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  1. Huh, possibly a case of 'that material called XY is actually something completely different from what the rest of the world calls XY'. Googling for a bit it turns out the tiles for 'linocutting' are something more rubbery, while still being called lino tile. Weird. http://linocutboy.com/notes-and-queries/
  2. Frost elves! Love it! That's kinda what a unit of Ankaur'd elves would look like Totally stealing that if I ever get some. @Contrapulator I found this online couple of days ago, looks super cool. Unfortunately I have no use for fake snow at the moment https://www.precisioniceandsnow.com/ Alternative: This is GW Agrellan Earth, painted blue, washed blue, drybrushed with light blue and then white, with the GW snow flock mentioned by @Darthain. How is that Valhallan Blizzard holding up btw? No local stores carry the stuff so I did not get a chance to try that for a frosty look.
  3. Those look brilliant! Get some linoleum tiles and try that as a base for your terrain. It's what I based my Latari terrain pieces on top of to test the material. It's a bit bendy so I wouldn't use it if I wanted to pour a large body of water on it (it would likely warp inwards) but for hills, walls and forests it should work fine. The material has good heft to it so the terrain will stay in place, it takes PVA very well and the best thing is - you can cut it with scissors or just slice pieces with a craft knife.
  4. Just to pitch in - I did my friend's Daqan in reverse to what you usually see. Primer, metallic spray and then painted everything but the metallic trim with like... size 4 or 6 brush. Fewer controlled brushstrokes you need to make the quicker you'll get everything done.
  5. We have 4 players now, with some murmuring about people being interested in Scions. Not bad for our area (think 36 people being a great number of players for our Nations which we share with Czech Republic). The last two guys were waiting for the elves. The gameplay being unexpectedly quick helps it as well. Even at 200 points it's not a larger time commitment than say X-Wing. It's hard to get people interested in a game that takes a week to setup and a quarter of a year to play like Armada for example. Unlike Armada and X-Wing there are no people who bought it to play at home or to display the models on shelves. Nobody plays Armada in our local store but it sells out no problem for Runewars everyone who bought an Army box or Core set(s) did so to play in the store.
  6. After careful reconsideration I have to say.... I still agree.
  7. Hmmm... I wonder if this list would work as well if the Archers had Rank Discipline and Fire Rune instead.
  8. All in good time. I haven't got pissed off yet by how slow and combo dependant my undead are yet to jump factions. And with Wraiths and Death Knights I should be fine for a while.
  9. I need to send this over to one of our local guys, he was interested in making his Latari army pale gray and blue. I love that shade of blue.
  10. There's Orcs on dinosaurs in Terrinoth lore? Also... there's Terrinoth lore?
  11. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. NO When am I supposed to finished painting all this shi...stuff? But yeah, can't wait for Death Knights and an Uthuk Y'llan side army for 125pt skirmishes. I want to make an army of spiky Narns! Uthuk have the chins and noses for it.
  12. Thanks, yeah it's green stuff supported by paperclip wires. I put also put some Agrellan Earth over it to make it look cracked. The flames are Vallejo Water Effects (the thick gel stuff used to create ripples and waves). Worked out well enough.
  13. I completely forgot about these. Fantastic stuff. Shame we only get 2 or 3 pieces of terrain in the game.
  14. 8 Archers, 4 Corrupted Oathsworn Cavalry and 2 Infantry Command units left.