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  1. Imagine Upsillons with a K turn. Yes, that worries me.
  2. I'm not sure that "positioning perfectly" is an accurate description. It's moreso positioning to keep as many options open as possible. This forces the opponent to split arcs or risk Han getting behind your entire squad. The opponent has a far greater burden for "perfect positioning".
  3. This is one of the grossest things I've ever read.
  4. Also, it is a mandatory game step, so you aren't allowed to miss it. Even if you're into the round, you still get it back.
  5. If you strip this down (every upgrade comes off), you can get a U wing with Leia crew as well. Those B wings punch hard, and the extra shot from the U wing makes up for losing the torp. I've been wrecked by this squad a couple of times.
  6. Vultures are definitely not broken. If your opponent isn't nuking two of them before they shoot, either dice went terrible, or they engaged terribly. Then nearly a quarter of your squad points have disappeared.
  7. That actually sounds hilarious. That exact scenario will probably never happen again to you. So I wouldn't worry about it too much?
  8. Yeah, that's essentially it. If your opponent has little or no Aember control available, it's pretty common to have two turns in a row that you can forge a key.
  9. What are some cards that don't really get the recognition they deserve? My favourite under-rated card right now is The Sting. I've seen people talk about how terrible it is, but it has won me far more games than I initially thought it would have. The first couple of games that I used it, I didn't quite understand the careful timing that it required, but once I figured out a strategy to make it work in my deck, it was a revelation. What cards do you think deserve a second look?
  10. I dipped my toe into that thread, then immediately editted and erased my comment because nothing good will come from that rabbit hole.
  11. Wampa is 30 point Biggs. People HATE Wampa so much that it alters their target priority.
  12. Heroic is "Plot Armour", the upgrade card. That sounds perfectly suitable to be only available to Resistance.
  13. Probably. It was stapled onto so many ships in 1.0, and it's still cheap enough that most people don't actually think about it. I've heard people call it essentially 1.0 predator, but it's not. It's 1.0 predator that costs an action probably half the time.
  14. 3 servants of strife, and one each of the others. You're really going to want lots of vultures I think.
  15. Did anyone else notice the two charge tokens in the FO kit that are yellow on both sides? INFINITE CHARGES!
  16. Crit Happens

    Kylo v Poe

    Heightened perception Kylo is a dead Kylo. I cringe a little bit every time I see this upgrade.
  17. QD and 4 FOs. You can even get 4 named FOs, and when they aren't the obvious target, they do serious work.
  18. I could definitely get on board with that tweak @dotswarlock. It encourages the point fortress player to engage, which is what we all want.
  19. We're about to see lots of them. And deeper than 15 points.
  20. And quoting a median value, when we are obviously discussing the unintended consequences of deep point bids has zero relevance to this conversation. I'm not discussing what the average player does. I thought that was clear. Also, I get that people love to reuse quotes from the Krayts, because it makes them feel like part of the club. But I've seen the data too. I'm not really sure what you're getting at.
  21. That doesn't really matter, but I actually did. Every game was close (except when Paul Johnson trounced me!), and there was a heavy burden of execution on me to get a lead. If I made one mistake in the early game, I lost, so there were interesting and meaningful decisions for me to make, until I got ahead on points. Then it became auto pilot.
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