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  1. To beat the horse even more, let's suppose that Ankaur Maro has equipped the Regenerative Magic card which can only be used by Ankaur Maro. Because it has nearly the same wording as Combat Ingenuity, though, Ardus would be able to regen a wound using a single surge for the same reason that he would be able to place a blight token for a single surge: because the ability itself has effectively had one surge symbol erased from its text.
  2. In cases where a potential player can't split a Core with someone else and doesn't want to collect both factions, just tell them to pony up for the Core, then Ebay to faction/cards they don't want in its entirety for $25. It will sell the day they put it up at that price, and they'll still be money ahead over buying a theoretical future army box + essentials kit. I always advocate for shopping at your FLGS, but I got my copy on Amazon for $80 with free Prime shipping. That is an untouchable deal for the amount of content the box contains. If your friends are balking at that price tag, unfortunately tabletop miniature gaming isn't going to be for them.
  3. One thing I saw, randomly skimming through the video, is at 41:20. Your opponent plays the card "Loss of Faith" and you said that it didn't apply since you "don't have a back-most rank" but, as far as I can make out, your single front rank would in fact be your "back-most rank." You had more than one tray, so that meets the first requirement. Not a rules expert by any means, I doubt any of us are at this point, but your interpretation of that card stood out to me.
  4. IMO phone- or internet-based squad builders make this a non-issue. Find an opponent to play, agree on a point value, then build/call up your lists discreetly. Once you've both agreed that you're ready to begin setup, reveal your lists and start setting up the game. No one should really ever need to be doing ad hoc squad building immediately prior to the game, anyway. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's constantly geeking out over squad combos in my free time, most of us have several "set" lists ready to go at any time. The only time I can see this being a problem, and it would really just fall into the category of douchey behavior, is when you know you'll be facing a newer player with limited resources and you know from the get-go that you'll be able to field a squad that he'll have little chance against. The sporting thing there, IMO, is to list-tailor in favor of a balanced game.
  5. I played three games with the new titles for the first time last and had a blast. The defender was always my favorite ship, but its usefulness and shortcoming were very clear. Now, however, they play as the super fighter they were always meant to be. We played scenario games (first time trying scenarios as well, 2 years into the hobby) and, while I didn't necessarily win every game, the triple Defender list just pummeled everything it came across. In a straight up dogfight these guys are nearly untouchable. I ran Vessery with VI, Tractor Beam and the /D title, and two Onyx pilots with the /x7 title. Nice job FFG
  6. I think I might proxy this list this weekend. I always had fun with Jonus and three scimitars, this list kicks it up a notch but leaves a lot of HPs off the table by comparison. I'll report back on how it goes. Tomax Bren -Crack Shot -Extra Munitions -Plasma Torps -Cluster Missiles -Guidance Chips Major Rhymer -Wingman -Extra Munitions -Plasma Torps -Adv. Homing Missiles -Guidance Chips Captain Jonus -Draw Their Fire -TIE Shuttle -Fleet Officer -Rebel Captive
  7. The article certainly makes it seem like they'd take a damage from being placed on the asteroid, but articles have been wrong before. Best to play it strictly RAW and then if they later errata it to say that the barrel roll or boost in fact IS a maneuver, you can just think of it as a bonus.
  8. Starviper, hands down. Guri can hang with any small ship pilot in the game, despite PS 5, and it's all because of that dial and the sensor upgrade. The generics are very capable ships as well. Second vote is for TIE Bomber. It's my favorite-looking ship in the game, and when flown as a mini swarm they're hard to beat.
  9. Is reviewing the product of a company that circumvented the IP that FFG pays out the nose for, on FFG's boards, really the kind of thing we want to see on this forum? Seems like this is much better suited to a Reddit or Imgur post.
