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  1. "If a spectator believes they have witnessed a breach of the rules in a game they are watching, other than a missed opportunity, he or she may bring it to the attention of a leader.’"

    The streamers are not required to bring anything to the attention of the judge. Especially if they did not notice it themselves. If streamers start calling over a judge everytime twitch chat goes crazy, there will be a problem.

    If, as a stream viewer, you see an infraction and know the judges phone number, have at it. If it requires you to phone one of the players in the midst of the game, you are interfering with the game. You would never do that in person, therefore you shouldn't do it over the phone. 

  2. Is today the day that us plebs find out who gets invited? I believe FFG also said they were going to set up a sub-forum for exchanging tickets for Wed/Thur/Fri. 

    Good luck everyone! I really hope that with the extra day, everyone who wants to go gets a chance.

    May your dice be average.

  3. 52 minutes ago, Tlfj200 said:

    He's more of a blend, really.

    He's not very soontir-like except for the perception that soontir arc-dodged like him (he really didn't/doesnt).

    With no evade, he's not like any imperial ace before (pretty much a good thing on that end). he has the ability to natively reroll with title (situational).

    After playing him, he doesn't really "feel" like any ship so far.


    Edit: Actually, he's closer to whisper, purely due to movement. The rest doesn't translate super well to anything.

    Maybe more like Corran?

    Neither one of them gets quality shots every turn, but when they do, have the potential to lay down some hurt. They are both the ships that you are doing everything in your power to get to the end game. 

    Whisper gets quality shots far more often, and Whisper's movement is still far more predictable than Kylo's. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Tlfj200 said:

    Man... that's like 5-6 beers in? We then went out drinking afterwards, and the bartender actually cut me off!

    Apparently I was screaming "AGENCY" too loud or something (real story)? I wasn't even that drunk at the time...

    I know, I was there drinking with you... Great times! 

    I had to leave early for a flight, otherwise I'm sure I would have been cut off with you. I still don't remember boarding the plane. Brysan is the only reason I got home, and he was also blitzed, but more of a functioning alcoholic.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Jeff Wilder said:

    First, you should be watching your opponent anyway, especially if a BR is so close as to be in question.

    Second, BR is actually very clear: you only have to commit to a side.  There is simply nothing in the rules that says you are committed to ... what, exactly?  The initial placement of the template?  The placement of the template if you take your finger off it?  The placement of the template if you lift the ship?  What, exactly, and who decides that?  Because the rule doesn't speak to it at all.

    Third, "preserving the game state" is not a "made-up rule" ... it's implicit in nearly everything in the game.  You take care measuring TLs, for example, because you don't want to disturb the game state, and if you do, you take care to restore it.  Does being able to freely measure TLs "open up some more room to cheat" for people willing to do so?  I suppose it does, sure.  That doesn't change the rule.

    Fourth, if you really want to slow the game to a crawl by making sure that nobody commits to a BR without 10 minutes of study, for sure use the made up rule "you can't move the template once you've <insert made up parameter here>."

    Preserving the gamestate is the exact reason for not moving the template once the ship is lifted.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Jeff Wilder said:

    In order to BR to "any legal area," as is permitted by the rules, it can easily be "necessary" to shift the template.  It's not "necessary if illegal," it's "necessary if needed to complete a desired legal placement."

    The "you can't lift the template once set" is a weird made-up rule.  All you have to declare for BR is which side.

    That said, if you intend to move it, you need to make absolutely sure you have a refrence point -- e.g., "it's all the way forward" -- so that you can restore the game state.  If you can't, you're stuck.

    the bolded part is also a weird made-up rule though... That's where fishy things can happen if the opponent isn't watching like a hawk. 

    "BR left. It's all the way forward (but it actually isn't...), oh, that's not really where I want it, I'll slide it to the back."

    Now it's possible for that person to game the barrel rolling system to artificially control range, taking them to an illegal placement.


    Obviously, we are interpreting the word necessary in slightly different ways, and I don't think we will change each others' minds, which is fine. It's something that when I see, I will continue to call over a judge. 


    Also, to be clear, Morgans BR did end up in a legal place, and him changing that position had no impact on the game. The result would not have changed. I'm just pointing out that based on your (and others') interpretation of that clause, it opens up some more room to cheat with barrel rolls. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, Danath said:

    FAQ p.6
    Performing a Barrel Roll
    When performing a barrel roll, a player must first declare from which side of the ship’s base the action will be performed. Then, he measures to see if the ship is able to perform a barrel roll action to any legal area on the declared side, moving the template as necessary. If the ship can perform the barrel roll action on the declared side, it must do so. If the ship cannot perform the barrel roll action, the player may declare a barrel roll in the other direction, or he may declare a different action.


    I added the underline and emphasis. Your allowed to move it. 

    Necessary means if you need to. 

    Example: declare BR left, and you try forward left, but it would put you on a rock. Put ship back, try backwards left because it was necessary to try. 

    If forward left fits, you need to stick with it as it was not necessary to adjust the template.

  8. 17 minutes ago, elppit said:

    Hmmm check out Kylo barrel roll at 1:02 in the Queensland Regional final.


    Didn't think you can move the 1 straight twice for barrel roll positioning.

    Naughty move considering he then nukes dengar.

    Yeah, I've always played that once you lift your ship, that BR template must stay where it is. I've had numerous judges say the same thing. 

  9. They could errata those abilities to remove "green tokens" and define in the FAQ that "green tokens" include focus, evade, and reinforce. 

    This would allow them to add future "green tokens" later that could still interact with old abilities. All they would need to do upon release is add the new token to the definition in the FAQ. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Jeff Wilder said:

    Depending on what you mean by "worry about," this may or may not be true.  What's definitely true is that it is useful to be aware of.  What you guys are doing -- and you're certainly not the first high-profile X-Wing players to do it, and you won't be the last -- is encouraging people to discount or even ignore the effects of variance, and this is simply a bad message to be sending.  Just for one, extremely simple, illustration: if somebody stumbles upon the next genius list, that person could get unlucky, lose three times with a hugely powerful list, and, if he takes what y'all have to say about variance completely to heart, decide to shelve the list.

    It is important to know and recognize variance, both in one's favor and not.  It is useful.  You're simply wrong about this.

    Are you actually listening though? They go to great lengths to illustrate why a knowledge of variance is necessary to play this game competitively. They talk about minimizing variance by NOT GETTING SHOT. They even touch on scenarios where it is in your best interest to embrace variance when you are losing a game, and your only hope is to go for the Hail Mary. They talk about recognizing tournament formats that usually allow you to have one bad game (could be from dice, matchup, etc.), without getting eliminated.

    It might help you to listen to the show...

  11. Proton bomb and genius. 

    This person was wondering why you would ignore the text of proton bomb when you are dropping a proton bomb. 

    But it sounds like this would be an appropriate explanation:

    The "proton bomb card" gives you instructions for how to drop a "proton bomb token" prior to executing a maneuver. The "genius card" gives you instructions on how to drop any bomb token after executing a maneuver.  The instructions on the "proton bomb card" is not actually needed while using genius because it is occurring after the maneuver. 

    (Dropping a particular bomb token is not necessarily related to it's corresponding card) 


    @thespaceinvader, the snarky responses of "read the card and do what it says" aren't ever actually helpful. People come to this forum when they struggle with particular wording, and interactions between cards. I'm sure you weren't trying to be snarky and unhelpful, because why would you waste your time doing that? It's probably easier and more efficient to actually give a step by step explanation. 

    Anyways, thank you for your help. I got there eventually!

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