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  1. 3 minutes ago, Jyico said:

    I'm very interested in trying this list, but can't think of a solid plan vs the current heavyweight in my area:  2X2ASheathipede.  Other than trying to split up the swarm, and blinded pilot the AWings, and Killing AP-5 immediately, how do you fly this list vs swarmy things in general?  Or crackshot enabled swarms?

    Whisper should be able to handle swarms fairly easily. Drag them through the rocks, split them up, play the range control game with decloaks, etc.

    Kylo isn't particularly effective in this matchup though, so I wouldn't worry too much about using that as an action (Integrated Astromech can be used to cancel blinded pilots ☹️). But if you're worried about the maneuverability of the xwings, it's a quick way to get rid of the FAA.

    Crackshot is kinda scary, so kill them quick... maybe even before AP-5

  2. 3 hours ago, Blail Blerg said:

    ooooh, wait I want to try this... 

    I doubt its most effective

    But the shenanigans Palping into Kylo.  Delicious. And Krennic and Vermiel tears.  I can get behind this.  Is Adv Sensors really needed?

    The combination of broken elements in this list is hard to imagine until you play it. I've played close to a dozen games with it, most against what myself and other locals considered to be "hard counters", and I haven't lost a game yet. 

    Advanced Sensors takes away Whispers biggest vulnerability: getting blocked without an action or shot. This kills Whisper immediately. With AS, it's never a problem. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, Brunas said:

    Some of us play the "patient ace" to the extreme.  Over all my games, I've taken more damage from rocks on kylo than attacks (usually followed by a "i didn't bring shields to not use them on rocks", style points are important).

    edit: it's still not quite what I mean.  I'm not saying "look how good i am at kylo I don't get shot", it's "look at kylo, you can refuse to play the game of xwing"

    This is what Kylo does best: run away, and take the occasional shot. He definitely doesn't take double modded shots anywhere close to every turn.


    I think that @gennataos is trying to point out that although Vader will be awesome, he wont have Kylo levels of maneuverability. The dial just isn't as good to gtfo. Also no evade action makes Vader kinda sad. He will be taking fire, which is something that Kylo doesn't do.

  4. 4 minutes ago, gennataos said:

    I feel like you're venturing into absolutes.  Maybe my opponents aren't as good as you, but I don't believe you're so much better that you can achieve this scenario with Kylo, regularly, and they can't.  I also don't believe you can put 3 hits into my Y-Wing for the three turns required to kill and (or two turns to put it at half points) and also avoid having Vader get half-pointed or destroyed himself.  You'll just have to prove that to me at GenCon!

    This.  Like always, I'm willing to be proven wrong, and the only way that is happening is GenCon.  Yay, GenCon!

    Only a Krayt Crumpet deals in absolutes!

  5. 16 minutes ago, Brunas said:

    OK, I'll be blunt.  Your opponents are bad.  Kylo moving last on a board almost always can dial in something kinda reasonable, dodge every firing arc, and still get a modded shot. 

    Your opponents are also super bad.

    A good opponent will make you either spend those actions to be out of arcs period (but you likely won't have a shot), or you'll be stuck facing a shot, but you can mod something.

    Getting that dream that I've bolded above isn't as common as you're making it out to be.

  6. 59 minutes ago, Scopes said:

    Woah. Thats...an amazing list! Hope you do well with it!


    Thank you!

    It's as much broken BS as I can fit in a single Imperial squad, and it's so much fun to fly. My first SC of the season is this weekend, so we'll see how it goes. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, balindamood said:

    2 PS1 BSF's w/o.silos, proxy mines, AC, PA, APL

    1 Warden w/Sabine and MS Camoflauge.

    I've never flown BSF's, but I always have very intriguing games against them. Because of this, and the fact that they look amazing on the table, I love any list that uses them. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Revan2501 said:

    Been having fun with this squad:

    Wedge Antilles (31pts)

    • Integrated Astromech
    • Servomotor
    • Flight Assist Astromech
    • Expertise
    • Renegade Refit

    Benthic Two Tubes (31pts)

    • Tactical Jammer
    • Advanced Sensors
    • Recon Specialist
    • Jan Ors
    • Renegade Refit
    • Title

    Edrio Two Tubes (23pts)

    • Integrated Astromech
    • Servomotor
    • Flight Assist Astromech
    • Crackshot
    • Renegade Refit

    Captain Rex (15pts)

    • Multi-Spectral Camouflage 

    Is this Raymond?

