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  1. Vallejo Game Terracota and GW Bugmans glow mixed at a ratio I did not write down
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Info regarding my CIS basing is here in this thread already
  3. But can I run the idiot seeker droid and the dork probe droid in the same army? IG-88 was right. With names like these, there should be a droid uprising! No more disgusting meat-sacks! Tactical droids or go home. I need to cut one in half for my tank!
  4. This is so true, just pressing the little trophy button is not enough.
  5. These are really cool! I love the other schemes too, but this one stands out to me
  6. First unit should be done tomorrow-ish. Then it's Operative Vader time I think.
  7. Absolutely The Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver. Removing paint from a brush is one thing. Said brush still being usable and maintaining a good tip is another. This stuff can handle both.
  8. There is an interview on Team Covenant with Asmodee NA head of publishing where he says they have X-Wing, Armada, Legion expansive game line plans approved by Lucasfilm Licensing through 2023. Also apparently Imperial Assault is not dead?
  9. No way that would pass a health and safety check.
  10. I just felt the need to take *aim* (huehuehuehuehue) at saying Precise somehow defines the Imperial identity when in reality, it barely adds a quarter of a hit on Stormtroopers and gets worse with every mini lost from that stormtrooper unit. Precise, as it exists now seems like an underbaked idea, with the team leaning more towards adjusting the average hits a unit should be rolling with dice + surge chart instead of micro-adjusting it via Precise. In your comparison of DLT Stormtroopers with an aim into Rebels + Dodge vs. Z6 Rebels no aim, shooting Stormtroopers the Precise 1 doesn't do a whole lot to balance the attackers damage between the two scenarios. Imperials already have an edge, Precise doesn't really balance it out.
  11. Precise 1 on Stormtroopers is basically just funny flavor text. The Imperials have some of the most correctly costed units out there while as it was mentioned, rebels are (critical) hit-and-miss. The rebel problem seems to be balancing the few outrageously good heroes (or tauns) with the rest of the faction. As in, could you have OP Luke, if troopers, fleets and vets weren't just a bit s***? That's not a great design though is it? It gives you very clear winners and losers inside the faction and holds your hand towards very specific list-building. From the outside, Rebel list-building feels like this: Step 1) Take the good units. They're fantastic! Step 2) Fill the mandatory slots with as few points of the the crappy ones as you can to pad out your activation control so that you can last/first with the good units.
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