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  1. I would be amazed if the general topic would NOT get any support ... I was just irritated how you can sustain three threads on that. Everyone go out, tell your wifes/girlfriends/other girls about the game, get them to play a couple of rounds, dont be a douchebag, tell other douchebags to shut up and everything's okay. Dont push girls to play the game because you like it and they don't. What else can you do? Its the same with every of these gamergate-style discussions ... There's no need to overanalyse this topic. If you really need the X-Wing messageboard to tell you this or to get to this realization, thats pretty sad.
  2. Nothing anybody is ever going to post in these (troll) threads will change anything ... anybody with an IQ above 20 knows what the "problem" is and also knows what real life action everyone can do to remedy this ... this is a bad thread and you should feel bad about it
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