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  1. I miss some ruling and cleareance for the number 7. It works just this way, if any mini other than the leader of the attacking unit has no LOS to any mini of the defender, just than you get no die for that mini. If there is no LOS to any mini from the leader, that minis counts as in cover, while check the units cover.
  2. Thanks you. I can‘t still imagine that a naked ATRT really works ?
  3. A E-Web need in my opinion a new base type without movement notches but with firing arc.
  4. Whats the diffrence to sacrifice the Speeder Bikes by let them killing? Away is away... sorry, I don't understand your point.
  5. SW:Legion have a similar Deployment card with the additional: You must place a minimum of one unit in both areas.
  6. I hate the kind of buffs in X-Wing and IA so much, so I hope they do it better with Legion.
  7. The Scums in X-Wing and IA are no armies, they temporary teams, that fight for this one job. A full army of 8 differnet mercenarys, bounty hunters and gangster doesn't sound like a awesome army for me. I can imagane we get sub-factions, so if a player want to play a Wookie or Mandalorian army, he get some bonuses. In Age of Sigmar there are just 4 factions and lot of sub-factions and it works fine.
  8. I don't like the idea, most vehicles in Star Wars are anti-gravity and i can't remeber any kind of boat in the new canon.
  9. Lost Stars +1. I really like the new comics (Best so far is imo "Kanan").
  10. Thera are a lot of old B1-droids in the new books and comics on both sides. Roger roger.
  11. I'm not a native english speaker and my autocorrection (t9) don't now Rogue but rouge. But I think it's my fault and I'm so sorry to mess up the day of all of your open-minded people in this community.
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