species

    Career Skills matrix, p. 2: Lists the career skills for seven careers and 21 specializations

    Talent Trees p. 3-24: Contains 22 Talent trees, three for each of the seven careers, and one universal talent tree (the Guild Training Specialization, as this campaign deals a lot with Thieves Guilds)

    Arcane, Divine, and Primal spells- p. 25-48: Contains 8 Arcane spell schools, 10 Divine Domains, and 4 Primal Evocations, as well as a list of Rituals.

    Arms and Equipment p. 49-51: Contains Armor, Weapons, and Equipment converted from D&D (note: starting characters get 100GP).

    I would love to hear any feedback of these rules.

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    DLighter reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Jar'kai   
    Quick Draw and Improved Quick Draw I can see, since the latter talent in Gunslinger pretty much confirms that the official ruling on Quick Draw is one individual item, even if some GMs (like myself) had been allowing two-weapon fast draws so long as being a two-gun kid was part and parcel to the original character concept.
    I'd say only go with two ranks of Parry and two ranks of Reflect at absolute maximum, and a single rank of Defensive Training.  Part of Jar'kai is that it uses the second lightsaber as both a defensive and offensive option.  But that's all I'd give the spec in terms of defensive talents.  Although, a rank of Defensive Stance would help vs. incoming melee attacks, so that could probably be included.
    I'd suggest including one rank each of Toughened and Grit, as that's something most of the LS Form specs offer, with the big exception of Ataru Striker as part of it's role as a "glass cannon" and Makashi Duelist which just has Grit instead.
    A couple ranks of Quick Strike are certainly viable to account for the Form's ties to Ataru.
    Perhaps include a Jar'Kai Technique talent that provides a free Advantage when attacking with two lightsabers or a double-bladed lightsaber, thus making it easier to trigger that second hit, especially if using two lightsabers with the Paired attachment from Fly Casual.  As well as a version of the Gunslinger talent that reduced the difficulty for two-weapon fighting by one for a point of strain.
    As for Force-based talents, I would not include Hawk-Bat Swoop or any direct derivative of that talent.  Instead, have a talent that when the character makes a Lightsaber combat check, add their Force Dice, and each FP allows for an additional hit against any engaged target.  Normally two-weapon fighting (as well as Linked weapons) can only hit the same target, so a 4th or even 5th Row talent that lets the attacker spend FP to hit other engaged targets would be the spec's signature talent.
    Probably include Saber Throw, and then an Improved Saber Throw that allows you to use the Saber Throw talent with two lightsabers at no increase in FP cost, but otherwise operates under the appropriate rules for two-weapon fighting.
    Instead of Defensive Circle, instead how about Circle of Defense?  It'd let your Jar'kai PC use their lightsabers to protect nearby allies.
    Naturally it'd have a rank of Dedication, but no Force Rating talent.  Instead, give it Improved Parry since that seems to be a stock element of most of the LS Form specs (except Niman, which has Force Rating instead).  Or if you really do want it to have a Force Rating talent to help bolster up Saber Throw, then no Improved Parry; you get one or the other, NOT both.
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