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  1. I refuse to buy any on a matter of principle... Yeah. Principle. Not because I don't want to drop $20/ea on a whole swarm or TIE Fighters. Sure. I'm principled, not cheap.
  2. Don't take things out on poor Sunny Bounder. They def should depend on initiative. What're the odds we ever get there?
  3. A lot of the balance in the game is hamstrung by not scaling upgrade cost with pilot cost. That is probably too much fuss for FFG's vision for the game but I definitely think some upgrades could and should scale with pilot initiative. Munitions and repositional upgrades are much more valuable on higher initiative pilots. A blue squad B-wing should not pay the same price for Advanced Sensors and Proton Torpedoes as Redline. In answer to the OP, Redline. That ability is just stupid and dumb and badly written.
  4. I'm hopeful that resistance is balanced against the January prices.
  5. I'd be surprised if FFG doesn't at least attempt to balance extended format. I'd be astounded if they did a good job of it. Hyperspace should be much more manageable to balance. Especially because they can just boot a card if they want to. I'm going to say that Hyperspace format around wave 5 is going to be the "golden age" of 2nd edition that everyone looks back on fondly in 5 years. Right now, Hyperspace is a little constricted.
  6. I'd imagine that four wardens with barrage rockets could be pretty solid. Maybe two with seismics and two with proton bombs.
  7. I painted one in military green and tan and another blue, red and silver like a Cobra Rattler. Both are a massive improvement over the default scheme.
  8. I think you are underestimating the advantage of a swarm ship that can fly through rocks with impunity. I'm just guessing, obviously, but in my head that seems pretty darn potent for a TIE swarm. No Howlrunner or Iden means you don't have to fly close together... Based on past FFG decisions, I expect 26 points minimum to avoid the asteroid ignoring ocho.
  9. Right?! And did I see not one but two different lists with a Scyk? I'm playing this game all wrong.
  10. gamblertuba

    Too many I5s

    The problem(s) have mostly been mentioned: A number of I5 pilots are undercosted or have some abusive combo that is undercosted. (Redline, Whisper, Luke, Boba, etc.) Upgrades will be proportionally more effective on more expensive ships. Especially those that depend on board knowledge. (Advanced Sensors, Sup Reflexes, Afterburners, etc.) I would add to those two that many of the generic options are not priced competitively at the moment. I'd love to see more upgrades get tiered pricing based on either ship cost or initiative but I'm not sure that is going to happen. Instead, we just need to hope that FFG increases the cost on the dominant I5's and lowers the cost on many generics (NOT bombers or tugs) and eventually the I5 logjam loosens up.
  11. Every game I have played has been fun. Every game I have watched has been interesting. For me, the disappearance of 360 turrets and easy, infinite regen is enough to cover many, many sins. The Gunrunner will go up in price. It's probably in the top five or at least top ten of cards that need a points increase. It's not necessarily ruining the game but it does make most other cheap scum generics look pretty worthless. For Force's sake, the Cartel Spacer costs 29. (Granted that's likely a combo of spacer being over costed as well.)
  12. I ended up using a knife to pry around and loosen mine up. Dangerous but it worked.
  13. If Hitler was a pilot in X-wing, there'd be people lined up to say he's fine, git gud, no reason to change...
  14. Insert old Luke "everything you said is wrong" meme.
  15. Oh my force, THIS! It's apparently PS5+ or Gunrunners which is a real shame. But don't hurt Wedge anymore. He's already awful.
  16. I resent your organocentrist attitudes.
  17. @ForceM Just FYI, Guri is a she. An android or something similar but definitely she. All you youngsters not knowing your Shadows of the Empire. Get off my lawn... Grumblegrumble
  18. Considering about 10% of the lists made the cut, a 22% success rate for the Gunrunner is really good! It's tied with Boba and only exceeded by Soontir. The data you quoted shows the Gunrunner is one of the most successful pilots at the Mynock open. Yet you quote it as if it supports your point. @Hugeman That makes a lot of sense. Make the Gunrunner limited like the silly coordinate shuttles. If Gunrunners are a counter to Aces, we don't really need them in a generics only format anyway. And folks can still technically fly four at once.
  19. I don't see it happening but making the quadjumper limited so you can only have one in a list would be an interesting fix. If you can't outfly one tug, it's your funeral. Multiple tugs are a real nuisance. But that would make all those folks that have run out and bought multiple quads very unhappy. I realize this is my own prejudice but I've had so much fun watching second edition games where turrets are rare and arcs matter. Redline is just stupid and crazy stupid cheap. Tugs are definitely too cheap as well. Rebels are just... ugh. But it is still fun to watch.
  20. Anyone with a brain in first edition: Twin Laser Turrets are terrible and ruin the game. Anyone paying attention in second edition: Ion and Dorsal Turrets seem underwhelming and the TIE Aggressor is absolutely bonkers overpriced relative to the TIE bomber.
  21. Maybe too much but: "While defending, if you are not in the attacker's bullseye arc, you may change one result to an [evade] result." Maybe make an A-wing only mod or EPT (and give them all an extra EPT slot) Would make the A-wing a pain in the @%& to kill but still hit like a wet noodle which is pretty close to what I remember from the ol' X-wing and TIE Fighter games.
  22. TIE's match the Gozanti and Raider pack-in's from first edition? I honestly haven't even looked at a second edition TIE Advanced and my 10 TIE fighters only have 6 dials between them so they don't all get a close look.
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