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  1. According to the book, the basic Precision Strike can be used with Melee/Brawl/Lightsaber weapons, Improved Precision Strike is Melee/Brawl, but the supreme version lists "unarmed."
  2. You could always just equip the shield gauntlet in one hand, and use a cortosis shield (or any other available shield) in the other hand and narrate that he's using only the shield to parry/reflect.
  3. Using the Enhance (increase Agility) or Sense (upgrade attack) force powers can increase a character's skill with personal scale gunnery weapons.
  4. I asked Sam Stewart during Episode 61 of the Order 66 podcast if Force Leap could be used 3 times in one turn (2 maneuvers and 1 action) and he said yes. He answers the question around the 3:06 mark I think.
  5. You're in good shape focusing on Deception with the Misdirect force power. The opposed check to cause illusions is in fact your Deception vs the opponents Vigilance. I believe the number of illusions that you can create is also related to your Cunning and ranks in Deception as well.
  6. For scrambling up a small cliff, I would just consider that difficult terrain and make the character spend two maneuvers to move a range band through it, (unless they have Swift).There is a talent in the pilot tree which allows one to perform an action as a maneuver, and the Enhance force power tree, among others, has the ability to activate as a maneuver even though it requires a check. Outside of those instances I don't think there are many more RAW, but I do like doing what 2P51 mentioned and throwing in Coord/Resil/Athletics checks as incidentals when it feels appropriate.
  7. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/128205-ybtc-hall-of-fame/?hl=build
  8. Am I missing something? Hunter's Quarry says "...an opponent within long range," doesn't that mean it works at everything but extreme range?
  9. One of my favorite characters was a Mechanic based off a friend of mine from the Marines. He was dumb as a hell, but he was a fine mechanic. He was also built like a linebacker, so I gave the character an Int of 1, and Brawn of 4, and focused on getting Mechanics to 5 as soon as possible.
  10. Enforcer and Warden make a great combination. There's good combat and social stuff in both trees. Loom, and Baleful Gaze (which also helps you get more use out of Overbalance) use just your ranks in Coercion, so no need to increase your Willpower. This will help you to significantly contribute in social encounters, even more so if you buy both ranks in Bad Cop. In fact, by leveling Coercion you will be able to make the most out of many of the talents between the two trees (Bad Cop, Scathing Tirade, Natural Enforcer, Intimidating, Baleful Gaze, Loom, and Overbalance). There's also 5 ranks of Fearsome between them. Precision Strike with a pair of Vamblades and the Mono - Edge attachment will allow you to do a lot of different things to your opponent with only 2 advantage. Things like Staggering, pushing them to the last initiative slot, or giving your party additional Destiny Points all while allowing you to choose to remain non-lethal. Grapple is great too in order to keep your foes in tight and force those Ranged Heavy enemies to make a base check of hard to hit you, instead of backing off with a maneuver and only needing to roll against 1 purple. Lastly, you mentioned initiative, keep in mind that you can always spend the 15-20 XP on Foresee and roll your Force rating with your checks. Hopefully that helps.
  11. Warden is one of the few specs that I could purchase every single talent and not feel like I wasted a single point of XP. For the last 18 months I've been playing in a bi-weekly campaign as a Shadow and Shien. I added Warden once KtP was released and transitioned away from a lightsaber to the Talisman of Iron Fists and a shield gauntlet. With the ability to force leap as a maneuver, and all the goodies that Shadow and Warden bring to a character (combat and social), I feel like I'm playing Batman.
  12. A character can be higher than 30 morality and still be a dark side force user. Once one has fallen below 30, they need to climb back above 70 to once again be considered a light side force user. In answer to your question, as long as you have to spend a destiny point to use dark side force pips, you are considered a light side user.
  13. You can only raise Agility once. F&D 282 - "While an ongoing effect is active, the character may not activate that specific ongoing effect again (the character cannot be benefiting from two "copies" of the same ongoing effect)." I think it's also important to note that when you end the effects of committing force die, although it only takes an incidental, it cannot be done until the end of your turn. So you cannot end the effect and utilize that force rating for a separate check in the same turn.
  14. I'd say Vader's helmet would be less a vergence and more of a relic, one strongly tied to the dark side. But would it really be tied to the dark side? I mean in the end, he cast aside the dark side, and redeemed himself. Why would his helmet still have dark side to it when the person doesn't? To me, it would seem more like it would just become regular stuff, just literal equipment at that point. Now if he had died still a servant of the dark side, unrepentant and all that, then sure, I could see the visage of his terror still having that echo to it. But after a redemption angle, it doesn't make as much sense to me on a narrative level. Because he didn't really redeem himself.Look we're talking about a guy who not only helped bring upon the genocide of the Jedi order, but continued to hunt down and slaughter rogue force users and slaughter thousands upon thousands of rebel agents with his own hands and helped defend a giant planet killing genocide weapon. While turning against the emperor at the last possible second (an act that saved precisely 1 person) when the second death star was about to meet it's demise anyways was nice and all I don't think it really made up for decades of being the equivalent of space Hitler... also Hayden Christensen's acting is impossible to make up for. Actually he did redeem himself. That's a pretty classic trope of storytelling. The Heroic Sacrifice of Redemption. That you have a character who is Really Bad, but in the final moment, they make the right choice. He even got a Light Side Force Ghost and everything. So narratively, yeah he did get redeemed. Now you can debate the actual moral validity of such an action, but storywise, in the Star Wars universe, to not only reject the Dark Side, but to sacrifice yourself to save your own son, and single handedly kill the living embodiment of Mustache Twirling Evil, gets you a Get Out of Sith Jail Free card. And he didn't just save one person, because the Emperor would've escaped. The place took long enough to explode for an injured Luke to drag his dying father, who probably weighed hundreds of pounds with those augmentations, down to the hangar bay, from the throne room, and still escape. That's probably like 20 minutes of travel time. Palpatine could easily escape, and continue to Twirl his Mustache of Evil for years to come, Leading his fleet of Star Destroyers to continue to cause misery in the galaxy. He saved a lot more than just one life by killing Space Hitler. In the real world, yeah I don't buy that at all. Doing one thing doesn't make up for a lifetime of sh*tty behavior. But in a galaxy far far away, with an actual mystical energy field that influences and compels people to do good/bad things, yeah it works just fine. It worked before he slaughtered children (twice).
  15. F&D page 283: "When any character attempts to use a Force power against a PC (or a PC attempts to use a Force power against a powerful NPC, such as a nemesis or plot-important named rival), the Force power check becomes an opposed check, if it is not already opposed or a combat check." For Unleash: It is listed as a ranged attack that uses an Average Discipline check instead of the normal difficulty for ranged attacks. So it would not be an opposed check but all ranged defenses (Sense, Dodge, Sidestep, Ranged Defense, etc) should apply. I also believe that this would allow the use of Aim. Adversary Talent: "Upgrade the difficulty of any combat check targeting this character once per rank of Adversary." So Unleash would qualify, as it's a ranged combat check. For Move: "The attack's difficulty is equal to the silhouette of the object being thrown instead of the normal difficulty for ranged attacks,..." So Move with the Control:Hurl upgrade, becomes a ranged attack, and same as Unleash, includes all modifiers included with ranged attacks, so it would not be an opposed check. However, if the PC (or Nemesis doing it to a player) were to pick up and throw the Nemesis at another target, I would certainly count that as an opposed check. Bind/Harm are Force checks, not combat checks, so Adversary would not apply, but they would be opposed checks. I also believe that you can use them and still qualify for Supreme Parry/Reflect, unlike Unleash and Hurl. Edit: Dono beat me to it.
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