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  1. For me it's the cost is the biggest issue. I love the game. I love competitive games, I know that there is always in one way or another power issues within any game. I like exploring what others don't and beating the unbeatable decks all the time because people are narrow in their views and game exploration. But I'm leaving this game I feel. It's too expensive and that's the issue people have. Is the game fun. Yes. Is it challenging diverse and technical competitively. Yes. But the op support sucks and there is no reimbursement on investment there. The secondary market is languishing and it is hard to sell things so there is little to no reimbursement there. The communities are small and harp hazard as is the op so actually getting games and tournaments in is challenging and again patchy so there are even less opportunities to utilise the money spent on actually playing the game and this is made worse when the op is so bad also. So you get to this point. Yes I love the game but it costs thousands to play each year and what do I get for that. A fun game experience, on the rate occasion I get to play a tournament and there are enough players there to make it challenging and enjoyable. I get some crappy op support if we're lucky enough to have it. So why spend all of that money to deal with all those issues. Well I love the game and the IP etc etc. But this only lasts do long at some point, which is sooner for new players than old that have invested so much they feel trapped into their commitment like a bad marriage or simply have so much free cash it doesn't matter at all. You go well why should I do this over just playing a boardgame that is fun and deep, of which there are many many available. Or what about another competitive game that I can easily play in store multiple times every week, that there is strong reimbursement for, that I can come and go at any point and the community isn't dependant on me. That I can recoup some of the investment of I decide to move on. Why go against all those things that are easy to deal with at a higher cost to me the player. That's what it comes down to. Is the game amazing. Yes. Is the community great yes. But op sucks, the community is still too small for regular events and op structure to get enough play out of each set in most areas. Is the game expensive yes. Can I get a similar competitive or casual experience out of a boardgame or other competitive game such as X wing, game of thrones, magic, etc. Yes, in fact there are more games more regularly of all of those with bigger communities so you get more value for you money if it costs the same and actually all of those games are cheaper except for a couple which have very high return on investment so they cost more to play but you get it back to a way higher degree and this they are cheaper. Ok so why pay more to have more difficulties and issues and less play opportunities and diversity. That's the issue that faces the community. I don't know how we overcome that or if we can to be honest
  2. I'm looking to trade 10 official fantasy flight acrylic focus tokens for cash or bank transfer. I'm in Melbourne Australia any offers?
  3. Hey guys looking for other players in Melbourne to get a 6 player live going I have a few mates and I that are super keen on the game but we're always a couple short of 6
  4. Love all the pics and discussion in this topic but really the bff container carrier and b class frigate are the most thematically fitting and tabletop practical of the ideas so far, they are iconic style ships from the star wars galaxy too which seems to be the focus of the huge ships so far. if only the star destroyers weren't the size of every kitchen table around they would aleady be released before S&V but releasing a non star destroyer huge ship means it really will have to be very star wars recognizable and the only huge ships that truly fit that are the b class frigate from the movies and the bff from all the fighter games
  5. Looking to set up a regular or semi regular x wing league or just meet some other x wing players to play with in Melbourne. anyone matching this description reply here, cheers.
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