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  1. Okay guys. It seems everyone is confused as to what this "madness" everyone is talking about really is. This. Is. Madness: http://www.madnessgames.com/ That is all.
  2. Just thought I'd leave a comment here saying how awesome it is that when searching for http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/ all I need to do is search "yet another" and it is in the top 5 results. Love how popular some aspects of this game are getting. Means more people to get sucked in, I mean involved in, the game! XP
  3. It seems to be a common issue with both wave 5 ships. Their mounts are not the right size. Both my YT and my VT do it.
  4. Here let me save you some pain and suffering. You get to know everything that happens cut up in to nice size bites and coated with sarcastic sugar so it is slightly easier to swallow (only slightly though, oh and mature language). You will never want to watch it after seeing this but know everything there is to know about it. It has now become my mission to find an actual copy of this just so I can have it to show how bad it could really be...
  5. The build I'm using now that I have the 2400 is: Leebo: Determination, Chewie, Outrider, HLC Keyan: Stay on Target, Adv. Sensors Proto Pilot (A): Chardaan Refit Yet Another Squad Builder: http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v3!s!94:8,23,-1,33:14:-1:;88:96,43,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;32:72:-1:-1: I have had some good luck with it, the A-wing gets to be in their way, and I didn't want a 2 ship rebel list. Keyan is awesome with Stay and Adv, and 2400 is 2400... I have had a lot of fun flying this list
  6. This looks much more like J.J. Abrams' style then the other spoof trailers. I can kind of believe this one is the real deal. Can not wait until next year to see it!
  7. I, for one, am glad to see an effort from FFG. They have been awesome in looking to see where there are issues in the game and fixing them (gameplay). With the FAQ's, New Cards (Refit, AutoThrusters, Etc..) I look forward to it becoming a bit more of a level playing field with the new faction and cards along with it. Turrets dominate my Meta, and I enjoy flying Arc-Dodgers. I can't wait to get into S&V just to modify my Imp flights! The new stuff, IMO, doesn't break Arc-Dodgers, but it does, as Paul Heaver said and multiple others have quoted, bring it back to its roots, and also level the field and make it more of a three way TIE ( ) back on the field.
  8. Racist! I think the proper term is Specist...
  9. It seems the norm to me, but I have only been into the game since Imperial Aces came out...
  10. I personally Enjoy the idea of not knowing what it will be other than the actual ship. I can understand wanting to be able to prepare, and people will always complain given the chance, but this is a touch on the ridiculous side. Now that the game is getting well established, the kinks should be getting ironed out more than they have been. I like that they give dibs to finalists and such, but again, the lead time is far too excessive for the actual release. I don't really mind the spoilers, just the 6 month ahead spoilers... FFG is awesome when it comes to listening to the community and fixing errors or oversights on ship mechanics, why not on this type of stuff too?
  11. I know it is and isn't their fault, but still, Rant Rant Rant! There are things they could do to prevent such a long lead... Somewhere out in the Pacific there is an island that has all of our wave 5... They can only play with wave 5! Oh, I can't bear to watch! (Edit: Formatting)
  12. Ya, I agree but isn't that getting old? What will be the new imperial assault LOL? What can FFG do in Wave 7 to address this issue? Old, yes. I won't fly swarm (personal high-horse) I'd rather lose with something I made than win with a cookie cutter swarm. As far as what they could do? I don't have the slightest idea. My creative muses aren't cooperating today. Numbers or big ships vs big ships has always been the answer. Short of making Bomber and Advanced better points wise, then at least we have an HP Match,
  13. I can agree with that, but in reference to my rant, they shouldn't selectively release it then have such a long lead time for the actual release. I like the time they give, but their methods could definitely use some tweaking.
  14. "Were gonna need a bigger boat" I mean... We're gonna need a lot more teeny, tiny, spitball shooting boats.... Easy Answer, Ties. Lots and lots of Ties. Throw them all at it. Literally.
  15. I agree. I enjoy flying Imperial, but with turrets so heavily played, it makes them more unforgiving than riding a Krayt Dragon by his pearls.
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