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  1. I'm curious how far FFG is willing to go with their PDF's. For example, I'd love to see struts get the "Standardized" keyword. If they are willing to do that, would they be willing to just errata a couple dots on the TIE Defender generic?
  2. For actual content: What do we think of no Republic lists in the Galaxies cut? Couldn't find data on how many were taken. Obviously the cut rate is 0% but is that 0/16 or 0/3 lists taken? Are they actually bad or just slightly worse than other options right now?
  3. Sloane on the reapest cheaper is 48 points. Drea without dorsal is 49. Howlrunner is 46. Malarus in the Xi is 43. Obviously this is comparing apples to oranges to pears to casaba melons but I'm pretty confident in saying that FFG overestimated the take a strain penalty on Malarus and clever players are getting way more mileage out of Sloane than they figured. Sloane is at least a little bit too cheap and I hope she never makes in to Hyperspace. Boba Fett is at least a little too cheap and I hope they release a new version of Boba and remove the current version from the game Hyperspace format. My position: Nerf it all unless there's a $#@% good reason not to.
  4. I think we are on the same team here. Trying to balance the game by buffing the generics en masse was a pretty bad idea. There seems to be enough sarcasm and hyperbole that inferring actual intent is kinda tricky. I agree with this: "Dropping generic prices went too far. For November points rebalancing, FFG should raise the prices on nearly everything unless there is a very good reason not to." I disagree with this: "Mass generics is bad for the game and shouldn't be playable in competitive X-Wing."
  5. To some degree, those of us that have struggled to compete with generics aren't super patient when "Ace" players whinge about not being able to dodge arcs and tank shots by making all their hard decisions after we've moved all our ships. I've spent years trying to convince people that their high PS/I pilots were too friggin cheap and was told to "git gud." Now generics are starting to put up some wins (For what, like the first time since wave 2 of first edition?) and there's rumblings to "nERf ALL teh geNarIcs!!1!!" or something. Just a guess. Edit: Is Blair Bunke still around?
  6. I'm curious about the comment that 8 TIE/fo is boring. I bolded a couple sections in your post because I believe 8 TIEs are a great example of a list that requires blocking, kill boxes, and target priority. How is that list boring? (Although I do think the TIE/fo should go back up to 26 points) Now wookiees? Yeah, they are boring and dumb and ugly and should be 45 points for those sins. Which squads cause the game to gravitate around efficiency? Just listened to TCX round-up of galactic champ cuts and it sounded like a pretty good mix of Ace and Swarm lists to me. There are corrections to be made but most of them are on the flavor upgrades, not on the generic ships themselves. When I fly Interceptors, I try to fly them in some sort of ill-defined cloud or wave-front. The trick is keeping one from getting picked off while the others can't shoot. Sometimes you need to sacrifice shots to keep somebody from getting too far ahead. I have not had more than a handful of games with them though. And I lied about the build up there. That build is 201. So either drop the hull and go for a bid or take the maneuver assist config. Honestly for Lytan the Maneuver Assist does make some sense. White rolls and blue 3 banks can get you in those side arcs and help keep her alive. Roll into red calc is pretty sweet.
  7. People keep talking about generics. What list of generics without some force multiplier are we saying is a problem? Aggressors ain't scaring me much without Sloane. Wookiees a way less annoying if AP-5 goes up a point. Tractor Beams (and autoblasters?) are probably a bit too cheap on Scyks so either cannon or Scyk or both could go up. Since Nantexes got hit, I think the game is in a pretty solid spot overall. Sand down the aforementioned and Boba and I'm laughing. If players ever have to pay a fair price for moving last and shooting first, there's going to be whinging. Edit for wholesome: Merl and 4 Rookie T-70s is also fun. Also a potential force multiplier effect.
  8. I've been staring at Lytan and 5 Alphas real hard. Lytan can grab the targeting config, tractor beam, and a hull upgrade. It's not great but it's fun to fly and can give almost any list some panic sweats.
  9. I think I really like that idea. Would have to go through very carefully in terms of rounding up or down but I think you're right that the standard TIE should go back to 25 and everything else get adjusted to fit that price.
  10. I'm willing to admit that Jedi might be fine. But Boba Fett? Boba Fett needs a new version like Poe and Temmin, then price the current version out of the game. Boba is a problem.
