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  1. Honestly, I'd run through the core campaign without adding a single expansion. More heroes means more choice for new players - and that isn't necessarily a good thing (see: choice overload). Similarly, you'll wanna familiarize yourself with core set components before moving on to expansions. Each expansion adds something new and this can bog down gameplay. Example: becoming familiar with stunned/bleeding/focused before introducing Weakened (Twin Shadows) and Hidden (Bespin Gambit). Lastly, if you include everything at the get go, the future charm of playing with new expansion components is lost. Our group finished 4 core campaigns before moving on to expansions. Just my 2 cents!
  2. Bump! I was going to start something similar but there’s already lots of good discussion in this thread. The whole AT-ST vs. AT-DP aspect is probably my biggest negative about HOTE. I thought the AT-ST (and other massive vehicles) were supposed to be getting a fix with this expansion but I guess that was just speculation. From a campaign perspective, I suppose it’s not that bad. The AT-ST will still show up as a reserved group and there a few agenda cards that can help get it on the board. Still, hoping for an errata at some point!
  3. I agree with you. It would make more sense if the ability was similar to False orders. And to be honest, I find it difficult to distinguish between the two. Although you can see the rationale behind what a1bert is saying. a1bert stated some skirmish scenarios where it might be beneficial to give your opponent a free attack. For the campaign? Maybe you want the rebels to finish off the last figure of a group so you can redeploy the entire group to an optimal deployment point (with full health). Maybe it's the last Rebel figure to activate and you want the figure to blow open the door, triggering an event and an optional deployment. Maybe the Rebels are getting crushed and you wanna give them a morale boost In this situation, the imperial player should laugh evilly and say: "everything is proceeding as I have foreseen" while the Rebel players look at you with puzzled expressions. And I'm assuming if the emperor uses emperor, the chosen figure must attack. Right?
  4. Huh, never really thought of it like that. But it's interesting that the ability on the emperor's card states: "another figure" while executive order (on the elite officer) states: "another friendly figure" Why would the imperial player ever let a Rebel figure attack an imperial figure/mission objective? Why does Murne Rin's False orders ability work differently?
  5. Thank you very much. You get a like. Futil will get a like. You will all get likes!
  6. I'm not the biggest fan of skirmish attachments for character upgrades so I was hoping I could print some user created ones that combine the original card and the update. Haven't had much luck finding any on the forum. @Animewarsdude made one for Vader but it was unfortunately uploaded to Photobucket (and is still incomplete): Can't find any results for Han or Chewbacca. Before I get any: "Well, if you want them so bad, make them yourself!" comments...I wouldn't know where to start! Are there templates somewhere (BGG?) that can be used?
  7. I like it is this way. Still gotta rely on the dice to put in most of the work! Plus it won't slow down play. There’s enough going on during step 4 of an attack.
  8. Eh, the Rebels still need to draw the card plus they gotta have enough credits to buy it. And I think a wasted action in later mission stages is a huge deal. If the Rebels wanna prioritize 88-Z it just means more Imperial units ready to fire back. And I still don't get why one can't bring back Greedo once defeated but it's okay to bring back 88-Z. Page 4 of the RRG clearly states: To me, cannot be redeployed overrules deployment via threat and abilities. It seems obvious in 88-Z's case that he can be brought back thanks to Active Surveillance. Not so much in Jax's case. I'm only confused cause this is my first time dealing with unique companions.
  9. I'd like some clarification. 88-Z isn't a "1-and-done" per mission, right? I feel like you can bring can bring it back after being defeated thanks to the second ability of the starting class card, Active Surveillance: But... 88-Z is a unique figure. This means that it cannot be redeployed for the remainder of the mission once defeated (Allies, page 4). Right? Hmm. I guess this type of thinking can be extended to Jarrod's Droid Mastery ability: Jax is a unique figure as well, can he be brought back in the same mission once he is defeated?
  10. @usafmunk posted @Deadwolf's images on imugr: https://imgur.com/a/NhyUq Big thanks to the both of 'em. Spoiler talk about some the cards: I pretty much agree with @Tvboy about Jarrod. His 4XP Leaping slash card seems like a waste as it relies on a starting weapon. I guess pierce 2 is pretty powerful. I'm sure J4X will be fun to use Ko-Tun's Inch by inch is an alternative tactical movement, hehe. Focusing Beam is just aesthetically off-putting for me. Art looks like it's straight out of He-man. I can't find any information on the web either. How the **** can a melee weapon have a sight attachment? All the Rewards look nice. Shout out to C1 Comlink from the supply cards making it's way over into the reward pile as Intercepted Plans
  11. No wild power tokens. "When an ability instructs a player to gain a number of (wild power token symbol), that player gains that number of power tokens of his choice." 1. No time period in order to allow a more open-ended experience (similar to Jabba's Realm - I think FFG is done with Time Periods) 2. "You start with Dark Recon, flying over the busy streets of Coruscant toward a rendezvous point with a group of local contacts claiming to have information on a team of Rebels that recently went missing. ... once the heroes learn that the missing Rebels had been trying to locate a powerful artifact before the Emperor could get his hands on it, they'll find their mission leads them swiftly into a series of heated conflicts with many of these forces." https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/7/26/scour-the-streets-of-coruscant/
  12. Thanks for posting the pictures @Deadwolf, beat me to it! You said hero when you were talking about the power token limitations but just to clarify it says: "Each figure cannot have more than 2 power tokens." Just finished counting up the new tokens. Here are the results: Rubble tokens - 22 Shield tokens - 12 So many rubble tokens just for one hero. Kinda seems like a waste of storage space. However, after reviewing the campaign book for a second time, I noticed that some missions start with rubble tokens on the map. As for the shield tokens, it seems like only 2 imperial cards can utilize shield tokens ("Shielded" class card and the "Shields Online" agenda card). Similar to the rubble tokens, shield tokens do start on some of the maps. Damage tokens - 15 Block power tokens - 11 Surge power tokens - 7 Evade power tokens - 7 *Power token counts include Maul, Emperor and Ahsoka expansions: Interesting to note that the new campaign book has no mention of component limitations for any of the new tokens. I'm not sure if the Component limitations section in the RRG is applicable to expansions.
