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  1. How many times The Naalu Collective can use his Foresight ability on the same ships in one turn? For example: 1) "Player A" (eg. Federation of Sol) wants to attack "Player B" (The Naalu Collective) 2) Sol player activates a system that contains The Naalu player ships 2) The Naalu player uses his Foresight ability to move his ships before the battle to an adjacent system (eg. system with number 30) 3) Sol player activates the system with number 30 (system that now contains the Naalu player ships that just moved into by Foresight ability) to attack Naalu player again with his second army. Do the Naalu player (Player B) can use his Foresight ability once more to move his ships one more time to another adjacent system (a system that is adjacent to no. 30 system)?
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