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    Wolves` Frost Blade + something. Or, for inhuman superhumans, pair of Frost Blades.
  2. DWatch frequently works with hordes. Horde has a bonus to hit against it equal to its magnitude, which can be more than 100. Here are multiple hits.
  3. Strange but nothing said about it in Corebook. In Dark Heresy, you must pass a test once in 10 rounds or 1 minute for sustaining a power. RAI, in RTrader you also lower a Psy rating by one for sustaining 1 power.
  4. Imperium cannot into distinguish Eldar and Dark Eldar. Objectives of DE are obvious - slaves and slaughter. As for vanilla Eldar, this maybe folk from more agressive, bloodthirsty and mon-keigh-hating craftworlds such as Biel-Tan and Saim-Hahn. 5) from Erathia`s post can be modified for supplyind Exodites - they can need raw matherials.
  5. Shrouded houses give bonuses to social skills in more situations, not only with officials and in formal settings. But they mutate, yes.
  6. Imposing: A ship with this Component may not have Prow macrobatteries or lances. Nice try, but no
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