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  1. Poland - But I would be happy to order in Germany/France/UK or wherever, just to get it in my hands before the 2nd week of December.
  2. Any ideas where to order in Europe ? Is 11/30 only for US?
  3. On the boat.... to USA, right? Which means it doesn't get closer to Europe... Which brings up a question - what is the delay we should be expecting for Genesys to reach European Amazon/local stores?
  4. Do we have any hints if they will differentiate between spellcasters and priests? Any support for "gods" magic?
  5. Heartattack everytime I see a post in this topic...
  6. One and only... Warhammer!
  7. We get 2 red but 1 less of any other color? Or the total is +1 ?
  8. Based on your experience with SW:EotE how many dice packs do you need for a group of 4 players + gm? How much do you think would we need to play in Genesys?
  9. Any rumours?
  10. Recently I came into possession of all TEW 1st edition books and I am planning to run it using 3rd edition rules (or Genesis, we shall see). However, with the set of books, I only received the map of Middenheim. While reading the materials I have a feeling that what my group will be missing most is the map of Empire/Reikland for the Death on the Reik part of the campaign. Do you have any suggestions on solving this problem? Should I print a part of Gitzmann Super-Huge or another one? Will I need hexes? Is there any other map in the web you could suggest as a solution?
  11. I've got the same problem. Is there any other website when I could get TEW as pdf?
  12. Does anyone know of any useful map of Schluesselschloss? Can't seem to find a proper one, while there is strangely no map included in the box...
  13. Thank you k7e9. Quick question (1h left to session) - is there a Goblin Spider Rider card for this adventure? I can't find it! Help!
  14. Another campaign of our group is coming to its end. I have decided that the Finale will be based on the adventure from Heroe's Call supplement. Because on earlier occasions I have received so many useful and practical advice from our community, I am going to ask you once more (and probably the last time, because I have GMed all other official adventures) for your hints, ideas, enhancements and warnings regarding the adventure Art of Waaagh! Have anyone GMed it anyways?
  15. Good news guys! It is 1st March and the forum is still online!