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  1. One of my players (a Storm Warden) expressed interest in the gamble skill. If this was any other 40k system, that answer is easy....but we are playing Space Marines. What would they wager? Why do they need money? When would they have the time to gamble? Who would dare call in a debt on one of the Emperor's Angels??! The closest we came was trying to get more requisition but that feels more like a fellowship test. I'd really appreciate any thoughts or prior experience people have had using gamble in the Deathwatch system.
  2. One thing you might consider doing as well are Kill Tokens and/or Turning Points. With Kill Tokens, whatever wave of bad guys coming after them is endless until they reach the requisite number. Using an example with fake numbers could help. Let's say the Kill Team needs to get 60 kill tokens to proceed to the next objective and there are a variety of bad guys available to kill. Every point of magnitude damage is worth, say 1/2 of a point, while genestealers could be worth 2 while a synapse creature is worth 5. Once they get enough kill markers, the Kill Team fought its way to the next objective. Alternatively, you could use turning points. The Kill Team makes entry and has to "secure" the area by killing a number of synapse creatures before they get dragged down by endless hordes. Assuming they win, narratively describe how they Kill Team massacres lesser gaunts until the next decision point; maybe a critical junction/elevator (etc.) on the way to the objective. Again, another "kill X before Y". If they fail, they are pushed to a more circuitous route where another turning point to see if they make progress towards the objective. Best 2 of 3 (or however long you want it to go on). Either the PCs make it to the objective, or they way is choked with flesh and they can't press forward - and it's time for either a new plan on the fly OR flee/die. You could also combine the two ideas. Secure the area requires X kill markers....first junction, more kill markers. Rinse and repeat. You should also consider adding time element to the situation - the Kill Team has to do X before Y time; failure means the Imperial fleet is destroyed (or something; whatever your story is doing at the moment). My suggestion is, set the tone of endless waves narratively instead of slogging through with dice. Also, let the PCs describe HOW they deal with the waves between turning points. Grenades? Great, mark one off. Bullets? Nice, reduce ammo by 10. Swords, cool take 1d4 wounds that are considered "treated".
  3. The GM of my game and I came up with an advanced specialty for apothecaries. We patterned it off of Forge Master. I'd really appreciate some feedback from fellow GMs/PCs to see if we struck a balance - and made something useful/interesting. Lord of the Apothecarium Advanced Specialty Requirements: Rank 4, Apothecary, Forbidden Lore: Adeptus Astartes, Prime Helix Honor Cost: 3,000xp Wargear: Diagnoster Helm, half requisition cost for all drugs and toxins, and a power sword Special Ability: Protector of the Gene-Seed At the beginning of each mission, the Lord of the Apothecary selects a number of Battle Brothers equal to one-half his unmodified intelligence bonus (rounding down) from his Kill Team and applies one of the following benefits for the duration of the next mission. The chosen benefit may be different for each selected Battle Brother: Reduce the Primarch’s Curse by one level (minimum 0), or Suppress one Battle Trauma Please forgive the poor formatting below...it didn't like the word table. Advance, cost, pre-req. Medicae +10, 200, Medicae Medicae +20, 200, Medicae +10 Talented [scholastic Lore: Chemistry], 500, Scholastic Lore: Chemistry +20 Talented [Chem Use], 500, Chem Use +20 Field Surgeon*, 500,Medicae +20 Gifted Healer (x3)*, 1,000, Medicae +20 Healer of the Mind*, 100, Medicae +20 Maester (x2)*, 1,000,Intelligence 50+, Willpower 40+, Fellowship 40+ Precise Blow, 500. Sure Strike Preventative Care*, 500, Field Surgeon Swift Attack, 500, Weapon Skill 35+ Talented [Medicae], 500, Medicae +20 * New Talent New Talent: Gifted Healer (X) May be purchased three times. Each purchase adds +1 wound healed when restoring critical damage. New Talent: Field Surgeon Half the time for extended care. New Talent: Maester (X): Maybe be purchased twice. Each purchase allows the Battle Brother to select an additional Apothecary Special Ability on page 69 of the Deathwatch Rulebook that he does not already possess. New Talent: Healer of the Mind The Lord of the Apothecary and chosen selected Battle Brother spend a total of 800xp to cure one Battle Trauma from the selected Battle Brother. The selected Battle Brother may be the Lord of the Apothecary himself. The selected Battle Brother then devotes a number of days equal to 2d10-Willpower Bonus recovering from intensive psychological conditioning. This treatment can only be performed at an Astartes-grade Apothecarium under the watchful eye of a Chaplin. New Talent: Preventative Care If the Lord of the Apothecary has examined the Battle Brother prior to deployment, then he may restore 1d5 points of lost characteristic damage. This may only occur once per source of characteristic damage. Any remaining characteristic damage is permanent.
  4. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal
  5. If you DO provide a foe for him to fight....make it one he has no possible hope of defeating alone. One of the first rules to RPGs is...don't split the party! The 40k universe is very deadly - even for an Astartes
  6. -When a horde of cultists runs up to the Kill Team and begs for the Emperor's Mercy so the devastator opens fire with his heavy bolter at point blank range -When you kill a cultist and send his son to the Schola Progenium -When the easiest way to destroy a Necron Tomb Citadel is to disable the force field protecting it from water pressure equivalent to the bottom of the Marianas Trench -When you one shot genestealers but can't climb a wall -When you're more worried about falling damage than you are about explosive damage inside an elevator at the top of a fortress
  7. I think a Dark Angels tactical could be a lot of fun
  8. Hello fellow Deathwatch fans! I have a question about the Dark Angel advanced specialty Deathwing Terminator. Assuming that a Dark Angel meets the requirements to become a Deathwing Terminator but does not have 60+ renown (Famed), does the character still get Terminator Armor? Can the character select from the full range of terminator weapons, like an assault cannon, or must he choose from only weapons he has the renown rating for? Thanks!
