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  1. Number of people calling for cheaper vultures has me pretty excited. If they go down, I can almost guarantee that is what I'm flying at World's. I really do not think they need the help if the biggest boogidymen get the nerfening. Personally, I hope that all Regen gets a points increase.
  2. Drea and Vet Turret Gunner need increases. Not convinced Scurgggs are a problem.
  3. Would love to have one more of the alt-art S-foil cards for the T-65. I thinks they were SOS prizes? Have a fair few alt-arts from SOS, store kits, and Hyperspace Trial.
  4. Worth pointing out that all signs point to a brand new version of the game that just happens to share a name with old school double points, huge ship, first edition. This is not the return of old school epic but the debut of something completely different.
  5. Apparently on the stream they mentioned that point update will be "late June"
  6. It's pronounced Luke Skywalker. I think the current mechanics are fine. There are just too many pilots that don't pay enough points for the priveleges that high initiative gives them.
  7. At the current power level, I'm confident that 5 X-wings or 3X 2B would be stupid good. I'd sure looooove to try it. Almost certainly a bad idea. Raise prices, don't lower. Much, much less likely to create a problem. 5 B-wings might be less good but would be super annoying.
  8. I'm with the folks that say yes but not by much. I'd go with price of 6+ Initiative.
  9. I think if vet turret Gunner and turrets go back up in price, this "issue" goes away entirely.
  10. Toronto system open round 6. Had a phantom at range 3 of a B-wing. Only shot of the round so I figured why not go for the evade token and mess up his formation. Actually picked up the card to read it for the first time all day and realized it's only range 1-2. Oh well. Put the card back down and went back to forgetting it was there.
  11. I think a lot of upgrades should scale with initiative. Not because they get better with board knowledge but because upgrades in general will almost always be a better value on more expensive pilots.
  12. I wonder if there were spam lists that FFG was concerned about if the prices were lower. Otherwise, it is truly odd that the generic jump is so severe. Only thing that I can see is that a BS Protector with Juke is exactly 34 points and the S7 Vet with Expert Handling is 51. Neither of those sound very scary to me...
  13. We don't have four tires, we have dozens. And the correct "pressure" is totally arbitrary. We just need all our tires to be similar. If you keep pumping the lower pressure tires to equal the highest, eventually they all pop.
  14. Someone hands you a chunk of wood with a few gouges and a couple bumps and you want to smooth it out. What do you do? You fill in the low spots and sand down the high ones. You sure as **** don't bring the whole board up to the level of the highest bump. Maybe you don't get it perfectly smooth the first time. But you go back and try again. If we take Dexter's approach, I guarantee one of the buffed lists will become the new most powerful and then you start the whole thing over. That's just a different type of powercreep. Buff the bad pilots, yes. But you also nerf the ones that are above the curve. Fewer changes. Fewer chances to screw up.
  15. Point is that Cassian, Braylen, Wedge, + Whatever is simply better than any other Rebel options. That's the bar. If a pilot or upgrade is consistently outperforming other options, it should be addressed. There is no longer a bar of "too good" that a list needs to cross in order to deserve a nerf errata. I'm not arguing that game mechanics or upgrade slots need adjustment, just small point increases to achieve more parity.
  16. Careful with the Vultures. Took fourth at a Hyperspace trial with 8 energy shell vultures. Felt very strong. Give me 8 more points in that list and opponents will be having some bad times.
  17. High initiative pilots should trade raw efficiency for board knowledge, tricks, and initiative kills. When your high initiative pilots are also the most efficient ships, it breaks the game. Most folks aren't calling for massive point increases. Nobody is calling for errata. Just recognizing that these rebel pilots are too cheap and should see a bit of an adjustment. Regarding TIE swarms, my concern is that there doesn't seem to be any real debate on about 85% of the list. The best Tie pilots are obviously the best pilots. Some price decreases on some under used pilots would be nice. Iden and maybe Howl could use a minor bump up. Again just to make some interesting choices in list building. Now that we have the 8 ship maximum, maybe it's time to drop the price of Academy Pilots and Z-95's?
  18. Game effects come before player effects? Pretty sure it's a no-go.
  19. Composure doesn't work like that. The linked action is red and you can't do the composure focus action if you are stressed. It's really garbage on anyone other than Snap. Crackshot is probably the way to go?
  20. I think the consensus sounds pretty solid. 1 or 2 point bump on each pilot and 4ish point bump on Leia. Probably fine after that. (Although I think Biggs and Selfless deserve a hard look as well.) Just for a second, imagine how frustrating this would be if we were playing first edition... There is no clear "broken" mechanic here. Nothing that screams out for errata or the banhammer. We would just have to live with this over-efficient, boring, archetype being the only Rebel squad worth flying for basically ever until power creep rendered it obsolete.
  21. How often are you spending more than 1 calculate on a dice roll with Vultures. I'd think a swarm of calculating ships will just laugh at Padme.
  22. Don't sleep on Soontir. I would not recommend a price drop on Soontir right when targeting computer is coming out. Good players can already abuse the bejeebers out of Soontir's free focus. If anything, Soontir needs a point or two increase along with all the other I6 repositioners out there.
  23. Anecdotally, eight vultures with Energy Shells do fairly well against Rebel Beef.
  24. I think just about every card in the standard Beef Wedgington archetype deserves a small price increase. Wedge and the named B-wings are simply far too efficient. Cassian needs to be priced according to his Braylen combo. Leia should probably be 6 points. Y-wings, Biggs, pretty much everything is 1-3 points too cheap. Nothing in there screams "I'm broken" but the sum of the parts is a monster. Between Leia jumping up 3 or 4 points and each of the pilots taking a point or two bump, I think you lose a lot of the magic or at least create some hard decisions in list building. Right now, Wedge, Braylen, Cassian and literally any Rebel ship sounds like a really good list.
  25. It's a very good habit to announce each and every phase of each and every turn. Don't want to start flipping your dials and then find out your opponent wanted to drop a device in the system phase. If you finish a final attack and you or your opponent say "dials" or "planning phase" before time is called, you finish that new turn. Even if you say "plan-" or "p-" the previous turn is over and a new turn begins. Unless the game is super tight, it would be courteous to the rest of the event if you play that last round speedily so the next round can start on time.
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