  10. Quad Fire Modification, 1 point X-wing Only "At the start of this ship's activation, this pilot may select range 1, 2, or 3. During the combat phase, when attacking targets at the selected range, the pilot may change any blank results to {eyeball} results. When attacking targets at other ranges, the pilot must change all hit results to {eyeball} results." Alternatively, and possibly simpler... "At the start of this ship's activation, you may select range 1, 2, or 3. During the combat phase, when declaring an attack against a target in the selected range, you may assign 1 Focus token to this ship."
  11. A bit off topic here, but from what I'm reading it seems like some people check arc of sight with the range ruler/straight template by placing it on its edge? We've just always used the range ruler in its flat orientation and lined up one side with the ship's arc line. I assumed that's how it was always done. We line the template up in a way that both players agree is accurate and then look a couple atoms to the right/left of the edge to determine if it's hitting the target's base.
  12. Prescient 1pt "At the start of the combat phase, you may remove 1 Focus, Evade, or Blue Target Lock token from your ship. If a token was removed in this way, you may then perform a free Focus, Evade, or Target Lock action." Obviously better on lower PS pilots. As long as they weren't denied an action during the Activation phase, they can change to the most beneficial action type for the current board state. Also, swapping a Focus for a Target Lock is frustrating to pilots like Carnor, Palob, etc. Additionally, changing the wording to "At the start of the combat phase, you may spend..." introduces all sorts of interesting interactions but might go too far for its point cost in certain corner cases.
  13. I'll put it another way. I've never seen a laser used in a way that didn't seem in some way condescending, or even authoritarian. The person with the laser, in my experience, is much more likely to view his measurement as paramount in the misguided belief that it is necessarily more accurate, when in fact the accuracy of the tool may be of much greater variance than what FFG has already provided. More than anything, since this is a social game I think it's important that players don't put each other on the defensive with their tableside actions. DR4CO, you'll understand what I'm saying since your comment that my "lack of logic is amusing" was intended to do just that, to put me on the defensive. Now imagine that we're in the middle of a game of x-wing; it's a little frostier than before, right? I'm not saying people that want to shouldn't use their laser pointers, I'm just encouraging people to be judicious in the frequency and manner in which they're used.
  14. Since this thread doesn't have enough luddite curmudgeons in it, I feel I have to step in just to spice it up a bit. I've never seen a person use a laser pointer/laser level in a tabletop game in a way that didn't make me bristle. It's usually that the laser meister is openly (sometimes rudely) doubtful of the other player's ability to measure a straight line. For 90% of the shots in this game, a reasonable person can determine whether it's in or out of arc in half a second or so. For that small percentage of close calls, the core set provides every tool necessary for extending a ship's firing arc to the target. For those very, very close shots where it just can't be definitively determined by the human eye, my friends and I "50/50" it by rolling a red die: blank or focus, it's out of arc. Hit or crit, it's in arc. Laser pointers add absolutely nothing when it comes to determining shots that hit or miss by micrometers, because human error will never be ruled out, and pretending otherwise is just silly and oftentimes obstinate behavior. It's reasonable to assume that the core set has provided every tool necessary to achieve the level of accuracy the game designers deem acceptable.
  15. I'd keep the TIE fighters and Interceptors. Like Dronevil said, the swarm will always be fun to fly and reasonably competitive due to weight of numbers. Interceptors are a blast to fly as well, and can easily be swapped out for an equal number of points in TIEs. You also need a minimal amount of upgrade cards to fly these lists optimally, meaning your binder will be small and you can sell a majority of your collection with the attendant cards. I think if you keep a list from more than one faction, the disparate playstyles will make you regret selling your collection and lead you back down the (very expensive) road of re-buying. Alternately, I'd stronlgy encourage you to just keep everything. The money's been spent, it's not costing you a dime for them to sit on the shelf and look pretty. As someone who has bought into 40k multiple times, bought into Warmahordes multiple times, and regrettably sold off dead games like AT-43 and Malifaux (in my area at least) I can say that unless you have a very definite expenditure in mind for those funds you are FAR better off keeping what you've already invested in.
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