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  1. The story line starts during the clone wars, there were a few books until Order 66 happened, and then one book after. The Republic Commando and Imperial Commando books are all part of the series. The premise was that training of clones was done by Mandolorian mercenaries. Through their training, parts of Mandolorian culture were picked up by the clones. The books establish that Mandolorian families and society tend to be very open to adoption with many Mandolorians being born to non-Mandolorian parents. The books focus on one particular mercenary and the clone commandos that view him as a father figure. While there is some action related to missions and heists, most of the conflict in the books deals with the clones' struggle for identity and freedom and the mercenary's effort to protect his boys and keep his family together. The books also shine a light on problems with the Republic and the Jedi Order. I didn't come away thinking that the Jedi were really the good guys. The books really are fantastic. Even though they are no longer canon, I highly suggest picking them up. Star Wars books that don't focus on the Skywalker family tend to be my favorites.
  2. That's only 1 conversion kit per faction and assumes that what will be needed for huge ships covers all of the huge ships in one pack. It leaves me with some ships I'm lacking components for but I wasn't actually adding any cost for those. Other than a few one offs, my overages are mostly on things like X-Wings, TIE fighters, TIE Interceptors, and TIE Bombers.
  3. It's a **** shame that Clone Wars and Rebels trashed all of that. The Karen Traviss books might have been some of the best Star Wars fiction there was.
  4. My concern is that if I wait to buy the conversion kits for every faction right out of the gate that they may no longer be available when I need them. Has FFG committed to making the conversion kits as an ongoing SKU or are they only making them during a transition period?
  5. Sure thing, as long as people claiming that the move to 2nd edition costs less than $90 confine that nonsense to those threads as well.
  6. Where are you getting that $90 from? It's $40 for the core. It's $50 to use my Rebel ships. It's $50 to use my Imperial ships. It's $50 to use my Scum ships. It's an undisclosed amount to use my Resistance ships. It's an undisclosed amount to use my First Order ships. It's an undisclosed amount to use my Huge ships. In addition, to play an Epic game extra conversion kits or parts from conversion kits will need to be purchased for the quantity of ships that show up in those games. Even if the undisclosed prices are as low as $40 each it it still going to cost over $300 to make the move to 2nd Edition. More if you want to make sure that all of your owned ships have 2.0 components.
  7. I was trying to make some tuck boxes for IA from the files over at SirWilli's Workshop and am getting errors in multiple PDF readers when I try to open them. Is it just me or is there something actually wrong with the PDFs? I was able to download and open the PDF for his modular token box without a problem.
  8. The BTL-A4 title was a bit of a fix for Rebel Y-Wings.
  9. I don’t think the low end or high end of PS really gets affected much by the compression. It’s all the awkward values in the middle that were either taken for a pilot ability, EPT slot, or just to have a higher PS than some of the lower PS ships that were common. Often times that left you with a squad full of ships scattered across a few different PS values lockig you into a particular activation order. With less different PS values in the middle you are more likely to end up with multiple ships at the same PS.
  10. WWHSD

    I Don't Get It

    It’s absolutely not a new game, the version number in the name even indicates as much. To use the MMORPG analogy that someone else dropped, if playing X-Wing 2.0 is playing World of Warcraft with whatever the current expansion is, continuing to play the orginal X-Wing is the equivilent of finding a private server that is running vanilla WoW. You’ll have some people that do it, and there will probably be a community effort to comeup with stats to make new ships backwards compatible.
  11. You’ll need a complete set of templates from what I’ve seen. The new bases don’t have nubs. You line up the line on the template with a line on the cardboard on the base.
  12. WWHSD

    I Don't Get It

    I think calling X-Wing 2.0 a different game is a stretch. I’ve seen multiple people make that statement in different threads. If FFG had kept the same scale and had a Legion conversion kit so that I could use all of the models I owned for Imperial Assault, that would be FFG giving me a way to use components from game 1 in game 2. X-Wing 2.0 will just be the current version of X-Wing. It’s really not much different than the release of FAQs and errata. It’s just larger in scale and requires replacing a lot of cardboard.
  13. So cut out the middle man and plan on giving up a half liter?
  14. My take away from that is that a quarter liter of blood can cover my initial 2.0 buy in.
  15. I’ve calmed down a little bit about needing multiples of each conversion kit until I’ve seen how squad building works out. Now I’m a little worried about the quantity of upgrades in the kits. That one will probably mitigated a bit by needing to buy 3 different conversion kits which likely have a ton of overlap on the ugrades that can be used by every faction but I imagine that Imperial only pilots may find themselves short of upgrade like Crackshot.
  16. That old stock is going to sell if they are ships that are good and won’t get a 2.0 release for awhile. I imagine that even new players may be interested in picking up 1.0 ships and a conversion kit to get stuff they want before it gets rereleased.
  17. I believe that the new plastic bases don’t have pegs on them either. You line up the line on the template with the line on the cardboard base insert. That should clear up the ‘when do the nubs count’ questions that come up infrequently enough that most people aren’t sure what the answer is. I suppose it can open up some design space for ships that turn tighter or wider than normal if they smack some extra lines of the bases to be used for specific maneuvers.
  18. I was flying 4 of them around for awhile.
  19. The 2.0 stuff looks like a lot of solid improvements. I’m not sure if I’m up for buying a Core Set at $40, 1 conversion kit for each of the 5 factions at $50, extra conversion parts for the ships that the conversion kits don’t cover for me, the conversion kit for Huge ships, plus whatever the app costs. I’m probably looking at around $400 to play a game I already own but with new rules. That’s a bit steep for me.
  20. I've had good results using coin capsules on my runes. I don't really flip them so much as I shake them up in my hands and then drop them on the table.
  21. My brother taught me how to play. Then I read the rules and figured out how the game was actually played.
  22. In the Witcher books, Geralt names every horse he has "Roach".
  23. Actually, I'm searching through the rules for the bit that says that "you" refers to the unit. I can't find it. Is it possible that "you" means something completely different in Ruenwars than it does in all of the other FFG games that I've ever played? I've found "you" defined in the case of Morale Cards. 53.5 In the text of morale cards, “the unit” refers to the unit suffering the test, while “you” refers to that unit’s opponent. Found it. It was under the upgrade card section. 88.4 If an upgrade effect uses the term “you,” it refers to the unit to which that upgrade is equipped.
  24. It would make sense that that is the intention. It's a crappy upgrade with the the wording in the preview.
  25. The only interaction that Bloodrage Conduit has with copies of Bloodrage Conduit on other unis is that that losing a unit with Bloodrage Conduit can refresh an exhausted upgrade on another unit. Other than that there's no particular benefit to running it on more than a single unit. Adding a single point of damage on a card that needs to be exhausted for 4 points is kind of a crappy upgrade.
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