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  1. Fantastic work! Great brush work on the miniatures. I'm not very consistent and I go back and forth between using paint that isn't thinned enough and paint that is too watery. Do you use any mediums? Clear bases are a must for IA. Though I'm surprised you didn't play around with different paint schemes. How do you distinguish between deployment groups?
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply! I'm a big LOTR fan but I'm on the fence with this one. The lack of enemy variety and the just okay reviews are holding me back. But I really like the card based gameplay and the roles you can select for each hero.
  3. Any hardcore IA fans pick up Lord of the Rings: Journey in Middle Earth? How does it compare?
  4. Hmm, a challenge mode that keeps score? Don't we already have that in the current version of app? "Fame is a new concept in that determines the level of notoriety that the party has achieved. It is displayed to the right of the hero portraits on the log screen. It represents the players' score at the end of the campaign, so players can attempt to beat their high score the next time they play through the campaign." Are they referring to a horde mode type of gameplay? If so, that would be a great addition for gaming groups that don't want to get invested in a new campaign.
  5. This was the first wave where I avoided a lot of the blister expansions to go along with the boxset (had to pick up Thrawn!) It would be interesting to find out whether this Rebels themed expansion helped boost sales/brought people into the game but I'd be happy to move away from it. I'd love to see some Scout Troopers!
  6. The first thing I saw when I opened up my Tyrants of Lothal box was the FFG catalogue with Legion on the cover ?
  7. Sure, but I still have an issue with the phrasing. The Rulebook doesn't define what an"attack icon" is. Unless this was clarified in an expansion.
  8. "You may turn 1 die showing only a single attack icon to any other side" ... huh? ?
  9. Gotta admit, everything about the loth-cat is simply off-putting. The card art doesn't seem to match Star Wars aesthetic and the figure itself is such a stark contrast to the badass and gritty Death trooper. I need more "Imperial Assault" and less of this friendly, adventure stuff. Negativity aside, CT-1701 is looking pretty sweet!
  10. Does anyone have a current total figure count for all boxsets and expansions? From Core to Heart of the Empire. I’m asking for storage / commission painting purposes and I don’t have access to my collection. Total Small Figures=? Total Large Figures=? Total Massive Figures=? Any ballpark number would also be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Well! Content! Unfortunately this is a big "meh" since I don't follow Rebels, but hopefully this will draw in some new players. Style tokens seem extremely unnecessary. Might skip this expansion entirely except for Thrawn and the Death Troopers.
  12. Bump. Cause I still really want this as an option! 1) It would be nice to have an option that would allow you to select figures that have been painted and deselect figures that are not painted. 2) One can deselect figures that aren't thematic or figures that they don't wanna fight in a campaign 3) It's particularly annoying for me right now cause I want the Rebel players to have access to all the heroes and all the items but heroes are tied to boxsets which means Imperial figures are auto included in the campaign. Makes it hard for setup/transportation as well.
  13. Is there anyway to revert back to the first version of the app? I'd like to finish the campaign I started without all the new units BUT I'm using heroes and items from other expansions.
  14. Ah, this kinda sucks. Might consider deselecting some of the expansions so this doesn't happen. This was suggested elsewhere, but it would be nice to have an option to change the enemy spawn, so players can implement their own house rules for these kind of situations. And it's kind of odd seeing villain groups randomly popping up. I always assumed there was a special "villain spawn" type of mechanic in place where villains would only appear when the specific event calls for one (The door opens to reveal the head of the operation: insert randomized villain). Seriously, Jabba is raiding Yavin 4?
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