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  1. TIE's match the Gozanti and Raider pack-in's from first edition? I honestly haven't even looked at a second edition TIE Advanced and my 10 TIE fighters only have 6 dials between them so they don't all get a close look.
  2. It's at least a little sad that so many feel it's I5 or go home. Maybe FFG was a little too aggressive in costing the aces out there. I'm curious if an across the board cost increase for all initiative 5 or 6 pilots is in order. Maybe just the ones with (white?) reposition options. I definitely think Supernatural Reflexes should get a price hike. And my pet idea is to make SupRef and Advanced Sensors variable pricing based on initiative. AS on muh B-wing generics is a very different upgrade than on Guri. All that to say, maybe all the current Aces are just too cheap. They pay too little for the privilege of making dials not matter.
  3. When a first edition ship gets released in second edition, it will come with pilots (and likely upgrades) that were not in the conversion kits. Supposed to be a way to buy the new cardboard without buying the ship. No concrete details yet.
  4. An interesting fix would be to give them a pernament missile slot in addition to the hardpoint. Homing missiles plus ____________ could be a thing but barrage rockets would give the Scyk some real bite. Maybe not a good idea but more interesting than a price reduction.
  5. Nine unique pilots and three generics. Five upgrade cards. No Elites or Tech upgrades spoiled.
  6. Vassal is solid for a free program. The Xwing Vassal League is flipping amazing. http://xwvassal.info
  7. Very good point. I love the fact that many lists feature more ships and fewer upgrades so far. I hope the designers can continue to find new and creative pilot abilities (and price them appropriately) so we have some real variety within a given ship type.
  8. Both! The tug is a decent jouster at 28 points. The TIE Bomber is likewise decent without ordnance. Munitions and Tractor Array make them significantly above the power curve. This isn't the days of mega nerfs and card errata. We aren't asking for them to be removed from competition, they both just need a points increase. How much is open for debate but I'm confident that any objective analysis will show Bombers and Tugs near the front of the line for price bumps. (Redline probably just ahead of them.)
  9. If that is the only way to get a Leia pilot... nope sorry. Not even then. TIE Brute makes sense but I don't see any reason for a new Defender mini. It's kinda nice that Resistance and FO are getting some new ships, Republic and CIS have decades of material. The original three factions can live on re-releases for a while. They have to be? I don't see any other method for FFG to get the ships out for 2nd edition.
  10. I'm excited for all the Republic and CIS ships because it's Xwing stuff I won't be buying. The $40 $30 conversion kits and $20 Awings have me gun shy on even converting over my Resistance stuff. FO gonna have to really, really sell me on something before it gets converted. (Edit: $30 is significantly easier to justify for me. Somehow thought they were $10 more. Looks like FO is getting converted) I'm still waiting to see how the cardboard only expacs are going to be priced. What new ships do Rebel players really want? Empire? Epic conversion kits soon please! If they can streamline and improve epic, I'll be a happy guy.
  11. Just wait. It'll catch on. Try it on Echo and see how you like it. Being able to ignore rocks on your decloaks is amazing. The Empire does lack options for small-based crew carriers and gameplay>>fluff I guess but it's odd that a gunner/co-pilot can become Darth Vader or Admiral Sloan. The TIE Phantom was probably a poor choice to ever bring to the game because it's mechanics are going to be very, very difficult to get perfect. And if it's not perfect the ship is either garbage or just erases lower PS lists. I could be wrong but I expect Whisper (and don't sleep on Echo) will be hugely disruptive in the meta.
  12. Whisper, Collision Detector, Juke, and Vader crew are at the very least going to get a real hard look. A very hard look. My hope is they just lose the crew slot. The phantom is not a crew carrier. Maybe someday they will release a gunner that affects primary arc attacks and the phantom can get a gunner slot.
  13. X-wings with torpedoes. Even the generics can be pretty powerful. Yeah, it's nice to have the alpha strike but an X-wing isn't exactly trivial to one shot and the torpedoes make them a threat for most of the game.
  14. gamblertuba

    T-70 article.

    The article mentions 12 ship cards and 6 upgrade cards. Black One Title BB-8 BB Astromech M9-G8 S-foil Configuration Targetting Synchronizer (Credit to GuacCousteau partially revealed in announcement article)
  15. Tractor Beam cannon seems pretty fine to me. Tractor Array as an action is far too cheap. I wonder if they would be willing to make the Tugboat limited. One per list is probably way more balanced. A limited format of some variety is almost necessary if the newer factions are going to be playable for store level events. It's also much more likely that FFG will get a smaller pool of pilots and upgrades balanced rather than 14+ waves all at once.
  16. I'm sure it's purely coincidence that the TO's winning random lists consist solely of Supernatural Vader, Redline, and Whisper. /s I play regularly on Vassal but have not attempted Fly Casual. Odds it runs on my craptop laptop machine? Edit: Yuck that fits. Darth Vader (70) Supernatural Reflexes (12) “Redline” (44) Trajectory Simulator (3) Proton Torpedoes (9) Proton Bombs (5) “Whisper” (52) Juke (4) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Edit 2: Random lists sound delicious. I'm in.
  17. I believe that the designers were intentionally overpricing turrets because they wanted a game that focuses more on arcs and actually flying at your enemy. Bit they did it backwards. Don't overprice the ship. (Y-wing is prolly a little and TIE Aggressor is way overcoated) Instead, make the turrets and turret gunners more expensive.
  18. After watching a frankly appalling number of Xwing matches, I've found the greatest difference between the people at top tables and myself is this: I'm almost always looking to get shots, they are not. It is possible and highly advantageous to use obstacles and angles to create engagements with clear lines of retreat where your opponent cannot immediately follow. You won't learn it by watching me though.
  19. Valid. But somebody, somewhere has some fond memory of flying them in whatever game they come from. And they exist so they may as well have some reason to continue to exist. I mean, I bought one. Might want to actually put it on a stand someday. Maybe?
  20. That's kinda the point. I'm not always out to nerf stuff just cuz it does well but I'm gonna try to call a spade a spade. I think the Bomber needs to be brought up in price and the Aggressor probably should be brought down. When the better thing is also cheaper, something's gotta change. (I don't see any reason for the cost of the TIE Aggressors. I'm curious if the designers were worried about 6 Aggressors with Dorsal Turret.)
  21. Here's a puzzle for all you puzzle fans to solve: Build me a list of TIE Aggressors that can beat a competently flown list of TIE Bombers.
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