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  1. You keep Legion Daddy's name off your filthy keyboard! Also, Carolina Wraiths Runewars spin-off podcast when?
  2. I think it's just 2 or 3 meters longer than the Auzituck and about the same general shape.
  3. Assuming you mean the G9 Rigger Twilight I have to ask - do we need another ship piloted by Annoying Skywalker? If we get a fourth Anakin ship before Yoda, the players will riot.
  4. Rebels - B-Wings Empire - Lambda, Defender and Gunboat with a title I think? Scum - IGs, Firespray, Scyks, YV-666, G1-As with the Title? FO - Upsilon, but really, why would you? Resistance - Transports and X-Wings Republic - Nothing so far? Separatists - Infiltrator
  5. Yeah I just like the ships... ...and being the only guy who brings them to play on X-Wing nights. Aren't I a special boy!?
  6. Yes, see the additional comments added below. At this point however, maybe we should not have this conversation? Last time we did we ended up with about 150+ offensive upgrades in the game which removed all ships but the ones they were supposed to be used against from the game.
  7. Uhm Now fine, this is one example of a very good player taking trip aces into the finals and winning. But this archetype of Anakin with Delta, another 3 force Jedi with delta or CLT and possibly Ric is common enough not to be dismissed by saying CTL is too punishing to use. Also, read the rest of my post. Defense in X-Wing is more than dice. Intentional bumps, arc dodging, running away to avoid shots are all key parts of it. If you on top of that can recover a significant amount of lost points, going as far as denying your opponent from scoring ANY points you have a problem.
  8. Oh yeah. That guy exists. *looks up his cost* *looks at ships in rebels which can take Autoblasters* Nah I think we're safe from the Autorebels meta.
  9. I'm sorry but... WHAT? Evade, double force charge seems pretty good. On top of that defense is more than just rolling a lot of dice and using green dice mods. Their ability to disengage hard, running over obstacles and using fined-tuned controls is good. As is the ability to run into an offensive threat, yes losing the action step, but having force to mod defense against the other enemy ships. Jedi players can also choose to not participate in your joust.
  10. ^This. X-Wings can get access to extra actions and action links they do not have by default by sacrificing a Primary attack die. Similarly Vonreg will be able to perform an action for a Strain or Deplete. Kylo, Soontir and A-Wings can do it for a stress tokens. Jedi spend force. It's all just different risk-reward management. I don't find the Nantex any more complex than the Jedi with fined-tuned controls or a U-Wing sacrificing a defense die for the ability to stop and turn in place. My key poopy take of the week: CIS were designed to appeal to the people who like the baddies in Clone Wars not some alpha player with skill coming out of his ears to prove himself better than others. And x-wing sure isn't designed for the competitive "skilled" player (come on...) first. It just happens to be a very loud minority.
  11. IMO the CIS would be more popular if they had any good 3-4 ship lists. Firstly the faction is more expensive to get into than it's mirror faction - the Jedi. Then we have the other point, which has been talked about in every TIE swarm discussion ever - people find it daunting to fly more than say 4 ships. And lastly, as seen with the use of Rebel Beef, Sinker Swarms, Cartel Marauder, Double Jedi + Double Torrent, Sinker + 3 ARCs, Vader Soontir with double Bombers, Quad T-70s etc. people tend to flock to lists, which give them some room for error in the form of extra hit points - a luxury the Vultures do not have. Now, CIS popularity could rise if: - Maul, Dooku go back down a bit, but maybe Hate stays at 9. There is likely some cost they can be at which would make them playable without Hate. - We get a sturdy droid ship with solid attack like the Droid Gunship on a medium base - We get a small base, droid ace with Advanced Droid Brain or some long range Networked Calculations who can fly independently from the swarm - We get a small base force user ace - Seriously, where's my Asajj Ginivex? The Nantex might be a step in the right direction, but may also prove to be too tricky to use by a wider group of players.
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