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  1. I didn't really think that these super ships would be a thing in 2.0. But after a few games, it's clear that it's still a thing. Both versions of Han, Lando, Leebo, Boba can all be built with extreme action efficiency on their own, as well as being super tanky. 

    I was hoping these levels of combos would only be possible with support ships, but rebels and scum seem to get away with independent super ships, allowing 2 ship builds to be viable. 

    Has everyone come to their senses yet, and realized that rebels are just fine? Also, when do we admit that this game hasn't actually changed all that much?

  2. 42 minutes ago, Kaptin Krunch said:

    I flew like an abosulte clown all game (tired and drunk) and lost by 7 mov because he pulled a Direct on the last turn.

    I wouldn't put a whole lot of analysis into this event with a sample of 1.

    OTOH, The average IQ of a forum denzien is likely double-digits below 100, so you guys will probably take this win as gospel.

    You still would have lost if he didn't boost. Don't act like his win was dumb luck, he played solid. And he put up with your sloppy play with class. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, FTS Gecko said:

    I'm inclined to disagree on this one.

    The force powers (and force tokens in general) might very well be very powerful abilities, but there's a clear end game there.  And that's keeping the iconic Star Wars characters front and centre.  Luke, Vader, Rey, Kylo and other force sensitive pilots will most likely be able to hold their own into the foreseeable future as a result of this mechanic.  They're essentially future proofed.

    Giving them the force charges and upgrade slot is the future proofing. SR is over the top, and makes them pre Nerf Whisper. That's excessive. 

    Anyways, I think we are all arguing needlessly since the devs have said on multiple occasions that there will be highly competitive events with both formats. Both with paths to worlds. 

  4. 23 minutes ago, Kieransi said:

    Genius (high-information autodamage)

    Trajectory Simulator (bombs that are difficult to avoid without tremendous board position cost)

    Homing Missiles (autodamage, situational card that works best only in certain matchups, therefore leads to rock-paper-scissors and games lost or won due to lucky/unlucky matchups)

    Just to name a few...

    Supernatural Reflexes

    The most busted card in all of 2.0 is in the core set, and available in second edition format. It single-handedly leads to more Rock Paper Scissors matches than anything else in the game. 

    There's bad design all over the place, not just in the conversion kits. 

  5. 9 hours ago, Varyag said:

    Second Edition should be the standard. It is way more interesting as there is limited options. You will see lists in Second Edition that you probably would rarely see in Extended.

    Have you thought about what you're saying?

    Fewer options is something that I rarely associate with more interesting. There will still be best options, but since there is a much smaller pool of things to choose from, far more people would be playing the exact same thing.

    TIE swarms, supernatural Vader, supernatural Luke. You're right, those options are far more interesting than what's available in extended format... 

  6. 1 minute ago, Do I need a Username said:

    the difference is that 1.0 is going out of print, and will no longer be readily available. EBay is an option, but not a good one imo. you should not be burdened by what someone will or wont sell, as well as hoping conversion kits remain in stock and in print.

    There have been many instances of ships being unavailable for a very long time (k wings) and no one ever cried for a temporary ban until New players can catch up. 

    Ultimately, do you want to keep your vast existing player base happy by letting them use everything, or pretend to give new players a chance by limiting choices. 

  7. In response to people claiming it's unfair for new players because they have less stuff, I've seen tons of people selling their collections on the various swap and sell pages. Even just locally, every couple of weeks, people are posting modest collections up for grabs at VERY reasonable prices. 

    During first edition, did we worry about new players not being able to compete because they had less stuff? No. It's just a part of the process. 

  8. My rule of thumb for flying Whisper is that I better have a darn good reason for going into the rocks to engage. And if that reason is good enough, you need to plan your exit strategy before going in. Use the decloak and 1 maneuvers (thank goodness for the 1 bank!!!) to keep distance and "fly sideways".

