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  1. About to get greedy here...but I wish they came in about 4 different color choices!
  2. Does anyone know the sizes of the clear bases you would need for each figure type? Or the glue you would use with those kinds of plastics?
  3. Cool, this is helpful! This may be the old man in me speaking, but the diagrams in the books are at times hard to make out with their positioning, and matching the numbers can sometimes be tough. Crates, terminals, and such would be a bonus but that'd be more work for you! Good stuff.
  4. I agree felkor, I have had nothing but love for FFG and their customer service. I'm so glad they fulfilled my request! I also agree that there may be some bogus claims out there that they deal with everyday. Maybe people who try to get extra pieces or cards etc. I think my extra long explanation and 8+ pictures and examples sealed the deal. Thank you FFG!
  5. Good news everyone! FFG just sent an email confirming that will be sending replacement tiles.
  6. How are you guys storing your AT-ST's? They take up so much room in the box and they have numerous parts that could possibly bend or snap. All mini's I stored in a Plano 3600 that fits in the box perfectly. Except the nexu's, I put those in those tiny storage boxes with a lid that you can get from JoAnns. Those tails seemed pretty fragile. Anyway, I was thinking a quilted draw string bag and find a spot for it in another case with General Weiss whenever I get that. My wife can make those in no time with a little Star Wars fabric.
  7. I hear you, the mismatched grid lines I could handle (although some of them are way off) but the 4 or 5 pieces that don't even interlock? Crazy. Do you think just responding back to parts@fantasyflightgames.com (the sender of the denial email) and asking for a supervisor would work by itself? I already drafted a letter to customer service just to let them know about it. Probably nothing will get resolved, but who knows? Worth trying anyway, I love this game I really want it to work and look great!
  8. Ok, bad news. I got a response back from FFG parts and service and they closed my request and said that a certain amount of "tolerance" is needed on the part of the consumer and that my case falls under that umbrella. How's that possible? A lot of the tiles don't even lay flat and fit into the cut outs. Man, for a $75 price point and the size of this company I thought things would have worked out a lot better than this...
  9. All of my minis were fine! However, I received a batch of bad tiles where they were mis-cut. Some pieces don't fit together and the grids don't even line up properly on over half of my maps.
  10. Awesome, thanks! I hope painting the bases won't mess with future expansions, paint is permanent and the stickers could be swapped out easily.
  11. Instead of going the sticker route, is anyone painting just the bases solid colors? I have no interest or time to paint the whole mini, but the bases painted up to differentiate would be nice. Is there a list to go by to paint the right amount of each mini? The instruction book is pretty vague on that part.
  12. Anyone else receive a bad batch of tiles? Unfortunately mine were cut incorrectly and they don't even fit together. The grid lines are all mismatched and it just looks weird. Sucks for the price point of this game, but I know FFG will make it right. I've sent a parts replacement request with pics so I hope they come through! (and yes, I triple checked the set up in the book to make sure it wasn't me)
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