  9. Hello folks Can a PC choose to fail a test? Example, a Black Templar with Abhor the Witch is effected by a power from a friendly librarian. Can the BT choose to fail the WP roll?
  10. I built out some mekboyz, kommadoz, and a weirdboy. Though my favorite by far is the weirdboy (which appears below). He has everything a standard ork boy has plus: Weirdboy (Elite) 50 WS, 25 BS, 35 AG, WP 50, 35 Wounds 2 melee attacks per round +2 damage in melee +3 damage when charging +2 critical damage Spend reaction to make another melee attack Halve the result of critical damage For every Ork within 10m, +10 to resist fear or pinning Weirdboy Staff:(d10+12 I, Pen 5, Balanced, Special) - two-handed, made of copper, inlaid with exposed wires and cords, and has a human skull at one end and a iron spike on the other. Whenever he damages an opponent, Weirdboy may (as a free action) channel psychic energy into the staff. Requires a focus power test using Opposed Willpower. For every degree of success, Weirdboy adds an extra 1d10 damage, ignoring the opponent’s toughness and armor PSY Rating 5: Mork’s Gaze: arcs or crackling green lightning leap out from the Weirdboyz’ eyes and strike a random enemy within PRx10m doing 1d10xPR, Pen=PR energy damage. For every 2 degrees of success on the focus power test, another arc is generated. The same target may not be struck twice. Half action, attack, not opposed, not sustained Smog of da Waagh!: opening its jaw impossibly wide while bellowing a tremendous “Waagh!”, a translucent green fog emanates from the Weirdboyz’s mouth. Whipped into a psychic frenzy, all Orks within a 20m radius of the Weirdboy may make an additional standard attack each round while this power is in effect. All non-Orks within the area must succeed on a Opposed Willpower test or suffer -10 to all actions until the power ends. Area moves with Weirdboy if sustained. Full action, may be sustained, not opposed Grot Toss: manifesting a pair of massive ork hands in the air, the Weirdboy may toss up to 1xPR Orks no farther than 5xPR meters, including himself. Orks moving in this way who end the movement in melee combat count as having used the “charge” action. If an Ork did not end the movement in melee, it may act normally. Half action, movement, not opposed, not sustained Gork’s Foot: crying to the heavens, the Weirdboy beseeches Gork to smash its foes. The wind begins to howl as dark clouds swirl above. Without warning, a massive green foot rushes down from the clouds and stomps on an area within 30m of the Weirdboy. Any creature caught in the area suffers 1d10xPR, Pen=PR impact damage. The area’s size is 2xPR. Full action, attack, not opposed, not sustained The Weirdboy rolls on the Psychic Phenomena table (page 187) as normal. Howver, should a Weirdboy roll a 75+ on the Phschich Phenomena table, it consults the Perils of the Waagh! table below: 01-30 Vessel of the Waagh!: Weirdboy convulses as bolts of green energy ripple across his body. Must pass a Willpower Test (+0) or take unmodified 2d5 E. 31-55 Thump’d: With a sharp crack and an explosion of green energy, the Weirdboy is thrown to the ground and stunned for 1d5 rounds. All Orks within 3d10 meters must pass a Willpower Test (+10) or be stunned for 1 round 56-75 Where’d ya go?: A green bolt of lightning strikes the ground directly underneath the Weirdboy, throwing him 3d10 meters into the air in a random direction. Weirdboy takes 1d10 damage plus 1 for each meter of his fall. 76-90 Waagh! Eruption: The Weirdboyz’ brain overloads with raw psychic energy, bolts of green energy erupt in all directions. Anyone with 1d10 meters (including the Weirdboy) take 1d10+5, Pen 5 E damage (Weirdboy may not dodge). 91-100 Ead Bang: The Weirdboyz’ head is onsumed in a brilliant gout of green fire and explodes, killing him instantly.
  11. Is "hulk smash" a viable explanation?
  12. For me....auto death. Did we just find a new way to knock out Titans??!
  13. Any space hulk. There is a pre-gen called Arc of Lost Souls (which lets you generate your own space hulk) but yea; the 40k version is a space hulk. Then you'll need some great narration as GM - not sure I can pull it off myself
  14. Hello smart people! I have a question about re-rolls and fate points. I know that I cannot spent two fate points on the same roll (i.e., I swing at a monster, spend a fate point to re-roll, miss again, and spend another fate point). But what about situation where we get a re-roll already? So something like a Space Wolf re-rolling perception. First roll failed, re-rolls (which also fails). Can the Space Wolf spend a fate point to re-roll the re-roll?
  15. I don't have any tools that could help you....but I have a tip or two that could - though you're probably doing this already. 1) I usually ask one of the PCs to track initiative order - one less thing for me to do 2) I have the enemies act in small groups instead of individual monsters 3) Unless the enemy is making a repeat performance OR I know it will be a sustained fight, I don't bother tracking their ammo - they'll usually die before coming close to that point 4) For any enemy below, say, 30-40 wounds, I track the number of hits done to it instead of actual damage. At the moment, my PCs all have the same weapons and deal about the same damage...so unless there is a RF I know that the standard enemy I toss at them dies on the second hit. 5) Don't be afraid of chicken scratch. I'll write shorthand and use my own labeling method when noting things down behind the GM screen If you do find some neat tools please let me know....I'd be interested in using them too
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