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  1. This is another explanation. Maybe the Descent players can provide some insight: How often do entire groups receive 1 instruction? Imagine a Hero is completely surrounded by adjacent stormtroopers. It's the Imperial's turn to activate. Everyone is ready for the slaughter, but only a single instruction is provided for the stormtrooper group: Move 2 to reposition 3. Rebel players celebrate? I'm hoping this isn't a common scenario. Talk about relying on luck to get a group through a mission. Maybe this is where the difficulty setting kicks in. "Better trained" enemies = better instructions?
  2. Good question! The Instruction List section uses a "top to bottom" approach when resolving instructions. Nothing about returning to previous instructions or ensuring that Imperial figures max out on actions. Maybe this is where the Imperial Rule comes into play? 1) Can't attack. Skip 2) Resolve Move 3) Stormtrooper is now in LOS of attack target. What's more punishing: attacking or moving? It’s also gonna be weird when stormtroopers are moving 3 to attack and repositioning 2. That’s 5 movement points plus an attack! Competitive mode = 4 movement points plus attack or double move for 8 movement points.
  3. Oh boy, good time to be an IA fan! And finally: an IA app that that supports IOS devices, hehe. Also, welcome forum members from other FFG boards Combing through the app rules now, lots of goodies sprinkled throughout. Highlights include: Peril, Fame, Medpacs, emphasis on exploration, The Imperial Rule The instructions section is a little confusing. All the examples use: instruction (singular) but I thought the norm was to: It makes these examples confusing. For example, why is the stormtrooper in example 1 finished its activation after resolving the instruction? Shouldn't it have another action?
  4. The idea of releasing campaign booklets that combines several boxsets pops up every so often on the forum and I’m more than happy to reinforce it. Seriously, it’s a great idea. The majority of IA players have every expansion anyways...right? Your last line is very real possibility and I hope IA doesn’t reach that point. HOTE has hints of it (DP replacing ST) but FFG is doing a good job bumping up the figures we all know and love (Jedi Luke, skirmish fixes).
  5. The win condition will trigger immediately. Page 5 of the FAQ:
  6. Hey, look! It's Carnor Jax a Royal Guard Champion!
  7. Wait, what? When did Overcharger get bad? Maybe not a must buy, but when an objective is based around an imperial officer (quite a few of them), this is the go to attachment. No cower. No white die. No dodge.
  8. You can always proxy command cards if you have protective sleeves: 1) print (or quickly write up) the duplicate card on a piece of paper 2) When you're cutting the duplicate card, make sure it's a little smaller than the actual size of a command card (that way no white edges stick out, tipping off the other players) 3) Use the backing of a command card not being used Voila! 4 player skirmish. No alternate rules, no card drawing system:
  9. Ugh, I wish I didn’t read this thread haha. Seriously though, good catches on Supporting Fire and Demolish. Especially Demolish…wow.
  10. This quote sums it up quite well @supersayian @a1bert is quite right. Mind you, you aren't the first person to bring this up. See the other Emperor thread, heh. I understand that feeling to instinctively look to the "special situations regarding attacks" section you just posted. This whole situation could have been avoided if they simply added: "another friendly figure" into the Emperor ability. I don't buy the whole: "it wouldn't fit and/or it's unnecessary information" counter but hey, it is what it is. I do believe this is the first instance where a player can grant a hostile figure an attack without actually controlling that figure. From a campaign perspective, when you think about it, if the ability allowed you to take control of the figure, a Rebel Hero blasting another Rebel hero with a tier III weapon can be absolutely devastating. Plus, he'd get access to all the mods as well!
  11. Lots of discussion about this topic can be found in this thread:
  12. Makes me wonder if we will ever see an errata for Biv and Saska at one point. Mind you, the only hero that has been altered so far is Jyn (and that was simply to clarify her Opportunist ability). Not the biggest fan of house rules, but it would be fun to get these two on the table more. A user suggested giving them their reward cards off the start. Not a bad idea! Biv: Hunt Them Down Saska: Tech Goggles
  13. Hey, look! Kayn Somos and stormtroopers all in one pack! Alliance rangers! General Weiss expansion! And more! ... T-47 is such an odd choice for a ground combat game. AT-RT is really nice (really wish it replaced the AT-DP in IA).
