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  1. yeah, sorry I saw that after I posted.
  2. If I have an autoblaster on a Jumpmaster, so I have to have the Jumpmaster's turret pointed forward to use it? Or can I have the turret to the back and still use the Autoblaster out the front like normal and basically have a janky Firespray?
  3. FFG does need to hire a technical writer, though; because some of their wording is really balls stupid and contradictory.
  4. So Nunb allows you to remove stress if an enemy ship is in range 1. After you gain a stress token, if there is an enemy ship in your V at range 0-1, you may remove that stress token. and Pattern analyzer says: While you fully execute a red maneuver, before the Check Difficulty step, you may perform 1 action. so could you do a red move, do the PA action, clear that stress, then do another action? I kind of feel like that's not what the card was meant to do, but Rules Lawyers and FFG's bang up job on technical writing means it could go either way.
  5. I would like to report the website builder as a bug. All of it.
  6. A New Era Begins! (For the same half-assed releases we come to expect from FFG!)
  7. Switching initiative sounds terrible in a game where taking initiative into account during list-building (before the game even begins) is a thing.
  8. I spent a couple hours and bagged all dials and bases together by ship, stacked the cards by type and pilot, and stored them in a card box. Then I promptly dropped that box and all the stuff went everywhere So now I have everything just sort of shoved in the box.
  9. So, Rebel Han Gunner says: During the Engagement Phase, at initiative 7, you may perform a Turret attack. You cannot attack from that turret again this round. So does that mean you can attack again with a different turret, provided you have one? Does it mean you can use Han to fie a turret at Init 7, then use a missile when the equipped ships actual Init. comes up? It doesn't use the term "bonus" attack, but i can see the argument both ways.
  10. This came up (not to me) at a local thing over the weekend. Say I use a ship with push the limit to get a focus and evade. Then, someone Jams be while using ISB Splicer. People were saying that you remove one of the tokens, focus or evade, then ISB kicks in and you remove the other. I kind of think that is horseshit. The wording of the Jam reference card says, " When a ship has both a jam token and a focus, evade, or blue target lock token, remove the jam token. Then that ship chooses and removes one of its focus, evade, or blue target lock tokens. A ship is "Jammed" if it has a jam token." ISB says "After you perform a jam action against an enemy ship, you may choose a ship at Range 1 of that ship that is not jammed and assign it 1 jam token." So since the Jam Token goes away BEFORE removing a focus, evade, or TL, then it seems like ISB would be all,"oh look, not jammed", and kick in, but sine you do not remove the evade, focus, or TL until after the Jam token is gone, it doesn't make sense that one jam action with ISB could remove 2 tokens. Of course, this is FFG and they ARE SO GOOD at writing clear, concise rules and interactions, so I guess it might wok the other way.
  11. I played it with Adrenaline Rush at a store champ this weekend and that was an amazing combo. Yeah, only once, but I used it every match to great effect. The 2.0 dial is slightly worse, but I still feel like that combo is worth it.
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