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  1. That is almost a moss beard
  2. I think a sloppy airbrush will do this time around Prime with the shadow color, spray from top with the highlight tone, hand paint the cloth, next.
  3. And I wish I could color range mask in real life
  4. @Curlycross or you know, one of these ;-) And of course... the Teenage Mutant Ninja Berserkers.
  5. An orange theme is also an option. I am kinda set on a purple-ish skin I used for my infested TIE and A-Wing and exaggerating the weird tumors and veins. But then I also like the black and white with a little pink thrown in from Slaneesh or the blue like Trollbloods. THE OPTIONS!
  6. While playing rock & roll and looking cool doing it.
  7. So... were're doing Corruption Rune once that comes out right?
  8. Why do you think it took me months to do the Reanimate capes? And I still haven't painted my remaining box of Archers Meanwhile, this is coming along nicely.
  9. Why would anyone get sick of core box unit repaints when you do such wonderful job? LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS!
  10. Anything that's not the Rogue Shadow will do. Thanks.
  11. I will have to try this, I love the idea of only having to fiddle with three dials. Though with my crappy tactical thinking, I might have to take Close Quarters Targeting on the Archers just in case How do you think this would fare against Latari with all them blue accuracies?
  12. I meant the gold and silver trim on the armor. But thanks to a temporary lapse of sanity (and a weekend freed up for painting) I am doing some lazy NMM on all the horses. Weapons swaps were never out of the question
  13. Here's something stupid. I took one of the heads I swapped on a Lancer and attached it to a wire. Then I took the left arm of a spare Ardus body. I cut off the entire forearm up to the elbow. From this piece, I removed the fingers and the palm of the hand, keeping only the armor over the knuckles and the arm. I attached a hand from I think a Bloodletter? (trading bits or ebay shopping for sprues is useful) to this and drilled starting at the palm all the way through the other side of the arm. On the DK's body I made the same cut at the elbow. The parts align surprisingly well. A hole was drilled into the middle of this cut for obvious reasons. Using the wire with the skull at the end I attached the new hand and Ardus gauntlet to the DK's stump. Covered the wire with some greenstuff (putting a clump of it at the palm and stretching and twisting it all the way up to the skull - keep your fingers wet while doing this si they stick to the greenstuff less). And finally after letting the green stuff set I covered it with some acrylic gel (Vallejo Water effects), this will eventually shrink to look like messy, tiny flames adding some additional texture to the greenstuff body. So yeah... did that.
  14. Subtle highlight and a weird color mix (Black, Bugman's Glow as a base, then the same with a small amount of Vallejo Brown Sand and a some glaze medium added in). Some of the brightest spots are likely reflected light.