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    Hottyhothot got a reaction from bafdav in Lynnwood, WA -- Fall X-Wing League at Around the Table   
    Ok I hop eyou guys have a real great time.
    Let me just tell you why I am replying. I saw the topic and I was like "Omg register! so I can join this! Omg! It's in Lynnwood, WA! OMG!".
    So I do register so I can post a reply. I log in. Go this topic. Then I and read it properly. Lynnwood in Washinton, ahhhhhhhh mannnn! I thought you meant Lynwood in WA as is Western Australia .

    I was so excited and then my balloon popped
    Have fun, I might have to make up my own league.
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    Hottyhothot reacted to Skindog in Tactician against Soontar Fel (When does he get the focus)   
    Correct, I loved flying my stress list for a while, its really fun to mess with your opponents maneuverability!
    interestingly however Rebel captive works the other way, you receive the stress as soon as you declare the target so Soontir would have a focus for use on his attack when shooting at a ship with rebel captive.
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    Hottyhothot reacted to tiefanatic in The cycle of x-wing new release   
    You missed one: trolling these forums while waiting for the new releases
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    Hottyhothot reacted to atr127 in Fluff goes with peanut butter, not X-Wing.   
    Oh this is going to be good. Never mind peanut butter, I'm breaking out the popcorn and taking a seat.
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    Hottyhothot reacted to ForceSensitive in How often are you going to use your Huge Ships?   
    Wow. This is interesting. I'm shocked how little these great pieces have been used! Before every one in our group had one many of us would get together and play against our borrow for a game the few we had available. I love 100pt. They're quick, engaging, intense fights. But playing three a game night gets repetitive. Even the boredom factor aside, the tantalizing prospect of, "okay pilot, it's time to move you to front line duty." It's a completely different game. And as a 'commander' planning your imperial attack squadron or coordinating your escorts from the bridge of the corvette, or desperately using your onboard equipment to get your two transports in a convoy through an imperial trap. And dam do you learn more about flying in an epic match. Pretty sure we've played epic 300&400pt games a half dozen times probably each, and campaigns individual missions a few times and tonight finish the first full Hoth campaign. There is certainly more planning involved to organize one.
    Buy them for cards? Screw that, I'm here for the next level man!
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    Hottyhothot reacted to EvilEd209 in How often are you going to use your Huge Ships?   
    I have only ever flown my epics once.  First, not many players here locally own the Eipcs for starters.  Second, the game itself is very focused on the Standard games, and not many players have an interest in playing Epic.
    I would like to play mine more, to make me 'feel' like I didn't buy my CR-90 for just 3P0!
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    Hottyhothot reacted to TargetLocked in Lynnwood, WA -- Fall X-Wing League at Around the Table   
    Major bummer.
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