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  1. Heh, love the name. That alone guarantees a more snarkier scorpion.
  2. I have to admit, worldly ronin is a highly adaptable school. Just using core, I could use it to make a cynical Bayushi bushi stuck guarding a diplomat( though once we get a real Bayushi bushi school, that won't change) or someone that didn't make the cut for the other core schools and got send to 2nd rate dojo for those that didn't make the cut. The next book should handle the situation for us.
  3. But with the unicorn and later the mantis when they get introduced into the new card game, you can have a more varied appearance to your rokugani
  4. Pathfinder would be an easy update. So it has my vote.
  5. Long time player of SWTOR and had a few ideas after looking at the beta for F&D. If you're running a base game, not a knight level, gearing your young force user is easy with the base 500 creds. An ancient sword or training saber, heavy clothing, utility belt and a comlink. Not the best gear setup, but not bad either in my opinion.
  6. Not bat choices for them. I was thinking demolitionist was one of Sabine's trees. But Saboteur could work as well. Did any of the bounty hunter trees have any synergy with either of those? Yes I said bounty hunter, she is a Mando after all.
  7. I'll go with refit. Look at some of the WW1 era battleships after they got refitted after Pearl. Drastic change in look.
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