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  1. Ok perfect, That's how I said to play it, so I am glad it was a legit play.
  2. I was trying that unique stress build from worlds. Very fun to play btw (even though I lost) 3 Bwings with Tactician (Crew upgrade slot) 1 Ywing with R3-A2 and Ion Cannon Turret. Am I reading Tactician right? I came across the semantics of the card when working out when to apply the stress as Soontir gets a focus token when he recieves a stress. What happened; I attack Soontir (no focus or evade actions taken) with 3 dice a(Crit, blank, blank), he then rolls defence (focus, focus, blank). So he has to take the crit, but my friend wanted to know if he takes the stress as it is 'after the attack' (which would give him a focus) thus allowing him to change his roll (Focus, Focus) into evades? We decided that after the attack is complete he gets the focus, so he wasn't able to use it for that attack. Am I right? *Edit* how do I fix spelling of the topic?
  3. Hmmm, this is all very interesting. Boats have thrusters to adjust there positioning when docking. What about this: Autothrusters Modification. Action: Rotate your ship 45degrees to left or right. 4-5 points. A nice mini counter to Arc-Dodging
  4. I am not a fan of 150pts. But I must admit I have never had any close games. I would recomend playing on 100pts for a while then transisition to 150, when you have experience and are capable to pilot that many ships.
  5. I agree, i think I will wait to see what Imperials get too. Then maybe Epics will be played more often too.
  6. Thank you all for so many replies! Now I have a much better understanding of Huge ship values and how everyopne plays. Early on some asked about what I paid, well I bought the Rebel Transport for $70 inc postage, they sent the Tantive worth $105, so I basically got the Tantive for a discount, but instead I decided I didn't want the ship I wanted the Transport, and seeming my friend couldn't really afford it I sent it back. I really like this point you made that you were actaully looking for a collectable rather than a game so your purchase was made much easier to buy the big ships. In future maybe I will buy it, I am not worried that I have missed out on a $35 saving. For now I need to play more games with all the ships I have got I think. I won my first game last night too! I have played about 12 games. I am glad to have brought up the topic. Very interesting.
  7. Ok. I ordered a Rebel Transport from a local online store (Australia) and they made a mistake and sent me a Tantive IV instead. Nice you say! As I am an honest person, I emailed them about the mistake and they advised that either I can keep it or send it back and get it replaced. I thought about it quite a bit as the cards you get with it are pretty good, but you can only use about 5 with your other ships, the rest are for huge ships only or the Tantive. So I decided, that really don't need it and offered it to a friend as a swap for a Rebel Transport, he thought about it too, he really wants it for the C3PO card, but again he decided that he really didn't need it either. So I sent it back. Whhhhyyyyyyyy you say! My question to you all is loosely linked these huge ships, would you actually buy a huge ship or any ship just for the cards? $100 for the Tantive IV seems like you are purchasing a giant dust collector... I think the small ships like the Falcon and Decimater are great, you can easilly field them in a 100 or 150pt battle, but these huge ships seem a little awkward to play with reguarly, so in the end, are you basically getting them for the cards?
  8. Ok I hop eyou guys have a real great time. Let me just tell you why I am replying. I saw the topic and I was like "Omg register! so I can join this! Omg! It's in Lynnwood, WA! OMG!". So I do register so I can post a reply. I log in. Go this topic. Then I and read it properly. Lynnwood in Washinton, ahhhhhhhh mannnn! I thought you meant Lynwood in WA as is Western Australia . I was so excited and then my balloon popped Have fun, I might have to make up my own league.
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