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  1. Mikael I'm sorry I didn't contribute in the way you were looking for. I just personally can't relate with what ever made you ask the original question. My wife has played with me since day one when we bought a core set together. She was excited to play and I was excited to play. We have both played league games against other folks and have pickup games with others all the time. Gender has never been an issue or a topic of discussion for myself or for her with whoever we play with. To us its just folks playing a game together. Being inviting of a new player (or experienced player) regardless of their gender is just standard practice in my experience. As far as the ratio goes, I don't think it has to even out to be able to label X-Wing gender neutral, I think girls are just interested in different things than boys (fancy that). Also, I'm sorry if you took my post as dogging you that was definitely not intended. I just want to get my perspective out there to hopefully add some constructive feedback to what other have said in hopes of pushing the conversation forward.
  2. I've yet to come across a single valid example of how this game is gender biased. Furthermore, how would you even measure something like that? By ratio of male to female pilot cards? By ratio of men who play the game to women who play the game? By whether or not someone asks the question? Sexism is a broad issue so of course it will draw attention when brought up in any public forum but as far as relating it with X-Wing there isn't a leg to stand on.
  3. Hey I just started playing so my list is fairly limited right now. Would I still be able to participate?
  4. Picked up the core set, a tie advanced, and an e-wing last week and have been having a blast. For clarification: since an unspent target lock remains after end phase, does that clear up a available action for the ship? For example, if Vader target locks Luke and doesn't use it that turn will he still be able to take 2 actions the following turn and still have target lock? Also, how is running into the edge of play area resolved?
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