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  1. Hmm, might be time to eBay a Kiharaxz or two...
  2. Also worth mentioning the utility of linked actions on a blocker. Quite often, your blocker is still taking or making shots, at least in the early rounds. The ability to reposition and still have a focus is pretty huge. Just running 8 Vultures with shell charges is pretty strong. They can take turns acting as blockers. They have most of the moves that you would want to get into position as blockers but beware of their limited turn around options. If you plan it right, the 1-K is amazing. If you don't, you are facing the wrong way for multiple turns.
  3. If you have the opportunity, you owe it to yourself to come out to a system open or similar event. Don't let the internet forums (or heaven help you, twitch chat) give you the wrong idea about competition X-wing. It's staggering how friendly, welcoming, and fun-loving the community is. I can't promise you won't have to play a quad phantom list in round 1, but I can promise that almost everyone there will go out of their way to help everyone else have a good time. I had never played in any event larger than a store championship before going to Toronto for the System Open in February. I was blown away by the community. Dude, I'm hooked. As for tips, especially for newer players at competitive events: Don't be afraid to call a judge! The judges are there to prevent hard feelings. I can remember the first time I called a judge at a 25 player Store Champs and feeling like I was being a jerk somehow because my opponent and I couldn't agree. That's not how it works at all. Judges are a neutral voice that provide an invaluable service at these events by moderating disagreements without creating hard feelings. Use them. Thank them. And... Don't argue with the freaking judge! Difficult arc check? Call the judge. Don't like the way they rule it? Tough. They are the Senate. For card interactions, if you really, really must you can call over the Marshall but then understand the Marshall is always right. Always. Even when they are wrong. Just understand that, at that event, the Marshall is a force of nature. Nobody with any sense stands in front of a glacier and rages at it. TL:DR Don't argue with your opponent, call a judge. Don't argue with the judge, just don't.
  4. gamblertuba

    Snap Shot

    One thing that we should probably remember is that this is an elite talent. Which means its applications with "generic spam" are fairly limited. Not sure if they higher initiative generics of most ships will be efficient enough with this card to be spam-worthy. Resistance A-wings could be a different story but they are just too cheap across the board already. Hopefully the cost comes out at 6pts or above. Be careful when translating from 1st Ed. Especially for cards that came out near the end. (Just imagine flight assist astro in 2nd Ed. at just 2 points...)
  5. Sure like "-Nitive Reflexes." Kinda clunky sounding but mostly like is "Precognitive Reflexes."
  6. We've seen the Resistance using a CR-90 in the Resistance cartoon. I don't see why it wouldn't be a three faction ship.
  7. I like pointing out that Ewok is never ever spoken in RotJ but erybody sure knew that one. Marketing.
  8. Will try to remember to credit you Pancho. I drop the extra "I" though and go for tie-rangle. It's super fun to say.
  9. gamblertuba

    New Epic

    I would not hold my breath. The Epic announcements made at Celebration sounded very, very early on in the process. Not sure we will see product this year so I'm not expecting news articles for a few months at least.
  10. gamblertuba

    New Epic

    Really? It's been too long since they have seen the light of day 😭 but I thought we had two different size cardboard inserts...
  11. gamblertuba

    New Epic

    Real curious about the new plastic bases. How do they accomodate Huge ships where the stands are different distances from one another?
  12. Not Dorito, it's the Tie-rangle. Not sure who came up with that one but we need to make it happen.
  13. Eagle-eyed folks had already called out the Autoblaster and Plasma Torpedo art showing up in new cards. Kinda sucks that you have to buying clone wars factions for the delayed target lock sensor upgrade though.
  14. We'll be fine. Mostly. What killed "efficiency spam" in 1.0 was the fact that some of the high initiative "Aces" were also the most efficient ships in the game. When Soontir is simultaneously an arc dodger and more efficient than any generic, you've got a problem. Unfortunately, 1.0 had no mechanism to easily fix it. Enter 2.0 and, whoops, they did it again. Redline (and whisper?) were simply the most efficient ships in the game and could arc-dodge when needed. Difference this time was they could just go up,up,up. When's the last time Redline wrecked your swarm? It could still happen, she's not bad. Anyway, I am not sweating it. The first points change was enough to give me hope for the future. The developers ain't perfect but it's mostly OK.
  15. Looks like he's riding a broom in that picture. Quidditch trooper?
  16. What is the ship seen around 1:13 that is flying down to the planet? Engine glow is about all I can make out? A-wing, Y-wing? Something new?
  17. Unlikely but... How's about, along with Epic 2.0 reveal, a Hammerhead Corvette with some Battle of Scariff scenarios.
  18. Is FFG actually releasing product fast enough that we aren't going to waste time speculating what's coming next?
  19. Just to second all the good recommendations above. Get or make a little token and place it on top of your dial every turn. Gives your opponent no information if you do it every turn and should really help.
  20. Honestly, this has me most excited for Epic. If the entire organization including OP is going to embrace playing for fun as a valid alternative to competitive tournaments, that's fantastic news.
  21. Thought of you when I saw the article. This is definitely good news. Hopefully will help grow community with some more casual players earning swag.
  22. Epic 2.0? It's coming and it's awesome. We just finished developing. Do not have to buy new ships!
  23. It's only noon in Chicago.
  24. This starts at what time? 1pm Central?
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