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  1. I’m thinking about making the switch to Vallejo very soon. The citadel pots are driving me insane and I feel like I’m wasting a lot of it every session. Any other comments regarding the comparison between the two lines would be appreciated.
  2. Impressive minis! Nice to see that one can produce amazing results using Walmart paint! - Another clear base enthusiast! If you have any tips/feedback about them, feel free to comment in the thread I started here: - I’d love to know where you purchased the probe droid flight stand bases and what type of glue you used to pin the minis to the clear bases (The Inquisitor has a cleaner look around the feet area compared to Vader so I’m just wondering if you were experimenting with different glues, was there a difference with amount of glue, etc.) - Love the red glow and markings on the AT-ST, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done before! - The officers are looking super smooth, I hope mine turn out just as good! - If you’re looking for an alternative method to mark your minis on clear bases, a reddit user used a sharpie and some gloss varnish around the edge of the base. You can see a picture of it here:
  3. Thank you for in the in-depth response Sareth! - I've already purchased bases form Applied Perspective. But it's nice to see another source! - Great advice when it comes to cutting. The rocking up and down motion is perhaps the safest and most effective method. I've had no problems so far with my stormtroopers! And this is coming from someone with very little hobby experience. - I just finished chopping off a Royal Guard from its base and I fully agree...what a nightmare! Doable, but my fingers are still throbbing. A modelling saw might be a good investment for the AT-ST. I also heard something about dipping the mini in warm water to make the cutting easier - My biggest worry is fogging. I've heard good things about E6000 and I'll post the findings once my bases arrive. If they don't turn out so well, I may have to look into your Loctite Super Attak Power Flex recommendation.
  4. Fantastic job overall! Fenn is downright incredible, seriously, bravo! Not crazy about the glowing lightsaber effect on Diala, I might scrap the idea altogether when I eventually get to my mini. I like what you’ve done with Gideon, great bald head! I currently made the clear base plunge myself and I’d love to know what glue you used. Please and thank you!
  5. First mini complete! Thanks again Sorastro for the vids, wouldn’t have made the plunge without them. Few general thoughts: - I experienced the “citadel drying paint” problem as others have mentioned earlier in this thread. I don’t think I closed them properly. You really gotta press down on them! - Overall I’m pretty proud with how it turned out! But I really didn’t feel like I was highlighting. It was more like: “slapping on white paint and making sure shadowed areas have a little nuln oil on it” hehe. Very excited and nervous about future minis with actual colours! - Abut halfway through the model, I was shaking my head in disgust. A few more paint strokes later and I was patting myself on the back. Can’t stress how important it is to stay motivated to completely finish the miniature.
  6. The Imperial player in a campaign has a class deck of his or her own. This means that Imperial/Mercenary deployment cards are usually buffed in some way or another. I actually kind of like this notion. Simply because it gives each campaign it’s own unique flavour of enemies. For example, has anyone ever brought ugnaughts or winged guards outside of Bespin? hehe.
  7. I’ve recently got the painting bug thanks to Sorastro (I’m pretty sure 90% of the threads in the painting forum start with this line, heh). One thing I’m having difficulty pulling the trigger on is the idea of putting all the minis on clear bases. 1) First concern is picking the bases. The two most popular ones I’ve heard of is Litko and Applied perspective. Any recommendations between the two? Are there cheaper alternatives out there that work just as good? 2) Any tips when it comes to cutting minis off their original bases? Is filing required? What about more difficult minis like the massive figures/E-webb? 3) I’ve read a few posts mention that certain types of glue can “fog” up the base. What's the right type of glue? Will glue suffice or is it recommended to pin models?
  8. I currently own everything IA (okay, well 98%). As a campaign only player…I’ll happily stick with IA. …That being said, I liked what I’m seeing with Legion. The movement cohesion system is utterly fantastic. Love the emphasis on grounded, immersive battles. One of the primary reasons why I dislike IA skirmish so much is how goofy lists can be (see: Gen Con Winner). Still, as I mentioned elsewhere, I just can’t stomach the thought of owning two similar Star Wars miniatures games. Currently impossible to get excited for Legion expansions because I have them already in IA. I really want a friend to buy the core so I can play it but I don’t wanna buy it. At least, not in the near future.
