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  1. True, but generally, I play Rebels, so, it's a little more of a lucky draw. Scum can do it pretty easily with all their card draw.
  2. I only go after Vader if I have all / most of the cards in hand necessary to take him down- ie- element of surprise, assassinate, heightened reflexes... and all of the guys shooting at him are focused up.
  3. No, because you run up and you get smacked by either IG-88 (and pray they don't have Blaze of Glory in their hand) and whatever they have with him or 2x Weequays. And now you are down activations, which puts them at even a larger advantage.
  4. I did read it, and addressed it, but I will spell it out. In following this discussion- a jank droid would just kill off the Hired Guns. And it would be turn one. ADDED: So, you would get one turn (if that) of objectives.
  5. I think they will hold off because of the 'splash' of releasing images / information at Worlds. I hope they don't and I think it's a bad idea, but, that's what I think.
  6. A single instance of 'ohhh- look what this character did' is not a convincing argument. I once had a eSab hit at 9- that doesn't mean they are reliable or that should be a basis for any decision. In following this discussion- a jank droid would just kill off the Hired Guns. And it would be turn one. Again, a single instance of 'oh this happened' means next to nothing against mountains of other evidence. As for Hired Guns being a subpar troop- I stick by my comment. Being able to occasionally pull off some surprising damage is not a reason to include them in a list. That's like saying a broken clock works because it's right twice a day.
  7. Okay.... yeah... that's not an answer... running 2 of a sub-par figure or running Ugnaughts yourself is not the answer. Also, one game is nothing to base much on.
  8. Was going to quote more... but just going to give a general reply. Ugnaughts aren't just good on one mission on one map. They are very good on all the missions and maps. They are essentially unbeatable on Raining Freight. Imaging this situation- round one Worlds, you've been months getting geared up and tested for Worlds- round one- Nal Hutta- Raining Freight- and you're playing against Ugnaughts. Unless you are playing Ugnaughts as well, it's an autoloss. There should not be an auto loss on any map vs any even semi-competitive list.
  9. A couple of weeks ago was the last I played against them. They are not bad on other missions. There are two builds of them that are very good: IG-88 and 2x Weequays. Both of those list can handle Vader. Honestly, a Jet Trooper / eRiot list is a tougher matchup for Ugnaughts.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I still love IA and I am very excited about what seemingly was spoiled by the worlds prizes post. As a player and as a judge/TO, I am upset and disturbed at the fact that there is a list that is an auto-win on a current map.
  11. Theoretically, the FAQ should have addressed ugnaughts auto-win on Raining Freight.... it will be fitting if Ugs win Worlds on Raining Freight.
  12. OH yes, and this: During an attack, if the attacker’s line of sight to the target space changes or if the defender moves, the attacker must then re-declare a target space. If none of the defender’s spaces are eligible, the attack misses, there is no target space, and abilities that refer to a target space have no effect.
  13. Not really--- no change to jank droids other than they cannot interact.... still an auto-win on raining freight. Interesting clarification in that abilities that say 'during an activation' cannot be played outside an activation (ie- Element of Surprise during the end of round)
  14. I love the fact that melee troops are part of the meta. Just sayin.... maybe it's time to bust out the Wookies (I know they don't have the card support that Troopers do, but still... they are WOOKIES!)
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