  9. 1 hour ago, Darth Meanie said:

    Yeah, sorry, this just makes it sound like casual players will be too remedial/lazy to want to get into the guts of the game, which is not the case.

    Meh.  It could be that I'm really just not cut out for tabletop wargaming.  Most people here are obviously fine with:

    A.  Components to help players learn the game do not actually equate with the "advanced" game.

    B.  Components designed for the game are incomplete and variable over time.

    C.  New editions cost multiple hundreds of dollars just to continue to play the game.

    It's just a whole lot of skullduggery that didn't seem to exist for the collectible games I used to play in the '90s.


    Lastly, I do find it hilarious that the devs can quantify a permanent Threat Level for a pilot with illegal combos but then can't seem to sort out points for the main game.

    You don't need to play Quick build games, or regular games for that matter. You seem to be very unhappy with 2.0 in general. One of your options is to just not play/buy in. 

  10. 21 hours ago, GLEXOR said:

    I once killed a bomber in 1 harpoon shot from Nym, didn't need the condition at all, or a second shot.

    I once lost a phantom to a HWK's primary weapon. No jokes. 

    Absurd variance happens. It's not something to plan your strategy around

  11. 52 minutes ago, theBitterFig said:

    Had a quick question on this: why Adaptability and not Trick Shot?  A reaper should be better than average at setting up obstructed shots since you can abuse the fact that overlapping an obstacle with an Ailerons move doesn't prevent actions.  I guess Adaptability can tie Dash or Ezra (moving before a Snap Ezra seems worthwhile on an Ailerons ship, but without a bid that's not guaranteed).  Is there anything else going through your head as to why 5 or 7 is better than 6?

    Assaj and Dash. I can't guarantee that I'll move after them, but if I win a roll off, it provides a big advantage in those games. Assaj has to make mobile arc decisions, and if I move after, I can use ailerons to adjust where I'll be. This proved to be massive for me in an early test game. Vermeil at 7 is also really good at getting into Dash's R1 bubble if he moves after. 

    I've only ever liked trick shot on turrets. A standard arc ship just doesn't make effective use of that ability. It would lead to flying over a lot more rocks, which I'd prefer not to do. 

  12. I'm sure it's a manufacturing choice to ensure the templates actually fit. I won a set of third party acrylic templates in the early days. They were actually a bit too wide to fit within the nubs of my bases. 

    A little bit if wiggle room is far more acceptable than templates that are too wide! I played a game with them and wasn't really paying too close attention but was wondering why the angles of my ships kept changing. Finally I looked close, and sure enough, they didn't quite fit! In to the trash those went!

  13. 8 minutes ago, wurms said:

    Shoulda sent the bomber in to PS0 them


    I know it sounds ridiculous... But it actually isn't. The bomber will eat a bomb, and a shot, maybe two. But with 6 hull should be fine. Then it's throwing 2 or 3 dice, guaranteeing a critical. Maybe getting hit crit. Even if it's just a crit, Nym still needs to roll the evade. Even if I'm only throwing 2 dice, Nym has an 18.75% chance of evading the attack without a focus. 31.25% with a focus.

    *To simplify the math, I'm calculating rolling a single red die, and adding a crit. The numbers should actually be a bit more favorable for the bomber if you calculate it properly. 

  14. 1 hour ago, theBitterFig said:

    Just watched on Gold Squadron stream the above Whisper/Vermiel/Scimitar list "lose" when Nym illegally took a Range 2 TL with LRS to Harpoon Whisper off the board... Imp situation didn't look great due to positioning, IMHO, but hate to see a game turn like that on a rules violation...

    Any idea who flew it? (Whisper list) Also, why wasn't Nym PS0!?! Why was Whisper even in a position to get harpooned!?! I just send in the bomber, condition Nym, and Palp a critical with the bomber primary. Works every time. 

    I just finished my first SC of the season. Got second, losing my first game with Whisper since Krennic came out. He teched hard against me... Inquisitor and QD at PS10, and Vermeil.

