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  1. I didn't let them play a daemonhost, one of the players was being possessed by a demon, and some smartarse bound it inside the PC. He more than slightly regrets it now. But to get back on topic, I thought it was a shame they took the daemonhost stuff out of the new book.
  2. So looking like use old rules that don't quite match up hmmm this will make continuing into new ed edition annoying and difficult Also the daemonhost is a player not an NPC
  3. One of my players in first ed was recently transformed into a daemon host and while we can muddle along with warp touched and other stuff was surprised to see there were no rules for creating a daemon host in this edition. Ideas or answers or advice?
  4. My Character orignally was a Feral World psyker, Now a Thrice Bound Daemon Host Some representative artwork
  5. Various bits of Artwork I have done from our campaign that has just hit are 1 year of gaming. First picture is Mishka Swordweaver my Feral World Psyker, The Second is a Choosen of (we don't actually know who yet)
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