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  1. This looks exactly how they do it now, give or take a point here and there. Or did you mean more like this? I2=I1+2 I3=I2+3 I4=I3+6 I5=I4+8 I6=I5+12
  2. These are great ideas! Even if you have to completely destroy one ship in order to get the bid points as well. That seems reasonable to me.
  3. More like 130ish, but the specifics don't matter. Yes, of course there is a way to win against it. I never claimed otherwise. Kylo will die if you get multiple arcs on him a few times, but that's far easier said than done. You NEED at least one of the following to realistically pull it off: - 5+ships (almost no one does this) - a larger bid with I5 (this is probably Kylo as well, and we now have the same problem) - I6 - Kylo player is bad
  4. Let me tell you about who I am as a player. I'm the player that will use this to my advantage to win tournaments. I will bring the biggest bid, and I will run to time after killing enough. I did exactly this at worlds last year, with Kylo and a 9 point bid. The biggest point fortress at the time was fat Miranda. So I brought a Kylo that was worth more in the end game. All 6 of my wins went to time, and most of them involved me running for more than 30 minutes. This was my only strategy. None of my opponents had fun after they realized what was happening. I was incentivized to do this. I was incentivized to not play the game. If you really think players have any counter play to Kylo running away, you're mistaken. This isn't about players being bad and needing to be given points. It's about disincentivizing a negative play experience. Just like they've done with fortressing!
  5. Towards the end of wave one, we witnessed squads at I5 in particular bringing bids of 16 points or more. This is to guarantee moving last and acquiring the lock to launch proton torps and/or for arc dodging. We are going to see these deep bids continuing, and possibly get much worse with supernatural Kylo. This choice of sacrificing extra upgrades to nearly guarantee moving last has always been a key part of this game, and it's not something that I have a problem with. I do have a problem with it's unintended consequence in relation to game scoring though. Games are scored based on how many squad points we destroy, and since unused points can't be destroyed (unless you kill everything), the end game ships often become an untouchable point fortress. We are going to see squads where Kylo is "worth" 2/3 or more of your squad points. It creates a win condition that actively encourages players to kill something, and run away. I know that this isn't something that the game developers intended. It is not fun. It is a negative play experience. Half points on all ships was a step in the right direction and has made games more chaotic in the final few turns, but it hasn't done enough to solve the problem of intentional point fortresses. I believe that a simple change to game scoring should be made. Any unused squad points should count as points destroyed. You can still choose to take a deep initiative bid to guarantee moving last, but you're now giving your opponent a game scoring advantage. What are your thoughts about this idea? Do you have any other suggestions that better address the issue of intentional point fortresses from deep bids? Is this even a problem that needs to be addressed?
  6. So not just local, and I'm not crazy! Thanks!
  7. What exactly do you mean by turtle up? Take a focus? That's hardly turtling up. You have one example of having possibly bad dice (not sure if your shots were modded or not), and you think Kylo is unkillable? Try again, he dies when taking shots.
  8. Are these out in the wild anywhere? I can't find any locally, but I thought these were announced as part of wave 2. Have they arrived anywhere? Do we know if they've been delayed? Were they not actually part of wave 2 and I'm misremembering?
  9. Only if the Whisper player is foolish enough to engage with Whisper. They can just send in the other 2/3 of the squad to one-round Wedge, then Whisper cleans up.
  10. Wow some people take this game far too seriously! I'm a competitive player, go to all the local tournaments, and have travelled to a few premier events including worlds for the last two years, and I've never seen or heard of someone trying to cheat in this manner. Has anyone actually experienced an opponent using one of these 3rd party apps or having someone feed them info during a competitive game? This seems like someone trying to solve problems that don't exist.
  11. The rate is actually slightly worse. Total TIE Advanced appearances cell isn't added up properly. It should be 55.
  12. Don't engage on your opponents terms. So many people just accept that they will fly forwards and deal with whatever the opponent gives them. If you really need to kill a Sloane carrier (or whatever other priority target you're facing), feint going into their kill box, but turn out and go the long way around. You might get a good engagement on that target in a couple of turns.
  13. I planned on it, but couldn't find a card size to match ?
  14. ? I get that Wedge is a nice tool against things like Boba and Whisper, but I just can't get on board with this assessment.
  15. OMG, can we just stop this **** swinging contest please?
  16. Did you mean actual focused practice, or just playing a game? Because those are very different things. I'd argue that most people don't actually learn much from playing a single game. If we're talking about a real tournament practice game, where you and your opponent actively discuss tactics/strategy, and try to help each other: It's easily less than 1 per month (averaged out).
  17. Maybe 5 a month. Normal games against any opponents (even good ones) rarely does me as much good as practicing against myself at home. I can stop, restart, rewind a couple of turns. I always plan "my" maneuvers first, then let the squad I'm practicing against operate as if they predicted my maneuvers. Leads into discovering winning game states, major mistakes to avoid, etc.
  18. Ahh, didn't see it. 1 point victories? My experience has been very different.
  19. I think we learned that Redline and Whisper are likely early targets for point bumps. Also, for those that were present, was Admiral Sloane present at all? I never saw it streamed or mentioned. I believe it's one of the strongest upgrade cards in the game, but either people didn't play it, or it didn't actually do well. I'd like to know which one of those it is.
  20. Lukasz was Rhymer, 3 more bombers and Jendon. Jendon was popular, as a lot of the bomber players went with proton torps rather then barrage rockets.
  21. I used Whisper Sloane+4 last weekend. Won a 17 person tournament, and never lost a hull on Whisper. As @RStan mentioned earlier, the 4 ships act as a screen to prevent the opponent from getting up close and personal with Whisper. You still need to use her gun to contribute offensively, but you should only ever be in range of 1 or 2 opponent ships. (Sloanes range is 0-3 of friendly ships!) The opponent looks at the board, and has to decide between taking a single shot at Whisper with focus, double evade, or focusing on one of the +4's with a single focus token. All of my opponents incorrectly decided not to bother trying to kill Whisper. The key is to just go kill the Sloane carrier! Whisper does indeed make that a difficult task, but many opponents incorrectly view it as impossible. This leads to easy wins ?
  22. I used Ruthless on Whisper to fit the 4x34 ships. I went with 2 barrage bombers, and 2 strikers. The bombers provide the extra hull to use Ruthless, while the strikers provide the maneuverability and 4 dice at R1. Ruthless did lots of work for me, helping to ensure killing ships.
  23. Man, I really want to get some of these printed on decent card stock. Would there be a better option than Staples? Considering cost/quality/expedience? Also, they seem to be a weird size that doesn't really fit normal printing options... Does anyone have any suggestions?
  24. This is really cool! Thank you for sharing!
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