  14. Simple, but great suggestion! Speaking of simplicity, I think it’d be best to utilize heroes and class decks that are relatively straightforward to use. For example, I’d try me best to keep companions out of the session (so no Jarrod or the Reactive Defenses Imperial class deck). They’re just another set of rules the group has to keep in mind during a mission. I’d avoid Mak (Disengage), Jyn (Quick Draw), Verena (Close Quarters) and any characters or abilities based around interrupts. I don’t think anyones gonna have a sharp enough mind to trigger these abilities when the group has been playing for 15 hours, heh. Of course, these are just suggestions. It all depends on the players!
  15. I think he may be referring to this: Looks good, but I'm not sure if it’s worth the effort.
  16. I’d try to get another friend to tag along to act as a moderator. Someone who could help with map setup, remind the Imperial player and Rebel players about mission objectives and to make sure rules are being followed. I think it’s hard enough already to keep track of all the upgrade, item, reward and agenda cards late in the campaign when one is well rested! Personally, I’d try to keep cards to a minimum. Save up to buy 4XP cards, use discard agenda cards, etc. Set a maximum time for each activation, you want to keep the game moving. Good luck!
  17. First @Spidey NZ's app. Now this card editor. Ugh, buying all those Apple products is really coming back to haunt me! Seriously though, this looks great. Well done!
  18. If you really want, you can read up on some suggested house rules here: Arguably, the two most common complaints players often experience with just the core set is the issue of overpriced allies and the snowballing effect. For the snowballing effect: If you’re wining a lot, just play more thematically and adopt a DM kind of role. If you’re starting to loose a lot, well, that’s 4 players working together and having fun (and hopefully you’re the type of person that enjoys this). For the allies, I wouldn’t worry about it so much. Unless the Rebels earn Chewie super early in the campaign and insist on bringing him to every mission. If you're able to, make sure to have the map set up and play area organized before the other players show up. I find that it's a much smoother experience that way and Rebel players are motivated right from the get go. Setup/Teardown times for this game can be an absolute nightmare if you're not organized Keep in mind the new agenda card ruling first introduced in Jabba's Realm: AKA don't save up all your agenda cards for the finale, hehe. Spend influence on those villain agenda missions (Royal Guard Champion, IG88, General Weiss). Even if you don't win the mission, it's always a treat when a big bad shows up to cause some mayhem
  19. Another user ran Drawn In (core) for demoing purposes and had some great success with it: I think A New Threat (core) could work. I like the focus on exploration and players will be itching to find out what’s inside the rooms...even though veteran players know that opening doors is never really good news for the Rebel side, hehe. I'd cut the demo immediately when: I think Temptation (core - Diala's side mission) is quite fun for demo purposes, not sure why @Szycha called it "weak." Hunted Down is very fun as well, see below. Remember: I wouldn't worry too much about finishing the mission, I think the whole purpose of a demo is that you wanna leave players wanting more! Preselect a few class cards/items for heroes to use. This helps with balancing purposes (story missions post intro mission are supposed to be played with upgraded heroes) and it gives new players an idea of the upgrade stage. "Oh, you thought that class card card was cool? You should see his 4XP one!" If you can, pick a mission with recognizable locations and/or recognizable characters (primary reason why Hunted Down is perfect for this) Have fun and good luck!
  20. I'm just getting an X-miniatures game kinda vibe and it sucks (the T-65 being "replaced" by the T-70 and the ARC-170). It doesn't help that that it's the centrepiece massive model in this expansion, casting it's overpowering shadow over the other big piece of plastic. On the plus side, if it's only an aesthetics thing, one could simply swap the DP model for the ST model. They are both massive figures after all. But I know a lot of people hate that idea...heck, I'm one of 'em! But It's no reason to get turned off by HOTE. It only shows up in a few missions as an initial/reserved group. (I'd post the exact amount in spoilers but I don't know how to do the tags!)
  21. will we get the app first or Half Life 3?
  22. Jabba’s Realm all the way! Campaign - Fun narrative, cool twist on story missions, 3 heroes are fun to use, plenty of “wow” minis (Rancor, Jabba himself, flying stormtroopers), the nemesis imperial class deck, lots of recognizable locations Skirmish - Best bang for your buck to flesh out the mercenary faction
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