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  1. It's a thin wire with clump foliage soaked in PVA glue. Once the glue set I sprayed it black several times and then painted the clumps of foam dark gray, gray, red, orange, yellow, beige and white... Just drybrush carefully. Or you could airbrush it. I found the steps online at the time but don't have the link anymore.
  2. Do you have some pre-set deployment for this to max out overlapping arcs?
  3. Polda

    New Factions - Light or Dark side aligned

    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise?
  4. Ardus on a horse With both low initiative moves and ini 8 or 9 moves so that you can plan a good move for different situations instead of moving early (but not early enough against cavalry) and not hitting jack because your move was too short too early and then you get counter-charged by everyone and their mother.
  5. Anything dealing with terrain. Two or three representative terrain pieces are too little on a 6x3. The rules could use a rework. Instead of Colliding with and Entering terrain, just make overlapping it a thing and add a climb/traverse option. Maybe if your maneuver template overlaps the obstacle when you align it with your tray you decrease the speed of the move... I dunno... I'm not a game designer. But the game (which is a wargame after all) could use rules that allow for a move varied terrain and as a result more interesting table design instead of large plains of flat land with 3 pieces of cardboard. Also I would finally make a unit with the Resilient keyword which last time I checked was part of the rules reference but is nowhere to be found on an actual unit
  6. We've seen Corruption Rune already FFG, what else you got?
  7. Giant . . . Undead . . . Multi-tray . . . Dragon Call him Pete the Oversized and pretend it's a hero if you must but at least release the bastard
  8. C'mon FFG, some release dates would be nice... I could use some Wraiths models to paint. 😵
  9. Polda

    Smaller boxes?

    Just to add to this, look at the upgrade cards, unit cards and the prize alt-arts. There is not a lot of art to pay for unlike X-Wing, Legion, Arkham Horror LCG, Mansions of Madness etc. They may have counted on lower sales.
  10. Polda

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    oh we're back folks
  11. Polda

    Next Shock

    X-Wing doesn't use the same type of plastic and is most likely manufactured elsewhere than Legion, Runewars, Mansions of Madness, Imp Assault etc. There could be an overlap in where they make the cardboard, but I don't think putting out a massive amount of cardboard chits was ever any issue for FFG as a boardgame company.
  12. Polda

    Yet Another Polda Paints an FFG Game Thread

    I have two on "linocut" bases (weird bendy plastic that's easy to cut and has a fabric underlayer) and two on some lovely cheap thin plastic bases... aka CDs. My poster tubes came with plastic caps, I superglued those to the bottom of each tube and then used the caps to glue the tube to the base. Hot glue should hold them in place as well. In other news, I made a comms tower out of a nasal spray bottle and some leftover sprues and other crap.
  13. Polda

    Yet Another Polda Paints an FFG Game Thread

    Appreciate the puns ;-) I only played with the previously posted setup with the pine trees and the dollar store box house etc. We did not find it to be a problem as it encouraged movement into better positions or jumping onto/over terrain. My first game with the Endor trees and jungle terrain will be tomorrow. I do not expect it to be a problem. The only units really affected by these who usually ignore all other terrain pieces are the AT-ST and Landspeeder and IMO if you can force them to MOVE instead of just stand in one spot and aim & shoot it should make for a better game. The rocky outcrop is from the same pet store I got the plants at, however you could make some from just polystyrene like the ones I use for rocky outcrops in Runewars: The only thing is you cannot spray the primer from a can since the propellant eats polystyrene. Just cut it at weird angles and texture it with some texture paint and paint it by hand.
  14. Polda

    Yet Another Polda Paints an FFG Game Thread

    Adding pictures of my trees and new jungle themed scatter terrain pieces. Left - the paper towel / pva method, Right - the DAS clay, knife cut texture method (Thanks Star Builds!)
  15. Polda

    Yet Another Polda Paints an FFG Game Thread

    More weirdness and a tree.