  13. With 7 miniatures fully complete, I decided to post an update on my clear base adventure. A lot of what I’m covering can be found here: Guide to Clear Bases Like @Whitebubble, I purchased the bases from applied perspective. Imperial Assault clear base pack Great communication on Facebook. Fast shipping. It’s worth mentioning that the 3 flight bases for the probe droids are no longer included (the product description is currently updated). I found the 3 notched leader bases unnecessary so I basically used them as practice bases. Each acrylic base is protected and it can be a little frustrating to peel away the protective material but you get used to it after some practice. Just be careful. I also got a bunch of …bonus tokens? I’m not sure if they come with every purchase or they were included as I was the one that brought up the outdated product description. Either way: highly recommended! I’ll reiterate @Sareth 's advice to use a rocking up and down motion. This makes things really easy when it comes to cutting. I know a lot of people are scared to go clear because they're afraid they might chop off the feet of the miniature but this step is surprisingly very easy. Even if the cut is uneven, you can usually file the feet down to make it level. I purchased a modelling saw for harder to cut miniatures (looking at you, Royal Guards). A must buy. Bring on the massive figures! Ah, the glue. With so many different of types I struggled quite a bit deciding which type to buy. Testors plastic cement Positives: Well…none! Negatives: Didn’t stick, do not purchase for this type of job Gorilla super glue gel Positives: Easy to use. Leaves little mess. Instantly sticks Negatives: I used this glue on my 3 standard stormtroopers. 2/3 dried quite well, 1 hazed (fogged) up around the feet. Hazing is real. That being said, from a tabletop distance it’s not very noticeable. I can’t see it being an issue mixed in with other miniatures. It remains unclear (heh) as to why 2 dried nicely without hazing. Maybe it was the amount of glue. I heard good things about having a portable fan blow on the bases while it dries. E6000 Positives: Strongest bond. Sticks quickly. Blends best with the base Negatives: Hard to work with. Stinks. Poison warning. I love this stiff. Practically impossible to work with straight from the bottle (messy, stringy) but a ziplock bag and some scissors quickly solved that problem: E6000 Tip It’s important to note that E6000 comes with a few warnings (use google to find the material safety data sheet). Ultimately, follow safety procedures and use at your own risk. Lastly, I’ve had no problem drilling into the bases. Something to consider for bigger models. The results: If you have any questions, or want to provide further feedback, please feel free to do so! The future: 1) I'm looking for some epoxy recommendations from folks in the US/Canada (I can't find UHU in stores here) 2) I need flight stand bases for the probe droids and jet pack troopers (and who knows what else further down the line). There’s a possibility of making my own. probe droid clear base fix As mentioned above, I’ve experienced no problems drilling into the acrylic bases. All I’d need is a clear rod of some kind. X-wing pegs, plastruct clear rods or maybe even a paintbrush cover. I also found some pre-made flight stands: LITKO 25mm circle base with 1.5 inch peg Hawkwargames 20mm square base, 50mm stem I’ve posted the hawkgames bases because I’ve received email confirmation that the pegs fit snuggly into the base so you don’t have to glue them together (good for storage/travel). The LITKO bases require glue.
  14. Let me start off by saying that I recently switched to Testors Dullcot and I absolutely love the product. However, I seem to get a minor headache after spraying a miniature. Thankfully it only lasts a few minutes and goes away quickly. I spray miniatures in a well ventilated area (in the garage with the garage door wide open) but I still seem to get a headache. It’s not like I’m purposefully huffing the miniature either. Is it best to go outside? Should I be purchasing a respirator? Any feedback would be appreciated!
  15. I highly recommended elmer's poster tack. I bought two packs thinking it's a one and done type of material but I've been using the same piece for weeks (constantly attaching and removing minis from it). The tack is amazing! I had difficulty finding it at first but your local crafts store should have it.
  16. I’m thinking about making the switch to Vallejo very soon. The citadel pots are driving me insane and I feel like I’m wasting a lot of it every session. Any other comments regarding the comparison between the two lines would be appreciated.
