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    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    This can be arranged... Hey @Wiredin, what are you and your son doing this weekend?
  2. Crit Happens

    World Championship Results 2018

    Wouldn't it be easier to get everyone to enter their squads into list juggler? Put out a post on all sites making the request, and things should get filled in pretty quickly. I just looked and saw there isn't a list juggler entry yet.
  3. Crit Happens

    Rulings for worlds

    Sure, you can compare the wording on Dash and Nym pilot cards, but your comparison of bombs and obstacles is way off. Bombs do a thing (detonate) when a certain event triggers them. The event is either the end of activation (seismic, proton, ion, thermal) or when a ship base or template overlaps them (cluster, prox, Conner). Why would you decide that Nym stops one of those event triggers, but not the other? Obstacles never do anything. Obstacles also don't ignore Dash. They just don't do anything about it. This is why people are insisting that bombs don't ignore Nym.
  4. Crit Happens

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I can attest that cardigans are a rather functional piece of X-wing attire, mostly for the variable temperature control. Very cold? - On and buttoned. Bonus: you look amazing; Slight chill? - On and unbuttoned; Comfortable, but maybe you want to hide some wicked pit stains? - Drape it over your shoulders like a cape; Warm, but don't have a chair to hang it on? - Tie it around your waste (preferably with a sweet power stance for maximum intimidation); Things are getting a bit too real, and you need maximum range of motion to chase down Miranda in the end game? - Take that thing right off.
  5. Crit Happens

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I'll be at Worlds, playing on Wednesday, wearing a Blizzard Squadron shirt, and making it rain (err snow...) with snowflake target locks. Definitely down for a meetup, it would be great to put faces to usernames!
  6. Crit Happens

    Biggest hit possible from 1 ship?

    Bossk with fearlessness, cluster missiles, Dengar crew, K4 Droid, Zuckuss, Glitterstim, chips. Caps out at 10 damage, assuming you get a natural Crit on one of the rolls (chips only once). And this is reasonably likely with Dengar crew helping you out. This was exactly what I used in the days of TIE defenders being everywhere. It feels really good to one-shot Vessery before he gets to shoot. The best I ever did with it was one-shoting an IG-88, with an evade token, and Glitterstim active (before Zuckuss was nerfed).
  7. I understand why Legion isn't having it's own tournament this year as it's still so new, and they still haven't even released the tournament rules yet. But I really expected there to be at least a side event to show off their new game. I'll be at worlds, and would love to bring my legion stuff to get a couple games in, but am doubtful that they'll have any spare tables, let alone any terrain available. Is anyone planning to bring legion to worlds?
  8. Crit Happens

    How good is this ?

    I'm loving it so far (5 games in). It's best to split two core sets with someone else to get the biggest bang for your buck. It seems like this is going to be a good game for choosing a single faction. After the split of two cores, get a heavy, and you should be set until the next releases come out!
  9. If my unit with a HH-12 Storm trooper moves, and performs a standby action, can it shoot when another unit moves within R1-2?
  10. Crit Happens

    Does standby work with a cumbersome weapon?

    I got the same response today as well.
  11. Crit Happens

    The AT-ST Decision

    For me, the Mortar is auto-include. The early suppression makes life miserable for troopers trying to get to objectives AND stay alive.
  12. Crit Happens

    The AT-ST Decision

    The AT-ST is amazingly fun! It also forces some really difficult decisions upon your opponent. Speeder bikes do as well though, but in a different way. I personally struggle a bit more to make the speeder bikes work because they are so fragile. With speeder bikes, the burden of execution is on me to play them well, and if I screw up, it's very easy for the opponent to capitalise. With the AT-ST, the burden of execution is on the opponent to have a plan to either defeat it, or play in such a way as to ignore it as best they can. I hope that helps. I highly recommend picking one up, because it's such a force on the table. It won't find a place in every list for me, but I'll make sure to put it on the table as often as possible.
  13. Crit Happens

    Which preview will be out today?

    Are there any other Worlds-goers that die a little each day we go without a new FAQ?
  14. Crit Happens

    Scoring -- adjustment needed?

