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  1. PadreBoniface

    From The Grave Necromancy, How does it actually work?

    So you have written: apprentice wizard may NEVER learn another order I see it another way: apprentice wizard IS FORBIDDEN to learn another order because some old elven teacher (Teclis) said that it is dangerous to weak human minds. But hey - you want to resurrect your beloved girl, don't you? What could Teclis know about your pain? Aren't you the most skilled student in the whole Amethyst College? If you only tried to connect Amethyst wind with a little bit of the Green one... It is not that hard to get your hands on "Green wind 101 course" Tome, isn't it? Or the simple way: "WOW! Is that really 20 pages of NECRONOMICON?! How come that dead merchant bought it? I guess we will never find out.... or, well, let's try" :> Good gaming to you bro!
  2. PadreBoniface

    Map of Castle Wittgenstein

    Unfortunately: Page not found :<
  3. PadreBoniface

    Using the Social Encounter Rules for Debates, Law Making, etc.

    My little idea for you. You could introduce some kind of "Debate points" (call it as you want) to your game. Say, to force a law that makes you go to war your players need to get the advantage of 3 Debate points. So, Day 1, your players start to convince the Senate - you use normal rules with Strain... and PCs win - meaning they have earned +1 Debate point. So the mood is OK and the talks continue on Day 2 - PCs win resulting they now have +2 Debate points. Day 3 they lose which means they go back to +1. Then on days 3 and 4 they win and have +3 Debate points meaning the Senate agrees to go to war. A nice tweak would be each Debate points grants a boost die to future checks. Maybe some laws are already so unpopular that the talks start at -2 Debate points. Maybe during the evening some news about enemy activity has reached the city-state and on the next day all checks get difficulty reduction and so on Hope it helps
  4. PadreBoniface

    Warhammer Fantasy in Genesys

    Thank you for sharing your work! Have anyone thought about other signature Warhammer themes like corruption, mutations, illness and insanity?
  5. PadreBoniface

    Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Any idea where to pre-order? (European market). FFG 'recommends' ordering from local retailers while providing 0 clues of where actually one can do it.
  6. PadreBoniface

    Best adventure modules

    Thank you guys, I will check it out. Any ideas other than D&D with less focus on combat?
  7. PadreBoniface

    Best adventure modules

    Guys, since Genesys is so versatile and universal I have come to understand that with a very little effort... I could use all the best adventures from all the best settings/systems! I know all official Warhammer (fantasy) modules, but maybe you could suggest a 20-30 session long campaign (preferably fantasy) that I should read through? What are your recommendations? Do you know any modules that could be actually improved by the simple implementation with Genesys dice?
  8. PadreBoniface

    New Fan Made Race Cards Expansion

    Hi Everybody, God, how I love roy.altman.7. :)) Dude, what a wonderful work!
  9. PadreBoniface

    Will we see PDF's?

    Gameslore is sending Genesys out next week.
  10. PadreBoniface

    Which success to cancel?

  11. PadreBoniface

    Your Fantasy Flight Games Pre-Order is Shipping Soon!

    They have just replied: "Thanks for the email. Our supplier has confirm for us that Genesys RPG shall be released next week. New releases are normally dispatched on the Tuesday and Wednesday so not long to go now! With kind regards,"
  12. PadreBoniface

    Which success to cancel?

    Count everything separately. Let's say you've rolled: Dice 1: Hammer + Delay Dice 2: Hammer + Exertion Dice 3: Hammer Dice 4: Double challenge --- That means you have: 3x hammer, 1x delay, 1x exertion, 2x challenge. Final result to resolve is 1x hammer, 1x delay, 1x exertion Another thing is... Players RARELY roll green and red dice together (opposite to some creatures which have it by default). There has to be some weird effect in play
  13. PadreBoniface

    Your Fantasy Flight Games Pre-Order is Shipping Soon!

    Any news from European retailers? Anyone?
  14. PadreBoniface

    Your Fantasy Flight Games Pre-Order is Shipping Soon!

    Poland - But I would be happy to order in Germany/France/UK or wherever, just to get it in my hands before the 2nd week of December.
  15. PadreBoniface

    Your Fantasy Flight Games Pre-Order is Shipping Soon!

    Any ideas where to order in Europe ? Is 11/30 only for US?