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  1. Hard Med. Check for my Crit, or an Easy check for my wounds (with a hope for a triumph to kill the crit as well)
  2. "Speaking of traitor..." Issan looked at the still-unconscious Zavvel, trying to redirect the group's focus. "I think it's about time we woke him up...can't just drag him around all over the countryside."
  3. Hmm....wake up Zavvel? Probably a good time to quickly tie up that loose end.
  4. That's after you set the Demo Charge, right? Didn't the charge already go off, or is this a new one?
  5. Issan is in the tunnels and bugging out,I've got nothing I want to do here.
  6. Sorry, I stopped posting half because I got busy, and half because I thought we were just trying to spin down the encounter and Issan could do little to contribute to that.
  7. Kevar shoulders his rifle as he gets ready to react to any sudden movement from the droids. "You're the expert...but I'd be ready to jump out of the way if something goes wrong."
  8. Issan nods to Braxus as he moves towards the tunnel, carrying what little he can. "Don't need to tell me twice!"
  9. Hard difficulty with an upgrade. That puts it at three Difficulty Die, one Challenge Die, and a Setback Die Going up against one Ability Die and Two Proficiency Die. Leadership Roll: 1eA+2eP+3eD+1eC+1eS 2 failures, 2 advantage Welp, that's a gorram waste of time. Hard Difficulty with an upgrade would make it 2 Difficulty with a Challenge die. The best case scenario would just leave us failing with 2 advantage, but I figured I'd point this out anyway.
  10. Issan will defer the ultimate roll to Geoff with his skilled assistance, I recommend using leadership with Issan giving Geoff a rank in it. Issan will only try rolling this on his own initiative is if it look like he's the only one willing to do it. Regarding the existence of a warehouse PA, just flip a DP for it. We've already gotten too deep in the muck to exfiltrate the implication now.
  11. Probably, but once you start firing that kind of gun I have no doubt the rest of the base will be on alert.
  12. Like i said before, I think Geoff should make the roll with Issan's assistance. If Issan rolled it, his compromised crit would make it a Daunting check, while it would only be hard if Geoff took charge.
  13. AoR CRB p33 allows for one person to give their rank in skill to someone who has none. The example even shows a person with 2 ranks in astrogation giving skilled assistance to someone with only 4 Intellect. EDIT: The EotE CRB doesn't expressly bar this kind of skilled assistance, at least as far as I can tell. The examples it provides are just different in that they don't show someone gaining a skilled assist without having ranks in the same skill.
  14. Geoff used the warehouse PA system. Even better, he can keep using that and Issan can use his collar amp to add in his support.
  15. I dont see any problem, we've moved into narrative time and both Geoff and Issan have expressed the intention that they would rather convert the remaining rebels than kill them/abandon them to their fate. While Issan may not like it, he's savvy enough to know that Zavvel has done much to harm his credibility in the eyes of the troops, and would step back to let Geoff take a chance at bringing them back into the fold, with his support (if nothing else). He could just shout a few good words and let Geoff borrow his Collar Amp.
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