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  1. I've been finding even without the PTL they're a solid flanker. Outmaneuver is pretty fantastic with so many Bs and 1300s roaming. I've really wanted to find a spot for Gemmer. That extra die will eventually betray you, but each time I've used him its frustrated folks to no end. I've been having fun with expose on Gemmer!
  2. Clearly, I'm not a very thorough reader! Thanks a lot! I guess I was extra nice to my opponent!
  3. Yesterday, I came across a situation where my decimator suffered 3 crits on an attack from Etahn A'baht. 2 of them ended up being blinded pilot: "The next time you attack, do not roll any attack dice. Then flip this card face down. " Do these effects stack (2 turns without a shot) or do they both get flipped down at the same time (similar to an ionized ship getting rid of ALL ion tokens after the 1 forward)? We weren't sure how to interpret it, but I decided to treat it as two turns without a shot. Has this been addressed before? I've read through the FAQ a couple of times in the past, and don't recall anything about it. What do you guys think?
  4. Who is the defender in a combat? Step one of the combat phase tells us, the ship the attacker choose to attack (ie Xizor) Was there an uncancelled [boom] or [kaboom] result? Xizor's ability cannot trigger if there isn't, so by definition there is, which means Xizor was "hit" by the attack. Even if the uncancelled result was moved to another ship there was still in the compare results step therefore the attack was a hit Then the ion effect kicks in and cancels all dice results, so the [boom] or [kaboom] result that was transferred gets canceled along with all the other results and the defender (Xizor, nothing has or can change that he was the defender) takes the ion token and point of damage. This is an identical situation to Draw Their Fire and there is absolutely nothing there that is remotely unclear, you just have to actually read the rules involved. Mic drop
  5. You're not passing the uncancelled hit, you are passing the damage. Xizor is still the one getting hit by the attack, and therefore, should take the ion token. EDIT: just looked at the card again. I'm wrong, you are passing the actual hit result.
  6. Give points for kills instead of a last man standing contest. As soon as one player is completely eliminated, just tally up the points that each player has taken off the board. Each player has a shot at winning, and it avoids the dreaded player elimination problem.
  7. This is one of my favorite squads! I prefer the 5 bandits with Etahn, but I can see the merits of 4 A wings. IMO going all the way down to 3 GSPs would be a mistake. Having 6 guns firing is very difficult for the opponent to deal with, and without the need to fly in formation like with a Tie swarm, you can spread out firing arcs, and do lots of fun blocking with all those bandits! Sure, blocking is easier with the maneuverability of A's, but it's best to play to Etahn's strength. Fire as many guns as you can!
  8. Awesome paint job! I would love to have a squad all painted up in the same scheme, but alas, I have a grand total of 0 experience painting. I agree with the squad suggested by Dragonet above. It has decent firepower, a control element, and some nice pilot ability synergies.
  9. I can totally see this card carrying someone through a tourney, only to see blanks at the final table. This has to be my favourite upgrade card thematically.
  10. Well Whisper should also be a PS10 and probably not in a 100 point list like Corran. Assume your opponent controls init choice. Does your opponent give you init so Whisper moves last or does she keep it and let Corran move last so she can shoot first?Either way there is an element of the equation that is less than ideal for Whisper. I like your setup regardless. Do you mean a decoy whisper/echo + VI chiraneiu kind of list or something ?That's the problem list for Corran.If he takes VI and R2A3 he eats Whisper alive no matter if you combo it with FCS or advanced sensors. The sensors give him easier time aligning the shot and are also better vs Echo. FCS assures the kill if you get the shot. But in that config Corran costs more than 40 points... And he can't deal with the decimator like that! He needs R2D2 for that! Now the only thing possible i would see is take him plus Swarm. He destroys Whisper/Echo, the swarm plinks down The Decimator! Like this perhaps! SAY NO TO PHANTIMATORS! 100 points PILOTS Corran Horn (40) E-Wing (35), R3-A2 (2), Fire-Control System (2), Veteran Instincts (1) Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) x 5 OR: NO PHANTIMATORS ALLOWED! - CORRAN ON CRACK 100 points PILOTS Corran Horn (43) E-Wing (35), R3-A2 (2), Flechette Torpedoes (2), Advanced Sensors (3), Veteran Instincts (1) Airen Cracken (21) Z-95 Headhunter (19), Wingman (2) Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) x 3 In the second version Cracken might be worth another Bandit... If you can Double Tap Whisper with Flechettes and then R2-A3, he's just done for! After that even the Z-95 can kill it. Cracken (if he can make it to R1 with Horn) can also relieve stress if necessary, so Corran can repeatedly Koio or just use R2-A3. Your first squad is what I've settled with. Not only good against phantoms and decimators but I think it matches up very well against super dash squads and Fat Han squads. Thanks for all the help!
  11. Thanks a lot everyone! Definitely lots to think about. I like the idea of VI + FCS + R7. So far, Giraffeandzebra is the winner! Keep 'em coming!
  12. I'm looking for the best 5 points of upgrades for Corran. He'll be flying with 5 Bandits. The two ideas I have right now are: 1. FCS (2) + R7-T1 (3) The idea here is hopefully to boost out of arcs, and always have target locks for both attacks. OR 2. Sensor Jammer (4) + VI (1) I recently tried Sensor jammer for the first time, and loved the impact it had on the game. Especially with Corran firing first, likely taking away a focus token, it almost always means one less damage per attack. So, what are your thoughts? You guys and gals are far more experienced than I, and I look forward to your insight.
  13. Wouldn't you need Jan Ors on another ship to take the evade? I love the idea of opportunist and HLC on Keyan! http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/111525-targeting-coordinator-on-yourself/Ruling for Targeting Coordinator, which has basically the same wording as Jan. she works fine for her own ship. Cool! Good to know!
  14. Wouldn't you need Jan Ors on another ship to take the evade? I love the idea of opportunist and HLC on Keyan!
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