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  1. Huh, I didn’t know that a Nexu (mobile) can’t count into a space containing blocking terrain. Why does the ruling regarding counting spaces cancel out the rule regarding mobile figures?
  2. Tough to say. The Legends of the Alliance Steam page currently doesn't mention any supporting languages. That being said, The Descent: Road to Legend steam app supports German.
  3. Bottom of page 19 offers a potential clue: My best guess: allies don't influence Imperial behaviour at all. They probably act like a powerup to help increase the overall high score (fame), hence the limited amount of times you can bring them to a mission.
  4. It's still so surreal coming onto these boards knowing that there's an announcement article for the app. Gah, so excited! Some more musings: - Like others have mentioned, I'm a little worried about the campaign being 5 missions long. That being said, we don't know yet if it's: a linear campaign structure: same 5 missions in a row, can only progress once previous mission was won or It'll be similar to previous boxed expansions: next mission depends on the result of the previous mission, campaign is 5 missions long but more mission variety - It's going to be refreshing seeing Han, Chewie and first edition Luke again (so many better options these days) and it'll be interesting to find out if Imperial figures are buffed when an ally is used (no threat level!) - Love this rule: As a campaign player, non-unique elite Rebel figures are rarely used (maybe never?) so it'll be nice to get some use out of those deployment cards - The announcement article features Biv (Twin Shadows) Verena (Return to Hoth) and even the Charged Ammo Pack item (Heart of the Empire). Those "future updates" seem very ready to me!
  5. Might be worth the effort in the near future to create “Legends of the Alliance” Imperial/Scum Deployment cards to avoid confusion. Completely delete any “may” or “choose” abilities on cards (page 8) Add in the Bonus Effect (page 14) Eliminate the speed value (instructions will govern movement) Rank surges from highest priority to lowest priority (page 17) Of course, time will tell if aspects like bonus effects and surge priorities are constant throughout the campaign.
  6. This is another explanation. Maybe the Descent players can provide some insight: How often do entire groups receive 1 instruction? Imagine a Hero is completely surrounded by adjacent stormtroopers. It's the Imperial's turn to activate. Everyone is ready for the slaughter, but only a single instruction is provided for the stormtrooper group: Move 2 to reposition 3. Rebel players celebrate? I'm hoping this isn't a common scenario. Talk about relying on luck to get a group through a mission. Maybe this is where the difficulty setting kicks in. "Better trained" enemies = better instructions?
  7. Good question! The Instruction List section uses a "top to bottom" approach when resolving instructions. Nothing about returning to previous instructions or ensuring that Imperial figures max out on actions. Maybe this is where the Imperial Rule comes into play? 1) Can't attack. Skip 2) Resolve Move 3) Stormtrooper is now in LOS of attack target. What's more punishing: attacking or moving? It’s also gonna be weird when stormtroopers are moving 3 to attack and repositioning 2. That’s 5 movement points plus an attack! Competitive mode = 4 movement points plus attack or double move for 8 movement points.
  8. Oh boy, good time to be an IA fan! And finally: an IA app that that supports IOS devices, hehe. Also, welcome forum members from other FFG boards Combing through the app rules now, lots of goodies sprinkled throughout. Highlights include: Peril, Fame, Medpacs, emphasis on exploration, The Imperial Rule The instructions section is a little confusing. All the examples use: instruction (singular) but I thought the norm was to: It makes these examples confusing. For example, why is the stormtrooper in example 1 finished its activation after resolving the instruction? Shouldn't it have another action?
  9. The idea of releasing campaign booklets that combines several boxsets pops up every so often on the forum and I’m more than happy to reinforce it. Seriously, it’s a great idea. The majority of IA players have every expansion anyways...right? Your last line is very real possibility and I hope IA doesn’t reach that point. HOTE has hints of it (DP replacing ST) but FFG is doing a good job bumping up the figures we all know and love (Jedi Luke, skirmish fixes).
  10. The win condition will trigger immediately. Page 5 of the FAQ:
  11. Hey, look! It's Carnor Jax a Royal Guard Champion!
  12. Wait, what? When did Overcharger get bad? Maybe not a must buy, but when an objective is based around an imperial officer (quite a few of them), this is the go to attachment. No cower. No white die. No dodge.
  13. You can always proxy command cards if you have protective sleeves: 1) print (or quickly write up) the duplicate card on a piece of paper 2) When you're cutting the duplicate card, make sure it's a little smaller than the actual size of a command card (that way no white edges stick out, tipping off the other players) 3) Use the backing of a command card not being used Voila! 4 player skirmish. No alternate rules, no card drawing system:
  14. Ugh, I wish I didn’t read this thread haha. Seriously though, good catches on Supporting Fire and Demolish. Especially Demolish…wow.