  11. If you think Zizi, Merle, and Suralinda are priced correctly, you and I are playing different games. Lu'lo would find plenty of success if there weren't clearly undercosted A-Wing alternatives.
  12. I could be wrong on the Jedi but right now I think the meta has been profoundly unhelpful in determining how strong the Jedi will be going forward. My hatred for Dash is totally unjustified and irrational. Has very little to do with his second edition pricing and performance.
  13. Let's try making the good ol' TIE/ln a point cheaper and see what that does. Also on board with a small nudge up on the TIE/FO and Scyk.
  14. What are your priorities for each faction? Doesn't have to be a well-reasoned argument, just your wish list. Rebel Go up: Wookiees and Dash (I couldn't really think of anything in Rebels that bothers me except Dash, he's bothered me for 24 years.) Go down: A-Wings Empire Go up: Sloane (see next response before you flame me) Go down: Most of the generics (not aggressors or defenders though) Scum Go up: Boba Fett Go down: Kihraxz Resistance Go up: Named A-Wings Go down: Named X-Wings First Order Go up: Malarus Go down: Edit- Generic Xi Shuttle Republic Go up: Jedi with 2+ force. The extra force is just too cheap. Go down: Generic LAAT? Separatist Go up: All ships with config should increase in price and configs become free Go down: I feel like the HMP's are kind of expensive but I suspect I'm just bad at them? Generic Upgrades Go up: Dorsal Turret? That's really, really cheap. Maybe knock a point off some of the turret carriers as compensation? Go down: ???
  15. Two points come to mind as I read through the thread. 1) Extended is a disaster and every time I play or watch an event in extended, I am immediately reminded of why I prefer Hyperspace. 2) IMHO the standard TIE/ln needs to go down one point which, I think, is another argument that Sloane probably needs to go up.
  16. As for the aggressors probably fine but I think the turrets should probably go up one point apiece and some of the turret carriers (Rebel and Scum Y's?) could come down one point.
  17. She ain't no Spamtex that's for diggity. I wouldn't cry if she ends up in the low double digits though.
  18. Any idea when Repulsorlift Stabilizers will get added? I want to try the gunships out but the funky maneuvering going to take some serious practice.
  19. Alpha Interceptors are a great ship at 31 points if you can stomach some extreme variance. Maybe not the best choice for a 6 round tourney that you want to win but I think making them any cheaper would be a mistake. Also, not sure how this hasn't at least been mentioned. After buying a Resistance conversion kit, 2 second ed. RZ-2's, and a HoH pack, I now have 20+ ship inserts. I need to keep 15 of them in order to fly 5 of either generic and have access to the named pilots. And with all of that: I can't fly Merl and Suralinda in the same squad? W. T. F.
  20. I'd be kvetching about them anyway but it makes me feel better when I agree with Biophysical.
  21. Me too, least favorite ship to fly against in the game. That said, I am kinda interested in trying this: Stellar Avian Laceration: Suralinda Javos (33) Intimidation (3) Merl Cobben (32) Starbird Slash (1) Zizi Tlo (41) Heroic (1) Starbird Slash (1) Advanced Optics (4) Tallissan Lintra (36) Heroic (1) Starbird Slash (1) Advanced Optics (4) Seftin Vanik (36) Heroic (1) Starbird Slash (1) Advanced Optics (4) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 How many green dice can I take away from you?
  22. Not, if you hit 'em with multiple strains in one turn. Which is tricky but not impossible. Also, forcing your opponent to consider blue maneuvers when you may, or may not fly over them is a terrific semi-control element for 1 point. Boba has pretty crap blues and would HATE taking a strain for a couple shots. Of course you have to survive the initial joust but there is some potential there. Too early to tell but 1 point for Slashing on the RZ-2 seems very aggressive to me. Maybe this means the RZ-2 is going to actually take a hit in November? One can hope. Been there man. Words hard when sleep not for normal times happening.
  23. *Raises hand* I'll add that my issue is primarily with some of the named pilots and/or any of them with Advanced Optics. I am also a little concerned with the initiative 1's with Starbird Slash. I could be wrong and it'll be crap but 1 point seems kinda crazy.
  24. Woah, what if the new Slave-1 just flat replaces the old one...
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