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    ship mods

    Ya, I'm confused. I mean, they are called modifications for a reason. ...I have trouble pronouncing canonically hehe
  2. Putting the movies on during our games never works because we figured out that nobody watches. Seeing a new narrative play out on the table is much more entertaining than watching a narrative we've seen a million times already Starmap and food is a must.
  3. 1. Rebels 2. A-wing 3. PS 2 4. Whenever you roll attack dice, cancel all results. ( ) 5. Gniar Itnob
  4. I'm glad you brought up Zombicide, cause I'm quite familiar with that game. I'll argue that although it's nice to have a plethora of fan made missions online, the missions in the booklet offer unlimited replay value because the spawns are random. Sure they might get boring after awhile, but balance remains the same. Strategies are constantly changing because you never know what will spawn, and although expectations can develop (stay out of yellow to avoid extra activations/abomination probably won't spawn in blue) you can never be 100% certain. My concern with Imperial Assault isn't necessarily the scripted events themselves but the dependency on them for game balance. Budgernaut put it quite nicely: And I don't mean to cut your posts into a single segment haha, the effort you put forth in your posts is appreciated (and after doing a little more research on skirmish mode, I'm glad to discover that it won't be a standard Team deathmatch game as you noted). See, I wish I had this type of attitude, but I guess I'm the "by the book" type. It'll be uncomfortable for me to introduce these twerks but I understand that there is a large majority of people who are fine with house ruling/customization. But as noted in an earlier post, maybe this game will be the one that helps me branch out to different styles
  5. Thanks for the elaboration, it's much appreciated. I'm new to board gaming in general, so for me personally, it's difficult to wrap my head around the idea of bringing your own ideas to a game. I'll take the counter argument and say that a great game offers unlimited replay value without the need to seek out fan made missions, but this is only my opinion. My disappointment stems from the fact that I was really hoping for a stand-alone board game, but Imperial Assault doesn't seem like it will meet that specific criterion (the need to purchase the expansions to replace tokens/campaign missions may loose significant appeal after one play through). But who knows, maybe this game will turn me into a map creating connoisseur (And I'm well aware I'm ignoring skirmish mode but the campaign is what I'm really interested in)
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    I can't wait for people to post ideas. Because I'd love to use Lando but his pilot ability should definitely be range 1-2. Trying to stay within range 1 of the falcon while being in a good position is so annoying.
  7. Good find! Wasn't the answer I was really looking for, because this just means that I have to spend more money on expansions and the core set is only good for a couple of run-throughs. Again, I've never played a board game with scripted events before so I'm not sure how it will play out really. Different strategies and characters may certainly help, but it just seems inevitable that after the first time playing, there will be time dedicated to discuss the inevitable scripted event that will occur in a particular mission, which zaps immersion and disrupts the flow of the mission. Not to mention that I'll take on the role of the Imperials and I will never experience that surprise element if I ever wanted to play as the Rebels. Your last point is interesting though, and I certainly hope your right.
  8. Probably 1 of everything, enough to replace the tokens found in the core set. As someone else noted in another thread, if Han Solo is going to make an appearance, he better look good.
  9. If you're the type of person who is comfortable running mirror matches than I automatically assume that you're here for the gameplay more so than the lore. I'd rather watch paint dry than watch two falcons battle it out with each other. *shiver* Playing the scenarios and running the epic campaigns are the way to go!
  10. Hey, So watching a few demo vids, there seem to be certain events that are triggered throughout missions. If I am not mistaken, I believe in the campaign booklet there is also a segment where players controlling the Rebels are forbidden to look at mission overviews. This heavy reliance on secrecy is good fun and all but thinking about it more made me question what happens when you want to run through the campaign a second time. I understand you loose that sense of mystery BUT won't these events have an impact on game balance? For example, during a second run through of the campaign, if the Rebels realize that Darth Vader spawns once a certain door opens won't the Rebel players simply avoid opening that door for awhile until everyone rests? I've never played Descent before so feel free to elaborate haha.
  11. Can you post some links? I'm assuming your referring to Team Covenant but if there are any others feel free to post
  12. I want to keep my X-Wing collection Rebels/Empire only. I simply don't have the storage space/cash/interest with a third faction. However, my concern is that the Scum packs will feature upgrades that can be used on a variety of ships. I love Y-wings and I'd REALLY enjoy having those bomb/A4 upgrade cards but I'd feel so bad picking up Most Wanted for a few cards. I guess I'm going to just to have to accept the notion of printing them on my own but it's frustrating knowing that I won't own the real cards.
  13. I've used 3P0 and Jan Ors. Both are great, but as mentioned above, Jan Ors is especially noteworthy because giving an X-wing that evade token can be very useful. A FFG article on B-wings had some interesting ideas as well: giving Nera Nien Nunb really helps and giving Ten Nunb mercenary copilot works well with his pilot ability. I'd love to make Saboteur work but it sucks that you can't use EI since the B-wing/e2 takes up the modification slot.
  14. Amazing to see so much support for Armada. In my group of friends the ground battles in SW were always talked about/highlighted unlike the space battles. I guess that's what happens when you play so much Battlefront hehe. I mean I love X-wing but I got into it mainly because it was a popular game with a tight rule system set in the Star Wars universe (although the ships and pilots have definitely started to grow on me). So Imperial Assault seems to have captured the attention of my gaming group. Besides, I don't think Armada will be able to evoke the same sense of awe and wonder when you see a Transport/CR90 on the board surrounded by smaller ships.
  15. I haven't touched my phantom or my defender yet because my friends usually want to use them. ...I'm usually the one making cool rebel lists with great synergy but in the end they fall apart because of bad flying/phantom nonsense
  16. Played an Epic game with each huge ship thus far and recently completed the Escape from Hoth campaign. They are loads of fun and offer a nice change up from the standard death match scenarios. The only issue that I had with my group is that I supply all of the ships and my friends aren't too familiar with pilot abilities/upgrades so list building was a little tedious. It's best to make the rosters yourself: keeping special abilities to a minimum is key. Excellent point. Loading up TIE bombers is actually something to consider. My only gripe with the Tantivie campaign is that some of the maps break away from the 3 x 3 format which requires a bigger space/bigger table. Grrr.
  17. Biggs can only be used with small and large ships, not huge ships: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/x-wing/support/X-Wing-Epic-Tournament-Rules.pdf (under: "Epic Play Card Restrictions") Pretty much the best advice given so far. Just finished a linked Hoth campaign recently this weekend, found it to be very balanced for both sides (Rebels won!) The Bright Hope Title card really helps and Toryn Farr is wickedly annoying. Backup shield generator is another great option. Don't shy away from upgrades with the GR-75. Plus, kitting out your escort ships with a ton of offensive capabilities really stresses out the Imperial side. Use ships that can hit hard and make them hit even harder!
  18. Ya, unfortunately, the new Hobbit line isn't as appealing as the old LotR line. Downsizing their boxsets from 12 to 10 (when warbands are squads of 12!) was ludicrous. It's crazy to think back when Return of the King was around they were selling boxsets with 24 warriors. Good times.
  19. Ugh. I didn't want to pick up Most Wanted. That upgrade for the Y-wing is awesome though. I hate myself for being unsatisfied with a printed copy (starts setting up an eBay account)
  20. Heya, first post! BIG Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game player here. It's a shame that the system doesn't get enough attention. GW has created some fantastic models! The rule system is streamlined and easy to play. So many memorable moments are created thanks to the vast array of scenarios (something X-wing needs MORE of in my opinion). However, It's virtually impossible to find opponents, which is why I've picked up on X-wing, although the community has grown since the new Hobbit Trilogy.
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