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  1. Locally until we get more boxes for Elves and Uthuk we're running 125 pt games alongside the 200s for Waiqar and Daqan. I have 2 UY army boxes and a command box however I haven't played them enough to know how well each unit performs. Can anyone recommend a good 125 build? Would you go for some elaborate combos (Warsprinter+Shrieker / Diviner+Reaver) or just keep it super simple? Ravos the Everhungry [40] 1x1Insatiable Hunger [3]Total Unit Cost: 43Berserkers [27] 2x2Tempered Steel [3]Raven Tabards [2]Total Unit Cost: 32Berserkers [27] 2x2Tempered Steel [3]Raven Tabards [2]Total Unit Cost: 32Spined Threshers [18] 1x1Total Unit Cost: 18 http://tabletopadmiral.com/runewars/uthuk/p122uEMu27u2fp122uEMu27u2fp141uEMu75p151
  2. Nay, we do not speak of the dark times! (... and yes, it does )
  3. And they attach to plateaus to form units.
  4. More exclamation points!!! http://www.fantasyflightgames.fr/news/article/renforcez_vos_factions
  5. Any changes are most likely to appear in the errata section of the FAQ document.
  6. Showcase: G-1A Starfighter

    **** I love your modifications btw: cloaking -> http://tinyurl.com/gocloakyourself
  7. The red/blue/green wing bits were airbrushed (literally as soon as I opened my first airbrush). It's been used for applying primer since. Bodywork and canopies are done by hand. You can do the effect by hand by layering increasingly brighter colors on top of each other (see example) and I do want to do a write-up on that for the Runewars forums but that won't happen until February (moving).
  8. Painted as an example during a small workshop for local players.
  9. Might be a bit too much,
  10. Huge monsters! Huge monsters! HUGE. MONSTERS. But flying creatures also sound cool.
  11. Profundity and Chimera are now on the boat. Once they get those and Legion out I think we can expect the Latari and Uthuk boxes.
  12. Royal Guard Red Paint

    GW Mephiston Red matches the stock paint the best however GW Khorne Red washed with Carroburg Crimson get you a more slick looking dark red.
  13. Shoe? Look at it! It has a **** mouth Totally a frog.... or a chameleon.
  14. Kharn noobish repaints

    Wait... of all the things in the Rogues and Villains pack someone sold off the Firesprays? That's probably the best ship in there BWT the idea with the target locks is really cool. As is the default imperial gray Silencer. Somehow without the dark grey it doesn't look modern at all.