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  1. You're right. It isn't going to whiff often. But it still isn't outstanding against armor. For 55 points, a group of Rebel Troopers with an extra trooper and Impact Grenades will average slightly more damage against targets with armor (although their range with the grenades is obviously poor).
  2. Disclaimer: I haven't had a chance to play a real game yet. Against enemies with armor, the rotary blaster averages 1.25 damage before defense rolls, while the laser cannon averages 2.125 damage before defense rolls. But against enemies without armor, the rotary blaster averages 3.125, while the laser cannon remains at 2.125. So if it is strictly a matter of anti-armor capabilities, the laser cannon has the advantage. But if you don't know what you'll be facing, the rotary blaster is more flexible. Additionally, the AT-ST takes a lot to bring down, even with laser cannons -- when you account for the AT-ST's defense, it would take an average of about 7.75 AT-RT laser cannon attacks to eliminate it.
  3. All of my FLGS' Legion order is being delivered to their other store, two hours away, and they aren't going to make a special trip to deliver it, so it won't be here until Monday. Not a super-bad delay, but I was hoping to start painting over the weekend.
  4. I think the Runewars "Half Core" model for adding factions is both appropriate and likely. I'm getting the core set and plan to build at least one modest army, but what I really want is a Separatist army. B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, BX commando droids, droidekas, AATs (or any of the various tank droids), and some of my favorite possible commanders -- General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku.
  5. I wasn't comparing it side-by-side with GW or PP models, but it was clearly a step above the plastic used in Imperial Assault. And as long as I have it, I may as well post a size comparison. On the left is one of my Imperial Assault Stormtroopers (primed but not painted) next to a Legion Stormtrooper on the right. (I was impressed that the shop had the minis assembled and painted before having the demo.) Even after accounting for the difference in the thickness of the base, the Legion miniature is clearly bigger.
  6. Today I attended a Legion demo at Wizards Asylum ICT in Wichita, Kansas. The real highlight to me was getting to check out the physical quality of the miniatures. Since Legion was announced, one of my main concerns about the game was the material used in the miniatures. (My other main concern -- model and faction variety -- remains in play.) Descent. Imperial Assault. Rune Wars. All of Fantasy Flight Games' unpainted miniatures lines (that I'm familiar with) use a fairly soft plastic. FFG gets surprisingly good detail out of that material, but it still isn't what I want to see in a game that aspires to be a serious wargame. I'm happy to report that I'm no longer worried about the material of the minis. They seemed to be made of a firmer plastic, and possibly heavier, although that might just be a matter of the slightly larger scale of Legion. The material probably could be better, but I am fully satisfied with what I saw today. Now, if FFG would just announce Clone Wars factions, so I can preorder a Separatist army of battle droids and droidekas with Ventress (or Dooku or Grievous) as commander ...
  7. Hello, Free Peoples of Middle Earth. I have owned LOTR: The Card Game for a while now and played through the core set quests with a friend several months ago. I'm not sure what brought it on, but this week I've really got an itch to get a regular play group together for the game, even if we just use my collection. I'm thinking after New Year's I'll put together a Learn to Play event at my FLGS on a Saturday and run anyone who is interested through A Passage Through Mirkwood and Journey Down the Anduin at least. After that, if there are any players interested, what would be good cycles to get and play through to start? Is there a clear order to them, storywise, or do the cycles make just as much sense in whatever order?
  8. But he said there are only 3 deployment cards, not just 3 forms. So you can't play the fourth Clawdite, period, with or without a form.
  9. The announcement mentions different sizes of battles. "... Whether you’re planning a small-scale skirmish or a pitched battle between dozens of units, the game allows you to build an army that fits the way you want to play." If a squad of troopers counts as a unit, dozens of units would seem to qualify as a fairly large-scale game. Maybe not the upper end of 40K, but still more than a skirmish.
  10. I really hope it isn't 3'x6'. The battlefield for Runewars feels so small. But 6'x6' would be awfully difficult to maneuver figures in the middle of the map. That's why I'd like to see something like 4'x8'. And I did some figuring. Based on reports that Luke is about 35mm tall and Mark Hamill's height of 5'9", an AT-AT to proper scale would be between 17 and 18" tall, and about as long. That's probably too big to see even in a mass-combat game. Frankly, that's too big for game use even on a 6'x6' map. I think to get it to a playable size, you'd have to throw the scale too far out the window. And I reiterate that I don't want an AT-AT that is at half the scale it should be.
  11. Minis games: I actively play and semi-actively paint Imperial Assault, and I semi-actively play Armada. RPGs: I'm actively running a D&D 5e campaign and have Starfinder stuff on its way. FFG Star Wars is currently inactive, and I have previously played D&D 3e/3.5 and Star Wars Saga Edition. I'll probably get the D6 Star Wars set when it releases, whether or not I'll ever play it. Card games: I have stuff for the Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings LCGs and Magic: The Gathering, but am more or less inactive with all of those games. And there are a handful of games that I have some stuff for but have never actually played.
  12. I think an AT-ST would be fairly reasonable as the upper-end of size for Legion, especially if they do one that's closer to true scale than the Imperial Assault walkers. Smaller two-legged walkers like the AT-DP and AP-PT would also be reasonable inclusions, if not necessarily early additions. Something like the SC2-M, other light repulsor tanks, and fast-attack speeders would also be reasonable. I don't expect much larger vehicles, like an AT-AT, AT-TE, or Juggernaut unless they opt for very large-scale battles, played on something like a 4x8 battlefield at minimum. I really don't want vehicles that are half the size they should be relative to infantry. I would love a scale-accurate AT-AT, though, even if it would take ages to paint.
  13. I have run it in a list with no spies before. And it isn't really bad, per se. It improves your chance to counter Take Initiative, and if you draw both it and Negation, you can use it to cancel a Celebration, Element of Surprise, and several other annoying 0-cost cards. (If you do this, it's always better to play Negation first, because your opponent might not then see the Comm Disruption coming.) With that said, it gets a lot better with even one spy.
  14. On the bright side, that should take a while between 32 combined health and above-average defense. And if I were running that list, I'd definitely find room for Repair and Emergency Aid in my command deck.
  15. I painted my AT-ST and General Weiss fully assembled and glued, partly because I was using them well in advance of that in the campaign. If I had it to do again, I would probably dry fit them while painting them so I could take it apart to get to some of the tough spots. But the spots that are tough to get to are also kind of tough to see, so no harm if it isn't perfect.
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