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  1. I don’t have Descent but I wanted to see what the app was all about. Figured I would spend about 5 minutes on it but was absolutely blown away by the interface, sound and story. An hour later and I’m still going through it randomly. Seriously, the IA version is going to launch IA into the stratosphere.
  2. I missed a lot of excitement this weekend! And wow, what a mixed bag. The OT-feel of the first several expansions is now a thing of the past. I’m hoping this expansion keeps the game fresh and doesn't tip the game into bloated territory. I think the AT-DP is possibly my least favourite unit in the entire range of IA. Unlike the stormtrooper variants that are defined visually and mechanically by their equipment loadouts, this walker looks like a cheap AT-ST knockoff. Mechanically, I’m sure it’s just another massive, bipedal vehicle with good health and a solid attack. Compared to the rancor (massive with reach/eating friendly figures), this is quite the disappointment for the massive slot. I’m crossing my fingers for an excellent deployment card. I like the setting. It’s also nice to see a blend of old and new with Jyn working together with Ko-Tun Feralo (similar to Verena and Diala in RTH). The heroes don’t pop as well compared to the trio in Jabba’s Realm (the cowboy, the amazon warrior princess, the muscle). But it’s nice to see a hero start with a companion and the wookie demolition expert mini looks really, really fun! The Imperial units are solid. No complaints there. Power Tokens. Okay. Okay! You take away the dice in a dice game and it looses a little bit of its magic but I think this mechanic will work well in IA. Especially from a campaign perspective since it’ll help the Rebels finish off low health enemies without spending precious actions. But my biggest fear is that they will bog down attack sequences, especially with other passive bonuses to consider from weapons and abilities. The ally and villain wave is a complete wash for me since I’m not a fan of Rebels/Clone Wars which immediately cancels out Maul and Ahsoka... but I have to buy them because I despise tokens haha. The Emperor is a disappointment since this is a skirmish based game but let’s not go down that rabbit hole again. Was hoping he’d manipulate the gameplay outside the board but instead we got the battlefront version. And for the 80th time can you please include equipment cards like you did with Greedo/Obi-wan/Inquisitor. Thank you. Overall I’m excited, but nervous.
  3. Interesting to see that FFG released a painting guide for RuneWars. Really good quality as well. Maybe we will get one for IA this Friday?
  4. Still don’t understand why the new Agenda system is limited to Jabba’s Realm but the new item card system extends to every campaign. I'm sure this was a conscious decision to do this and I really have no idea why (although I'm certainly going to house rule the agenda limit in all campaigns). Paul Winchester left FFG? Where are people getting this info from? I’m just happy this was acknowledged
  5. Ya, I figured as much. It's always been a habit to give blast/cleave damage as soon as it's triggered. Going to have to stop that!
  6. Great FAQ! 1) They finally addressed the Ugnaught tinkerer mess, thank goodness! 2) Nice to see clean up for Massive deployment, I remember asking about that very situation back in 2015! 3) Same with regular figure deployment. The "Do I have to deploy all of the group's figures to the same point?" question came up in every group I've played with and it was never easy to answer 4) Blast and Cleave occurring after the attack resolves. I swear this has been discussed to death (I’m positive I even asked this at one point) but Verena with a cleave weapon makes this very weird. Unless I’m overcomplicating things. Verena with electrostaff, declares cleave 2. Steps 1 - 6 of an attack are resolved. Step 7: Calculate damage. Target is defeated. Interrupt to perform Close quarters. Attack resolves. Apply cleave 2 to a target. Close Quarters: Verena declares cleave 2 with electrostaff. Steps 1 - 6 resolved Step 7: Calculate damage. Target defeated. Attack resolves. Apply cleave 2 to a target. Resume normal activation. Verena now has an additional cleave 2 to apply?
  7. Yes, a hero with a companion off the start would be pretty cool, with XP abilities boosting both the hero and the companion in various ways. It would would be interesting to see a hero with a large figure base (probably E-web sized, though Nexu base size would be fun as hell).
  8. Man these are awesome. Thanks for posting!
  9. Welcome to IA! Funny, our group gave Biv a few demoralizing nicknames as well. Poor chump. My favourite was “2-action man” because he was always max strained so he could never perform Close and Personal or anything hero like. He played like a normal figure! Move, Rest. Move, Attack once. etc. I’d still take him over Saska though. At least he can take a lot of hits. IA Skirmish on Vassal plays very smoothly. Definitely worth checking out online. Join the FB group so you can match up with other players. Imperial Assault Vassal group If you’re looking for campaign play, check out the Play By Forum on BGG. BGG Play By Forum
  10. This was my biggest concern about the character the second he was previewed. It's too bad that his armour is 4xp.
  11. Interesting to note that corebox developer Jonathan Ying wasn't overly optimistic about the stormtrooper pack: Ask IA Developer And he posted this about 6 months ago (post-stormtrooper pack release). Can't help but wonder if the "tough sell" comment was based on known sales numbers or just a personal opinion.
  12. ^ Huh. Another interesting suggestion. Especially when the developer said: Might have to incorporate this one into future campaigns. But I'm also wondering why they didn't include this ruling in Jabba's Realm. I mean, they addressed the rebel upgrade/Imperial Agenda concerns in it.
  13. @subtrendy Nailed it. Skirmish expansion packs for figures that cannot be used due to campaign limitations makes these packs a tough sell. The stormtrooper pack is the one expansion pack I wish I had skipped. Poses are far too similar and the agenda reward, while nice, hasn’t seen any play yet. I’ve mentioned this in a ton of other posts, but seriously, including item cards in the Greedo/Inquisitor/Obi-wan packs was brilliant. Expansion packs independent from boxsets (Hird guns/ISB enforcers) are way more appealing because they can easily be selected as an open group. Expansion packs containing deployment cards from a boxset need to have way more general goodies. Item cards, alternate class decks for core heroes, new damage tokens, damage tracking wheels/cards, etc.
  14. What makes you say that?
  15. IG-88 is a reserved group in a Jabba’s Realm story mission. You’d think a campaign fix would have come before or in Jabba’s Realm. Instead, FFG opted to specifically release a skirmish only attachment after the release.