  9. I couldn’t agree more with the others above. I think IA skirmish is in serious trouble and I feel sorry for those small communities out there. Legion is truly puzzling to me right now. I just can’t stomach the idea of owning two similar Star Wars miniatures games. I feel bloated just thinking about it! And if you own everything IA, it’s almost impossible to get excited about future Legion expansions cause they’ll have a “been there, done that” type of feel associated with them. I can’t imagine the expansions being much different besides the odd vehicle here and there. I wish Legion took a similar approach to Games Workshop’s War of the Ring game. They basically created another set of rules to upscale the Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game (new stats, figures were grouped on trays instead of moving them individually, etc.).
  10. Why are they showcasing painted figures when the miniatures come unpainted? IA never got that kind of special treatment!
  11. Fair point. But I personally believe unpainted minis work best for games that aren't tied to big name franchises (like RuneWars and Warhammer) With a game based in the Star Wars universe, there’s already a clear set of themes and aesthetics that fans have fallen in love with. And miniature wargaming is all about immersion. I mean, I’m sure you could paint your stormtroopers purple with yellow stars but how many people are really going to deviate from the films? How many people are going to paint Darth freakin’ Vader green?
  12. - Man, this campaign sounds epic - For the life of me, I can’t understand “Shrapnel Rounds” - Is information missing? - Loving both imperial decks. Already thinking of hero abilities/class skills that’ll get around 88-z’s auto dodge…Vinto, my man! “Embrace suffering” is going to cause a lot of interesting decisions during Rebel upgrade stages…You sure you wanna buy that nice Tier 3 rifle? Heh. - Energy tokens, power tokens, rubble tokens…I’m seriously worried abut board clutter right now. Might have to start looking for some methods to get some of them off the board (like a damage tracking aid, any recommendations would be appreciated! - I’m also a little worried about energy shields. Kinda helps the Imperial strategy to simply back away/clog a lot of space to chew up Rebel activations. It’s no fun for either side.
  13. I don’t have Descent but I wanted to see what the app was all about. Figured I would spend about 5 minutes on it but was absolutely blown away by the interface, sound and story. An hour later and I’m still going through it randomly. Seriously, the IA version is going to launch IA into the stratosphere.
  14. I missed a lot of excitement this weekend! And wow, what a mixed bag. The OT-feel of the first several expansions is now a thing of the past. I’m hoping this expansion keeps the game fresh and doesn't tip the game into bloated territory. I think the AT-DP is possibly my least favourite unit in the entire range of IA. Unlike the stormtrooper variants that are defined visually and mechanically by their equipment loadouts, this walker looks like a cheap AT-ST knockoff. Mechanically, I’m sure it’s just another massive, bipedal vehicle with good health and a solid attack. Compared to the rancor (massive with reach/eating friendly figures), this is quite the disappointment for the massive slot. I’m crossing my fingers for an excellent deployment card. I like the setting. It’s also nice to see a blend of old and new with Jyn working together with Ko-Tun Feralo (similar to Verena and Diala in RTH). The heroes don’t pop as well compared to the trio in Jabba’s Realm (the cowboy, the amazon warrior princess, the muscle). But it’s nice to see a hero start with a companion and the wookie demolition expert mini looks really, really fun! The Imperial units are solid. No complaints there. Power Tokens. Okay. Okay! You take away the dice in a dice game and it looses a little bit of its magic but I think this mechanic will work well in IA. Especially from a campaign perspective since it’ll help the Rebels finish off low health enemies without spending precious actions. But my biggest fear is that they will bog down attack sequences, especially with other passive bonuses to consider from weapons and abilities. The ally and villain wave is a complete wash for me since I’m not a fan of Rebels/Clone Wars which immediately cancels out Maul and Ahsoka... but I have to buy them because I despise tokens haha. The Emperor is a disappointment since this is a skirmish based game but let’s not go down that rabbit hole again. Was hoping he’d manipulate the gameplay outside the board but instead we got the battlefront version. And for the 80th time can you please include equipment cards like you did with Greedo/Obi-wan/Inquisitor. Thank you. Overall I’m excited, but nervous.
  15. Interesting to see that FFG released a painting guide for RuneWars. Really good quality as well. Maybe we will get one for IA this Friday?