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  1. I've had good results using coin capsules on my runes. I don't really flip them so much as I shake them up in my hands and then drop them on the table.
  2. My brother taught me how to play. Then I read the rules and figured out how the game was actually played.
  3. In the Witcher books, Geralt names every horse he has "Roach".
  4. Actually, I'm searching through the rules for the bit that says that "you" refers to the unit. I can't find it. Is it possible that "you" means something completely different in Ruenwars than it does in all of the other FFG games that I've ever played? I've found "you" defined in the case of Morale Cards. 53.5 In the text of morale cards, “the unit” refers to the unit suffering the test, while “you” refers to that unit’s opponent. Found it. It was under the upgrade card section. 88.4 If an upgrade effect uses the term “you,” it refers to the unit to which that upgrade is equipped.
  5. It would make sense that that is the intention. It's a crappy upgrade with the the wording in the preview.
  6. The only interaction that Bloodrage Conduit has with copies of Bloodrage Conduit on other unis is that that losing a unit with Bloodrage Conduit can refresh an exhausted upgrade on another unit. Other than that there's no particular benefit to running it on more than a single unit. Adding a single point of damage on a card that needs to be exhausted for 4 points is kind of a crappy upgrade.
  7. That was my initial reaction to Feeding Frenzy. It seems like you probably want to take this on larger units. The thing that might make it worthwhile is that the unit with the upgrade doesn't need to be the one doing the damage. Maybe this is something meant to confuse targeting priorities? You can ignore the little 2 base unit of Fleshrippers with Feeding Frenzy on your flank to go after a juicier targets that you are flanking but doing so with make just make the Fleshrippers a bigger threat..
  8. With the way that it is written, is there any unit that is able to exhaust more than one copy of Bloodrage Conduit? The "your" in the first sentence references the unit and not the player or army.
  9. How did Ravos change that?
  10. Attacks are not activations. Each unit has a single activation during each round. Hawthorne's ability chains until he runs out of targets to attack. If he had some way to take another attack action again during his activation, his ability wouldn't grant any additional attacks. If another unit grants him an attack during their activation he would be able to use his ability to chain attacks again because it is a different unit's activation.
  11. It's also not on a large base. Large bases tend to be cheaper than the same statline and stats would be on a small base.
  12. You almost need a deployment like that to get much use out of Ravos' army rule. I was a little disappointed by that, it seems kind of weak and is completely countered by Hawthorne's skill.
  13. I think it adds a point of damage, not a hit result.
  14. It seems like that same criticism could be used when talking about X-Wing miniatures as well. Characters like Poe and Han should be mowing down dozens of TIE fighters but they've been balanced such that an equal number of squad points worth of TIE Fighters is close to an even match.
  15. The yet to be announced Latari infantry unit?