  17. Impressive minis! Nice to see that one can produce amazing results using Walmart paint! - Another clear base enthusiast! If you have any tips/feedback about them, feel free to comment in the thread I started here: - I’d love to know where you purchased the probe droid flight stand bases and what type of glue you used to pin the minis to the clear bases (The Inquisitor has a cleaner look around the feet area compared to Vader so I’m just wondering if you were experimenting with different glues, was there a difference with amount of glue, etc.) - Love the red glow and markings on the AT-ST, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done before! - The officers are looking super smooth, I hope mine turn out just as good! - If you’re looking for an alternative method to mark your minis on clear bases, a reddit user used a sharpie and some gloss varnish around the edge of the base. You can see a picture of it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ImperialAssaultTMG/comments/5w90hj/a_small_tip_for_acrylic_bases_and_lightsabers/
  18. Thank you for in the in-depth response Sareth! - I've already purchased bases form Applied Perspective. But it's nice to see another source! - Great advice when it comes to cutting. The rocking up and down motion is perhaps the safest and most effective method. I've had no problems so far with my stormtroopers! And this is coming from someone with very little hobby experience. - I just finished chopping off a Royal Guard from its base and I fully agree...what a nightmare! Doable, but my fingers are still throbbing. A modelling saw might be a good investment for the AT-ST. I also heard something about dipping the mini in warm water to make the cutting easier - My biggest worry is fogging. I've heard good things about E6000 and I'll post the findings once my bases arrive. If they don't turn out so well, I may have to look into your Loctite Super Attak Power Flex recommendation. https://www.amazon.com/E6000-237032-Craft-Adhesive-Clear/dp/B004BPHQWU
  19. Fantastic job overall! Fenn is downright incredible, seriously, bravo! Not crazy about the glowing lightsaber effect on Diala, I might scrap the idea altogether when I eventually get to my mini. I like what you’ve done with Gideon, great bald head! I currently made the clear base plunge myself and I’d love to know what glue you used. Please and thank you!
  20. First mini complete! Thanks again Sorastro for the vids, wouldn’t have made the plunge without them. Few general thoughts: - I experienced the “citadel drying paint” problem as others have mentioned earlier in this thread. I don’t think I closed them properly. You really gotta press down on them! - Overall I’m pretty proud with how it turned out! But I really didn’t feel like I was highlighting. It was more like: “slapping on white paint and making sure shadowed areas have a little nuln oil on it” hehe. Very excited and nervous about future minis with actual colours! - Abut halfway through the model, I was shaking my head in disgust. A few more paint strokes later and I was patting myself on the back. Can’t stress how important it is to stay motivated to completely finish the miniature.
  21. The Imperial player in a campaign has a class deck of his or her own. This means that Imperial/Mercenary deployment cards are usually buffed in some way or another. I actually kind of like this notion. Simply because it gives each campaign it’s own unique flavour of enemies. For example, has anyone ever brought ugnaughts or winged guards outside of Bespin? hehe.
  22. I’ve recently got the painting bug thanks to Sorastro (I’m pretty sure 90% of the threads in the painting forum start with this line, heh). One thing I’m having difficulty pulling the trigger on is the idea of putting all the minis on clear bases. 1) First concern is picking the bases. The two most popular ones I’ve heard of is Litko and Applied perspective. http://www.litko.net/products.php?product=SW%3A-Assault%2C-Clear-Base-Upgrade-Set-(36)#.WaOFStPysU0 http://www.appliedperspective.com/acrylic/product/imperial-assault-clear-base-pack/ Any recommendations between the two? Are there cheaper alternatives out there that work just as good? 2) Any tips when it comes to cutting minis off their original bases? Is filing required? What about more difficult minis like the massive figures/E-webb? 3) I’ve read a few posts mention that certain types of glue can “fog” up the base. What's the right type of glue? Will glue suffice or is it recommended to pin models?
  23. I currently own everything IA (okay, well 98%). As a campaign only player…I’ll happily stick with IA. …That being said, I liked what I’m seeing with Legion. The movement cohesion system is utterly fantastic. Love the emphasis on grounded, immersive battles. One of the primary reasons why I dislike IA skirmish so much is how goofy lists can be (see: Gen Con Winner). Still, as I mentioned elsewhere, I just can’t stomach the thought of owning two similar Star Wars miniatures games. Currently impossible to get excited for Legion expansions because I have them already in IA. I really want a friend to buy the core so I can play it but I don’t wanna buy it. At least, not in the near future.
  24. I couldn’t agree more with the others above. I think IA skirmish is in serious trouble and I feel sorry for those small communities out there. Legion is truly puzzling to me right now. I just can’t stomach the idea of owning two similar Star Wars miniatures games. I feel bloated just thinking about it! And if you own everything IA, it’s almost impossible to get excited about future Legion expansions cause they’ll have a “been there, done that” type of feel associated with them. I can’t imagine the expansions being much different besides the odd vehicle here and there. I wish Legion took a similar approach to Games Workshop’s War of the Ring game. They basically created another set of rules to upscale the Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game (new stats, figures were grouped on trays instead of moving them individually, etc.).
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