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  1. Good thing there are lots of other things in life. Excuse me, I have an account to delete.
  2. As far as I am concerned, the man is a thief. An outright fraud. A con and a liar. No line that employs him gets my money.
  3. I was going to buy L5R with my next paycheck from my new job. Sort of a celebration of nostalgia. I love the setting and had a great campaign when I was in college. I will not now. Boo, FFG. Boo.
  4. From what I've read on that, FFG are not allowed to publish PDFs of Star Wars material. For some strange reason, the license to publish electronic media of all kinds, including PDFs, is tied up with the video game license. They are publishing Genesys as PDFs though, which is completely their own product. Since FFG also owns L5R outright now and they don't have to worry about that sort of thing, PDFs are more likely.
  5. If they do a full RPG with all the rules for each of their lines, instead of having one corebook with setting specific rules for each of their lines, I will abandon Genesys as an option all together. I get that is what they had to do with the Star Wars RPG lines, but it is also why I never bought into them. I will buy the rules once, sometimes once per format. I will not buy them once for Genesys, again for Android, again for T.I., again for Arkham (if it happens), etc. ( Not that I'll take it as a personal slight, it is just a model I do not want to support in anyway. If it is as Dragonshadow fears... FFGs is right to be worried. I would never have bought the PDF if they are going that way. )
  6. If a PC is trying to inflict damage to an enemy I'd have to check to see which is easier, Curse or Attack. It Curse is easier then it seems like a cheap way to get an attack result for less risk.
  7. I am a fan of vancian casting in general, but not necessary the way d&d does it. I'm thinking of allowing people to have a number of prepared spells equal to stat+skill with the benefit that prepared spells are easier to cast, but have a locked effect, where free form casting is more flexible, but not as reliable.
  8. I read it solidly as you must switch equipped cards with cards in your inventory. If you have no inventory cards, what you have equipped stays equipped.
  9. How easily would it be to make AHtcg style archetypes? There should be five of them in that case: guardian, mystic, rogue, seeker, & survivor.
  10. The beta has a lot of these problems. "This sounds bad." "It makes more sense later." "Well it sounds bad now."
  11. Yes, but I don't feel a reason to care. A nodachi would be a large katana, probably with razor edged and all the bonuses and drawbacks of that trait. A zanbato is not razor edged, which makes it a more reasonable weapon to use against heavy armor and carapaced Oni. There is a reasonable place for both in the setting without panicking that shonen anime exists.
  12. Thank you, that is good information to know going forward. I apologize for being a bit unclear with what I was looking for. BD Flory's account is exactly the sort of feedback I wanted.
  13. I did a Google image search for Zanbato. I got a sufficient number of historical images and actual weapons that I am pretty sure I could point and say "these, not these."
  14. I guess instead of difficulty I should have said balance? Because the difficulty setting of the chaos bag is absolutely irrelevant to what I am wondering.
  15. I never said anything about making zero mistakes and it is likely that some were made. Granted we had poor draws and that auto failure token kept popping up more often than it should. Literally three times in a row once. It was unholy. Neither the fed or the con (names escape me at work) got a weapon drawn the whole evening. Daisy got no spells or tomes until it was almost too late. Wendy did well, but it wasn't enough. This isn't the fault of the game or the scenario, but as the second play through for me I want to analyze a bit. I'm not complaining about Night of the Zealot, like I did say we are all having fun. I'm just looking for comparisons without too many spoilers.
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