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  1. I was surprised that you played this squad since those Nantex' are vulnerable to a single bad green roll. I don't recall any of your other Worlds squads being like this. Were you that confident about avoiding enough shots because of ensnare shenanigans? Was it a meta call that you didn't think you'd see many medium/large bases? Do you think the Nantex/ensnare is under priced enough that their relative power difference is worth the green dice risk? Sorry for the barrage of questions. I really liked the squad, and was surprised to see you play it, so I assume you have some interesting insights about it.
  2. Crit Happens

    Worlds Meta

    Yeah, I'm not sure what's meant by trench run in your list. Maybe I'm not keeping up with these forums like I used to? Is this a common naming convention that I've missed? Pls halp
  3. I'm cool with thematic cards, but that shouldn't be a reason to have a feels bad mechanic. If regenerating above half points is a problem (it definitely is! It's the biggest complaint I hear at the table), doesn't it stand to reason that regen is a problem? I don't claim it's the only problem. But it shouldn't require a weird work around to still count those as destroyed points. Regen being fine on x wings is debatable. I don't think we saw it very much early on because of the charge limit. I would actually be curious to see if R2 shows up on Luke more often now than it did prior to Republic being in the game. X wings have the ability to run as well. They can't run as effectively as Aethersprites, but there are end game scenarios where that decision to run and regen above half can still happen. I know that people hate seeing Jedi run for 20+ minutes after regenerating above half. That ship has magnified the issue, but it doesn't mean it's only an issue on that ship. My opinion is that running in the last turn to get above half is just as much of an issue as doing it for half the game. One scenario looks a lot worse, but it's the same problem. @Kieransi I'm curious what overdefensive stuff you're referring to? Are you just talking force or something else?
  4. Why not just cost regen according to the Luke Gunner school of thought? It's something that none of us really want in the game, and encourages a playstyle that is not fun. Price it above 16. That should mostly get rid of it.
  5. Canada was only top 16, which included a handful of 4-2 players.
  6. For those of us that can't stand listening, what did Dee admit to?
  7. Don't sleep on Kagi either. What if you forced your opponent to spend 3 turns killing a shuttle instead of your two aces?
  8. Ok, I'm not crazy then. I looked for far too long yesterday... Thanks!
  9. @LagJanson do you know if there's a FB page for the event? A place to ask specific rulings etc.? Bryson and I are coming out east for it again.
  10. Nice catch, I scoured the "Action" section, and never thought to look for a "linked action" section! Carry on
  11. EDIT: Ignore this, it's corrected below. Passive Sensors does not instruct you to perform a lock action from the action bar. The PS card itself is the source of the lock action here, so you wouldn't be able to link to a rotate. There is a precedent set in the FAQ entry for Vizier's ability. This specific FAQ entry is referencing action difficulty, but it can be inferred that the location (card) of this action is relevant.
  12. Imagine Upsillons with a K turn. Yes, that worries me.
  13. I'm not sure that "positioning perfectly" is an accurate description. It's moreso positioning to keep as many options open as possible. This forces the opponent to split arcs or risk Han getting behind your entire squad. The opponent has a far greater burden for "perfect positioning".
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