  9. 4 minutes ago, thespaceinvader said:

    My point is more that 100 point anything that doesn't have regen is probably a bad idea, for the exact reason that hard counters do exist and you will run into them.

    I've also already mentioned two ways that I deal with hard counters:

    1. teching against them (Kylo crew, palpatine, advanced sensors)

    2. game plan. I do very focused training against the hard-counters. I put it on the table at home, and move through all possibilities, worst case scenarios, deployments, obstacle placement, win conditions. This isn't something that many players do, but it's how you win those games.

  10. 5 minutes ago, thespaceinvader said:

    And then you run into Ghost/Fenn or Nym/Randa, Whisper melts, and you're hosed.

    I handled a PS10 Nym/Assaj quite well last night, beating it twice against a world class player. Oh, and he had proton bombs...

    Its pretty easy to discredit something by pointing out a super hard counter, but the game does need to be played. Those tough matchups are very winnable with a solid game plan. 

  11. After about 3 years of playing in an anti-Whisper meta, TIE Phantom enthusiasts across the globe are enjoying a Renaissance. While most X wing players are yearning for 2.0 to be released, we are enjoying the glory days of the end of 1.0. This is a last hurrah for those of us that like to throw 4 (or 5) double modified red dice, followed by 4 double modified green dice.

    Until the release of Krennic, phantom players had either decided to put Whisper and Echo on the shelf, or punish themselves with playing hard counters in nearly every game. But now that Krennic is here, Whisper got that little (big) buff that she needed, and those enthusiasts that punished themselves for years are being rewarded for it. 

    I am one of those unabashed TIE Phantom enthusiasts who mostly never gave up the dream, and this is the squad that I have settled into post wave 14:

    100 pt. Whisper

    Major Vermeil — TIE Reaper 26
    Adaptability 0
    Emperor Palpatine 8
    Lightweight Frame 2
    Advanced Ailerons 0
    Ship Total: 36
    "Whisper" — TIE Phantom 32
    Veteran Instincts 1
    Advanced Sensors 3
    Director Krennic 5
    Advanced Cloaking Device 4
    Ship Total: 45
    Scimitar Squadron Pilot — TIE Bomber 16
    Kylo Ren 3
    Courier Droid 0
    TIE Shuttle 0

    Ship Total: 19

    I finally have a Palp carrier that can contribute consistent offense, run away when necessary, and strip opponents actions. Whisper is immune to being blocked without actions or shots, and Kylo crew gives me a tool against higher PS. 

    Most people experience a specific meta/squad that is the perfect fit for them, and this is certainly it for me. Long live wave 14!


  12. 8 hours ago, Wiredin said:

    during the table demo at worlds they mentioned for future waves they are looking at an upgrade path where 1.0 players wouldn't have to buy the models... but they prefaced this by saying you may want to buy the models anyways due to the upgraded molds and paint jobs. 



    Essentially, if lets say A-wing 2.0 kit includes Tycho and Shera Bey pilots as well as Snap Shot and rotating lasers. The idea was that there would be a way to get those cards without actually buying models. 

    I'll believe it when I see an article announcing it. That seems like a really easy thing for management to say no to. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Wiredin said:

    the question I really wanted answered was how they are going to handle distribution of upgrades without having to buy minis in future waves. They hinted it in a few demo videos, but a more solid plan would be nice. my wallet isn't ready...

    I'm not sure this was ever suggested? 

    What they said was that you don't have to buy (insert only 1 ship here) in order to get a specific upgrade (like the autothrusters expansion). All factions will have an expansion pack that comes with a particular upgrade card, allowing someone to only buy a single faction, and stay competitive.

    They're still not in the business of selling card packs.

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