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  1. Aight, this is what all the Scurrgs will end up looking like. Now onto an Auzituck.
  2. All still work in progress. In the state they are now, those little boxes at the back of the wings are used as subtle numbering. Those panels in blue I tried, did not like and removed. Instead I put dark grey on the large panel in the middle of each wing. Now I am experimenting with having a good canopy color so that it's not just blue like the engines. There are also some yellow/black warning stripes around the engine on top and the open panel on the right wing. I should hopefully be done today/tomorrow at which point I can move on to a Wookie Cruiser.
  3. I have been using either acetone-free nail polish remover and Revell's Paint Remover. Neither of these damages the glue or the plastic itself. You will need to scrape out paint from places like the grills on the front of a Scyk with a pin or a toothpick. A toothbrush should take care of everything else. With both I just dip them in a small container of the liquid for 1-5 minutes, until the paint starts to flake off, then stick the toothbrush in it and start scrubbing. Occasionally take it out, stick it under hot water, scrub some more, put it back into the remover, repeat. Wear gloves and an some protective eye wear as scrubbing with a toothbrush has the stuff spraying all over the place. Gets rid of primers pretty easy as well.
  4. I am in a country where even X-Wing, as popular as it is has around 20 players that come to tournaments. That's in the capital. Right now there are two of us playing. We don't play any of the not well balanced stuff that is taking the international meta by storm (Dispatch Runner which allows you to get another attack out of a nearby unit, massing up on as many of the Human Cavalry as possible etc.). And yet, playing the same person a lot, I am having more fun with Runewars than I ever was with imperial Assault as it is a simpler and faster game. There is no campaign but the objectives are interesting and it supports custom terrain - more hobby opportunities! Plus I play the Undead and the minis like Carrion Lancers aka the Party Worms are hilarious. I made a necromancer's staff into a Mad Max Fury Road-esque flamethrower guitar! There is a ton of modding and unique paint schemes going around which speaks to me more than replicating existing Star Wars figures' paint jobs (with X-Wing I already stopped giving a **** about the Star Wars aesthetic which is not as easy with Assault apart from the heroes).
  5. We are getting a little side-tracked I think Scum got really, really strong after their meh of an initial release, no doubt about that. All I am saying he should not single out a single faction for being tanky when the other ones can be as well. This just leads to a lot of scum hate and other *** behavior regardless of whether the player is bringing the broken scum stuff to the table or not.
  6. If we are talking Pulse Ray Shields, you know where they will be next round. They can regen, but if you have PS advantage, they are not doing damage back that round.
  7. I'll give you Brobots, but a lot of what contributes to their defense is their unpredictability. People will switch up their positions and not give you the same one to shoot at. Scyks defend like TIE/FOs or TIE Fighters (mindlink helps, but that 5 hit shot from Whisper should clean them up fairly well, stress hurts them as well). It's not worse than old school Palp Aces. There's certainly some faction-blindness going around.
  8. I don't know, Fenn does take damage. The thing is he can TL+Focus to actually contribute before he dies. Asajj will come and go based on what the meta is. She seems to have disappeared locally as players stopped bringing PTL aces. If they return, so will Asajj.
  9. Only to Scum. No other Factions can defend well. That sounds a little biased. It is very ship specific, not faction specific. Jess Pava tanks well too, so does Kanan if you can take an Evade, check out a Focus from Rey and remove a die from the roll. Anything will R4-D6 will laugh at 5 hits. Any token stacking Imperials will do the same (Defenders anyone?). I have seen a local player fly Kenkirk with Palp, Lone Wolf and Ysanne tank big shots nicely. Hell, Whisper with initiative who takes an evade and hits you before you shoot will have Focus, 4 dice and an Evade token.
  10. Yes, no time to play the campaign (each person in our group plays some other competitive game so the scheduling is a nightmare) and skirmish is giving me high blood pressure and homicidal moods over the stupid f*cking damage creep. So for the sake of not getting a heart attack or a prison sentence, I'm done. And Runewars and X-Wing allow me to use more interesting color palettes.
  11. Proton Torpedoes? Bad example because see below
  12. Short stories for Runewars TMG instead of the "Legend of the who gives a crap AKA don't you have enough competitive LCGs already?" LORE. RELEASE LORE. Edit: Also Dwarves.
  13. Will be keeping these a bit simpler than the usual stuff with a nice brown and yellow Scummy theme. I still need to find a good spot for Lok Revenants markings on the hull.