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  1. I finally got into the game this Christmas, sort of. I bought a bunch of the starters and boosters boxes, that were going for 75% or more off. So I have a bunch of content, and its kind of cool opening a pack or two every week with my kids. The gameplay itself... eh, it's clean, but sooooo mechanical. The theme here is really pasted on. I'm not sure that I'd buy another booster display even if they drop to $11 again. I suspect once the last pack is opened (only 208 more to go!!!), it won't hit the table again. Maybe the competitive aspect is the real driving force, or it could be that it just didn't click for me. For those of you that invested early and got burned, I am really sorry, it always sucks when stuff like this happens.
  2. If you don't mind used, I have really good luck with HPB. I picked up most of the sourcebooks over the course of the last year for around $15.00. They have a copy in stock here if you are interested. Dangerous Covenants at HPB used Of course, that's with US shipping, so I'm not sure where that will put you in relation to MSRP for shipping to the EU
  3. Impatience is good. It means there is still active interest in the game. Complete apathy is what should be concerning.
  4. I'd be upset if I bought an expansion pack and the ship was missing. That only happened once, but I was fooled because it was a TIE Phantom. The shop owner convinced me I just needed to wait for the **** thing to uncloak. Never again! Ship filled expansions only for me!
  5. Your english is just fine. 1) 2.0 is a little more expensive. They broke the phases out a little bit, but basically 2.0 is a rebalancing patch. If you fly early waves of 1.0 vs. other early wave 1.0 ships, then 2.0 isn't necessary. However, if you are trying to fly later waves of 1.0 vs early waves of 1.0 you will definitely want 2.0. Late 1.0 waves are broken. 2) 2 cores is what I recommend. If you are going 2.0, and if you haven't started collecting there is no reason you shouldn't, then get two of the 2.0 cores. 3) You can mix the versions if you purchase the FFG faction conversion kits. This can be cost prohibitive if you are just starting out, you would be better off just buying the 2.0 expansions at this point. 4) 1.0 has been in production for 6ish years. Because FFG has added new factions in 2.0 the number of 2.0 ships will likely exceed 1.0 within the next year or so. 5) There are faction specific conversion kits. However, due to the nature of their components, you would have to buy a lot of discounted ships to get your money's worth. 6) Yes, there is a FAQ for 1.0 here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/4e/f0/4ef05c3f-2170-4bb0-9ac8-c5c2ff9ed83f/x-wing_faq_v441.pdf The 2.0 FAQ can be found here under the Support section: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/#/support-section There is also a link to the new rules under Support on the same page. 7) 1.0 has multiple scenarios available both in the expansions and home brewed ones on mission control. 2.0 has some escalation matches, but no scenario/objective based play. 8 ) Don't land on asteroids. They only look friendly and inviting. Welcome to the X-Wing forums, we are happy to have you.
  6. I like this post better. I'm officially team Double Post-Ignore.
  7. It's the second track on "The Real Thing" album. You're welcome.
  8. Yeah, they don't even come with shields.
  9. http://privat.bahnhof.se/wb202294/files/starship_log_v1.2_fillable.pdf
  10. Mission Quicker Build Packs including Epic ship campaigns are now available.
  11. I promised to share when I heard back, so here's your official answer: So, yeah, if you are a stickler for having "official" tokens you'll be buying a new core (which you needed to anyway if you are a "stickler") and then either fly shieldless ship or buy a couple conversion packs. I'll be honest, I'm a little surprised by that answer, but not really shocked. I believe it was an oversight, but I can only imagine the logistics and costs involved to remedy it.
  12. Thematic quick build squads are now available. Fly with the 181st, Roll with some Rogue Squadron regulars, call in Phoenix Squadron!
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