  15. 27 minutes ago, Herowannabe said:

    I wonder if it would be worthwhile to drop VI off of Whisper/Echo *gasp shock horror* in exchange for another useful EPT. I mean, if you're going to PS 0 them anyway then it doesn't matter much if you are PS 6/7 or 7/9

    I ran a ton of Lone Wolf Echo for a while, and can be really good, but there's a critical mass of higher PS that you can realistically deal with. Any more than 2 ships with higher PS poses a serious problem. You can only PS0 2 of them, and only one per turn at best. So theoretically your PS doesn't matter, but in practice, it actually still does. 

  16. 4 minutes ago, Jeff Wilder said:

    I do ... to some extent.  I ended up being very good with Echo (after starting out rocking Echo three times at Imdaar Alpha).

    So that raises an interesting point: your anti-ace tech is the Scimitar, PS0ing anybody at PS 9 or higher, right?  (With an assist from Vermeil's Jam action.)  Would the same strategy make it viable to take Echo instead, do you think?  (I do understand that, post-Decloak-nerf, Whisper is more powerful, but I just have a lot more fun with Echo, generally speaking.  It doesn't really need to be "as good" for me to enjoy it, but it does need to be viable.)

    Correct. It's still pretty good, but obviously suffers from one fewer focus token. That extra focus (or focus plus evade) is huge against a ghost. I also have way more fun flying Echo, but she's just not as good defensively as Whisper. Plus, it puts a bit more of a burden on the Scimitar to PS0 ships like Inquisitor and Miranda, rather than being able to blind them instead when Whisper is on the table.

  17. 1 hour ago, Jeff Wilder said:

    How does this play that makes it so strong/broken?  I'm familiar with all the pieces, but I don't see anything that leaps out as "more broken" than everything that's dominated Metawing for the last year or more.

    What am I missing?

    I'm going to compare this to other squads focused around Whisper first: 

    We've had pieces of this together before. RAC+Whisper was kind of the closest thing to it, in that it combined Whisper with Palp and Kylo. The real strength of that squad over something like Mynock special was that it had two ships that do damage, and could mitigate the PS10/11 problem. The weakness of RAC Whisper was how quickly RAC could be trapped and burned down, taking palp off the board.

    So, why is this better? The addition of Krennic -> Advanced Sensors on Whisper mitigates her other weakness: being blocked with no actions and no shot. I still have a second ship that can deal damage (Vermeil), but can also run away when needed and turn on a dime to get back into the fight when needed. Also jam (I won't go on about how awesome it is, but it's awesome). So, to recap, I've got an unblockable Whisper, a Palp shuttle that can actually contribute offense or run effectively, and guaranteed blinded pilots or damaged cockpits at will. All three of these ships are pretty important targets to get off the board.

    I'll point out that I said it was "the most broken list I've ever flown". I never played Miranda/Nym, Ghost/Fenn, 100 point Miranda more than a handful of times combined. I have noticed in my test games that 100 point Whisper turns off a lot of what those squads do. Proton bomb Nym (big baddie #1 for Whisper) is super sad at PS 0, and Miranda is sad when blinded. A ghost about to have a R1 shot on my Palp Vermeil is super sad when it's blinded. Bombs in general are super easy to avoid with a 4 decloak. There are simply a bunch of tools to handle a bunch of stuff. It looks super fair and wholesome because it has 3 front arc only ships, but in practice it really isn't fair.


    With all that being said... I've played several hundred games with Whisper. Not everyone can pick up this squad and win. It would be really easy for a new Whisper player to simply get in trouble and die, but I've learned all those lessons. A lot... Could I be over-selling it's effectiveness? Sure, probably. But I've never seen a squad that has so many tools to handle so many things. This was probably really disjointed, but I simply typed as I thought. I hope the explanation helps. 

    Also, try it out! It's amazingly fun if you like flying phantoms!

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