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  1. He fits in perfectly with a list of 6 Sep Drones with Shells and a naked Trade Fed Drone. Gives you 8 ships with 2 blockers and 6 hitters at initiative 3. I think the 4 points to upgrade from a second Trade Fed to Doofus is worth it.
  2. I went with "Look sir, Droids!" Initiative 3 seems like a strong meta call. Initiative 2 Rebel Beef is really not going to like seeing that list. Aces are going to have a hard time dodging all the arcs or killing things fast enough to matter. I'm a little scared that the list has actual legs because it's going to cost me $100 to fly IRL.
  3. After exactly 1 game. This list seems worth looking into if you don't mind the up front cost. Trade Federation Drone (20) DFS-311 (24) Separatist Drone (22) x6 (Six Baby!) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  4. You are a stronger man than I. If they were still only $15, I'd be buying FOUR new B-wings.
  5. I've gone so far down the old, grumpy, jaded road that I've come out the other side and that sounds great. Let's do that. And Yoda's force ghost just tickles Kylo until he falls off a narrow walkway over a bottomless pit.
  6. Single Trade Fed as a blocker. DFS as a blocker/Calc Factory. Can then fit 6 Separatists with Energy Shells at a cool 200 points. Seems like a decent ocho to me.
  7. Little dodgy Jedi fighters can avoid obstacles. Large based infiltrator don't wanna get in there and navigate an asteroid cluster.
  8. I've been saying this for maybe five years now: "A list does not need to be unbeatable to be too good." Or maybe: "Just because a list has counters doesn't mean it isn't a problem." The double-tap Y-wing at 41 points is simply stronger than a 41 point ship should be. Especially when you bring multiple. And control effects need to be watched very carefully as well. In first edition, this would be a tough spot. They aren't errata-nerf-hammer worthy and we would probably just have to live with them like the old stress-hog. But (thank the force) we don't live there anymore. Ion turret could easily go back up one point. Control effects should have a premium. And, if FFG really wants to get granular, I really like the suggestion to make VTG cost more on a ship with a primary arc. Double taps should not be cheap. Did we learn nothing from TLT?
  9. An (almost) across the board increase in price for all initiative 5 and 6 would do a tremendous amount to sort out the game overall.
  10. I think you have it backwards? Sounds like Asmodee will be distributing CMON games not the other way round. Should have zero effect on FFG games.
  11. Welcome to the internet! You must be new here. You... may not like it. /s/
  12. Seconded. Although just barely. They have painted themselves into a corner with juke. It's edge case everywhere except the two empire ships that get free evades just for showing up. They have an app, just make Juke cost 10 or 12 on Phantoms and Defenders and 4 everywhere else. Not sure what the thinking on vet turret Gunner was. Except wrong. It was wrong. It's like they priced it as if the rules worked one way and then said the rules work a different way.
  13. Sensor slot? Faction locked?
  14. Can you enlighten me? Reddit is off limits...
  15. We are still expecting two more articles correct? Need previews for the Jedi Starfighter and Arc-170 blisters?
  16. Watching archive now. Really hoping to see buzz droids before i walk away.
  17. Can't believe the number of comments about "I thought gas clouds give strain!" Folks gotta be careful with speculations.
  18. Flappy wings on the Sith Infiltrator!
  19. Three dot limited. Max three per list. Makes perfect sense to me from a fluff perspective that a barrel roll can "shake" the buzzers but they can hang on for most normal maneuvers. Reverse moves definitely should shake them off if they are on the front. Like it or not, it looks like the new factions are turning X-wing into a more gimmicky experience.
  20. Points dependent of course but Buzz Droids also have the opportunity cost of replacing Energy Shell Charges. I'd much rather deal with the puzzle of Buzzers than face a swarm of 3 attack dice ships.
  21. I love the three dot design space for these. One would be kinda weak but 6 or 8 would be ridiculous.
  22. "you may spend one calculate token and one charge token to launch..." Gotta spend both, otherwise no launch.
  23. Aces are far too cheap and FFG is simply stroking the egos of all the players that make decisions with perfect board knowledge and call it skill.
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