    I wasn't at all denying that it could happen, just giving my personal experience so far. Break through is also the only objective that I haven't played yet. I can easily see how that ends in a tie. I think that points of entire units destroyed is pretty good for a tie breaker though. I've seen enough times that 4+ troopers get wiped out in a single ranged attack behind heavy cover, so hunting down a single leader is very doable. Even if hiding behind a building, unless it's that last turn, you should be able to chase him down if necessary.
  15. Crit Happens

    Scoring -- adjustment needed?

    In ten games watched and played, I haven't seen one go to points destroyed yet. There has always been a player with more objective points.
  16. Crit Happens

    transport and storage

    No, it hasn't come yet, but it should be here within the next two weeks.
  17. Crit Happens

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Long time lurker, once in a while poster... The trick is living in a place where there are no premier events ever. Canada's prairie provinces are so far from everything that our players never go to premier events. The only real competitive season is the two regionals that are in driving range. Our community is alive and well with some players who have been around since launch, and we see new players joining every month. We've had a few locals sell off their collections recently, but these are players that were never really consistent at coming out. I'm not saying that we don't fly competitive squads. We pretty regularly see all the meta squads to try them out, but quickly move on to the next thing once someone puts us in the dirt. There's a core group of about 12 - 20 of us that beat the **** out of each other twice a week, and don't take things too seriously. We have players that are good enough to put the meta squads into the dirt often enough that we don't have the same overall negative feelings about the game right now. I've taken a step back from many of my regular podcast listens, and spending less time on this forum because I'm not having the same miserable experience that many of you guys are. It's too bad that the meta has gotten this bad in so many places. I'm still loving this game 4 years later, but I also recognize that it has changed quite a bit. I understand why these feelings are so common right now, and I hope that some changes are made that are significant enough to keep people around, and bring others back. Myself and a couple other locals are making the trip to Worlds, and are really excited for the challenge! I hope to see a bunch of you guys there, and have some beers (or pops for Chris). Keep an eye out for Blizzard Squadron. We'll be giving out swag like candy to our opponents, and whoever has a drink with us. We better order more...
  18. Crit Happens

    transport and storage

    I'm diving head first into the battle foam option. I figure in the long run, it's cheaper to rip off the band-aid now rather than getting a budget option now, and going to battle foam later anyways. They have an imperial wave one set that I ordered. Lots of extra room for future troopers, and a special spot for the ATST, and speeder bikes. I may have to get the odd extra tray down the road, but I'm not too concerned with that.
  19. Crit Happens

    SCAR Squad Leader

    This is @Wiredin! Great guy
  20. Crit Happens

    Activation advantage and unit counts

    I've only played 2 full games as the empire so far. In both games, I've had 2 fewer units than my opponent, so two fewer activations. I have no experience with Armada, but I'm noticing a significant disadvantage in relation to the objectives with fewer activations. My opponent has had an easier time putting pressure on my troopers close to objectives with multiple ATRTs and the air speeder, which frees up his troopers to focus on objectives. Maybe I'm just terrible at making good enough use out of Vader and the ATST, but I'm finding myself at a disadvantage so far with 2 fewer activations.
  21. Crit Happens

    Howards put on a clinic this weekend

    They've both been power houses for years now, but it seems like this is the first time that they're both at the top of their game simultaneously. Look out for the Howard freight train at worlds.
  22. Crit Happens

    Interfering in streamed games

    "If a spectator believes they have witnessed a breach of the rules in a game they are watching, other than a missed opportunity, he or she may bring it to the attention of a leader.’" The streamers are not required to bring anything to the attention of the judge. Especially if they did not notice it themselves. If streamers start calling over a judge everytime twitch chat goes crazy, there will be a problem. If, as a stream viewer, you see an infraction and know the judges phone number, have at it. If it requires you to phone one of the players in the midst of the game, you are interfering with the game. You would never do that in person, therefore you shouldn't do it over the phone.
  23. Both abilities are post-attack abilities allowing you to attack, so they have the exact same timing. Comes down to initiative for who shoots first. Regardless of death, both ships get to shoot.
  24. Crit Happens

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    So, did anyone happen to see the final salvo in R6 of the Winnipeg regional? 10 vs 5 The young man rolling 10 dice got a single hit and lost. Incredible.
  25. Crit Happens

    Worlds Invitations?

    Is today the day that us plebs find out who gets invited? I believe FFG also said they were going to set up a sub-forum for exchanging tickets for Wed/Thur/Fri. Good luck everyone! I really hope that with the extra day, everyone who wants to go gets a chance. May your dice be average.