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  1. I did research on pauldron colors for the same reason.
  2. I wasn't quite sure they didn't have at least a clear pack of mediums in Wave One 2.0 to compensate for the limitations of the Conversion Kits. So colors would follow shortly.
  3. Thank you for the responses. Is it also confirmed that each conversion kit will come with 4 medium bases? Even the imperial? Considering that it only has one ship to convert and has only two copies in it?
  4. I attempted to look and didn't find this in a search,. So sorry if this has been covered. Correct me if I am wrong, but ships moving to Medium Bases are... Rebel: Arc-170, K-Wing and U-Wing Empire: Tie-Punisher Scum: Kimogila, G1-A Stafighter, Scurrg Bomber, Aggressor, Firespray-31 Have I missed anything? What about the Jumpmaster5000?
  5. I purchased this on Amazon... works well for me! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00251CEOC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Plus since they come in multiple colors you can identify the mat by that...
  6. In 1.0 I have been a collector and look forward to changing that with the 2.0 conversion. I am behind the curve as far as squad building, but like the idea that each ship may have something to offer this go around. I hated seeing that the scum faction became such a despised addition to the game. A polarized faction that most small ships were practically unusable and considered laughable to attempt to put into a squad and the other half were WAAC builds. My wife had looked over my shoulder when reading about 3 JM5K dominating the tournament scene and surprised me with a 3rd one. She said that she wanted me to go and play at our FLGS. I couldn't tell her that I didn't want to be "that guy". I for one look forward to as many nerfs and buffs as it takes to make this a great game. If the scum faction needs to be toned down to wipe away the power creep of 1.0 then so be it. Scum players will have all the dirty tricks and backstabbing ways to make the faction truly what it should be. Unpredictable and ruthless.
  7. beowolf777

    Scum Aces

    Just saying to keep theme of lesser force users. Instead of making them all on par with Luke and Vader.
  8. beowolf777

    Scum Aces

    Double post, sorry.
  9. beowolf777

    Scum Aces

    If they keep the theme of force sensitives unique for Scum it should be fine. They would not have any trained in use of the force per se, just innate skills that seem natural to them and they even are not sure how they achieve it. Keep the theme.
  10. I came in just before wave 6 and I fell in love with the Scum faction because I remember sitting in the theatre as the bounty hunters were getting orders from Vader to find Luke. I was excited when they were each being introduced to the game. Only to see that either they received no game play, only could have one build to even see play or absolutely overused/hated until it was nerfed and then shelved. So I look forward to seeing what they have done to balance it all out and keep the scum faction scummy with tons of flavor. My all time favorites are the Firespray and the Scurrg. I am interested in how they are fixed and what new characters are added. I came in after the great Phantom nerf and look forward to seeing how they make them competitive. I was never around for tie swarms. That would be nice to see as that is the Star Wars I remember as a kid. I have always loved the look of the Empire. Rows and Rows of storm troopers. Squadron after squadron of ties. I look forward to the changes. X-Wings back on the table and Y-wing that does a bombing run. Not the turret monster that it became. I was not around for the BBBZ and can't wait to see the B-wing on the table. Was always one of my favorite Rebel ships. Looking forward to the "possibility" that all ships are present in the meta. In some combination or another each ship finds it's way to the competitive scene. If someone asks what build would optimize a certain ship (obviously because they want to fly it) they can get a better answer than... that ship is worthless.
  11. Just ahead of me! Just looked up the title for Trelix and it gave twonnames and a link for one that is a Firespray. The other has no link.
  12. I also see that the Andrasta title is under Azameen. So 3 titles? Boba - Slave 1 Azameen - Andrasta Scarlet - Marauder Maybe fingers crossed for Trelix - Indenture Frost - ?
  13. Know 5? Boba, Emon, Krassis, Koskhka... who else?
  14. I just recently found a painter in my area and have plans for a large amount of ships to get painted. I had plans for each of the named pilots of the Firespray to have their own painted ship. Just love the ship. I had decided to not do Krassis Trellix as I was going to keep it purely Scum. Now with 2.0 I see Krassis has slid over to scum. Obviously Boba is in and I see Emon is in, but Koshka Frost... Is this the replacement for Kath? Frost paintjob has similarities to Kath's ship. What are other's thoughts? Is she going to make the cut?
  15. Thank you for those that gave comments of disagreement and even supported your view. You are appreciated. The picture definitely above on the mat definitely looks good, so maybe my concerns can be put to rest. Some of you are right that the mockups are more than likely CGI. I thought I achieved writing a thread that wasn't blasting the company and saying that I wasn't going to buy this and that. So I don't need to remove my post if I myself find out that I am wrong. Like I said if I see them up close... No one needs to tell me that it is always my choice on what I buy. Yeah I am a big boy and know that. So I will speak to the adults in the room. Thank you all for responding and I look forward to the chance to see the changes. If these models are better than the last. then I have the problem (addiction called completionist) that I may buy ships that I already enough of, but I can always make these a "different squadron". If it goes the opposite way, then I end up buying stuff like the third movie in a series that is awful, all the actors are different, etc. but I have them all you see!
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