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  1. Jedi are an stupid good due to Regen and stress-less double reposition. Force using pilots are imbalanced right now because FFG failed to charge an appropriate tax on moving up from 1 force point to 2 and especially from 2 to 3. Adding force via crew is expensive as heck. Mace gets a third force for free!
  2. Can I start a new thread complaining about only getting 2 Stabilized S-foils in the Aces pack? JK... I think?
  3. I dunno. $80 to $100 or so seems about right.
  4. Haven't looked yet, does the 2.0 version use the wing tool that we are oh-so-close to having in our grubby little hands?
  5. I went to Worlds because X-wing is fun, the people who play it are fun, and I wanted to play and have fun. The goofy blue and white spaceship was just a means to that end. I don't speak for anyone but myself but keeping the alt-ship was never a serious consideration for me. I don't own any Republic ships. I don't have a large local scene for X-wing so playing dozens of games against people from all over the World is definitely worth a weekend. If I can take a new shiny and sell it to someone that wants it to help defray the cost of said weekend, that's a big help. I'm not going to tell somebody "Don't feel bad." because they missed out on an event exclusive ship. I'm also not going to let someone make me feel bad for taking that ship and selling it to defray the cost of travelling to Worlds. Unique ships as prizes has a bunch of people bummed. That's a valid opinion. Feel free to express that opinion to FFG. However, what's the point of OP prize support? I'd guess it's just advertising by another name. All this buzz is probably good news for FFG, even the grumbling. People are talking about the game and the events. X-wing Worlds was huge and has the capacity to be even bigger next year.
  6. I personally came home from Worlds with two Plos. (Washed out and farmed tickets with the pod people.) Sold one online and sold the second to a local player for half the price of the online sale. I also drove 6 hours to a SOS, and 4 and 3 hours to two different HST. I bought a plane ticket and paid for an Air BnB at World's. Add in some food, an Uber to and from the airport and going to Worlds cost me around $350. If the Plo alt-ship was not offered as a participation prize, I would not have gone to Worlds. I could not afford justify the cost. I don't think that makes me a bad guy. Feeling bad cuz you didn't go to Worlds and also don't want to spend the coin to buy one is OK too. But please don't try to talk FFG out of giving out alt-painted ships. I will say the limited quantities of Vultures at Adepticon is a double feel bad moment.
  7. Just to point out a weird consequence of spending=modification that I saw in the rules sub-forum that I don't think most folks will have considered: Midnight cannot take damage from an ion attack if she has a lock on the attacker. Ion weapons say to spend a result to cause the defender to suffer one damage but spending is a modification and so not allowed if Midnight has the attacker locked. No damage dealt but just one uncancelled hit/crit is enough to ion Midnight. Only tangentially related to OP but I found it interesting.
  8. Not all 6's of course but there are plenty. Moving last is just such a huge deal. Look at the silly bids that are out there. Soooooo many 5's are a steal right now. And the droids can't be the initiative 1's all the whole way back to the start of 2nd Ed. The x-axis is roughly time.
  9. Played one round of Aces High at World's. They set the point total at 80 points. Guess how much Fenn with Outmaneuver and Adv. Protons costs. Turn two, I one-shot Kylo Ren. It was glorious. Vader with Passive sensors is borked in that format though. Also, we played where the first player token rotated around the table. I think that is a great idea.
  10. Just as a fun comparison. Here is the breakdown of initiative for the top 40 pilots on metawing for second edition so far. Keep in mind though that there are only 16 initiative 6 pilots even in the game. So when initiative 6 accounts for 10% of the top 40 pilots that means fully one quarter of the initiative 6 pilots are in the top 40. This graph shows what percentage of available pilots at each initiative make the top 40 on metawing. Initiative 5 and 6 pilots still need a major price increase. Or everyone else needs a decrease which is more dangerous.
  11. Best news I've heard all day. Probably need two so I can get 4 big boys on the table at once.
  12. Karabast. Wish I'd noticed that. Gamblertuba is supposed to be a Lego B-wing pilot. Anyone that plays in the vassal league should know this.
  13. If Ensnare is deemed a problem by the devs. And if they decide a change needs to be made. One route that could be taken without errata would be change the rules reference for tractor tokens (again). Small and Medium Bases 1 tractor token = lower agility by 1 2 tractor tokens = tractored (for abilities and reposition) Large Bases 2 tractor tokens = lower agility by 1 3 tractor tokens = tractored (for abilities and reposition) A little clunkier than current but would keep the cards doing what they say they do.
  14. I'd be fascinated to hear what ant-Jedi tech you expected to see. Ion shuts down FTC but that's it. Force is stress immune bump immune crit immune ion immune You literally cannot stop the force. Unless your opponent fails to roll a focus result, the force is beneficial every. single. turn. I'm not saying it's bad for the game in the way that I believe regen and tractor mechanics are but it should durn well be costed appropriately.
  15. Proposition: Many force using pilots are not paying enough for their force charges. Force is unblockable, uncrit-able, flexible, every-turn, passive modification. It is incredibly powerful. Dice modification has always been crucial and Force is arguably the most useful form of dice modification available in second edition. Force using crew have been priced accordingly. I argue that many force using pilots have not been priced correctly. Example 1: Baron of the Empire (32) and Generic Inquisitor (35) I'll admit that the Barons might be a little too expensive but three points for a Force? If they added a "Force Sensitive" Elite Pilot Talent card that added a force charge, how much would you pay for that? I dunno, but it sure-as-shooting is more than three freaking points. Example 2: Dinee (38) and Baby Ani (41) See example 1. Example 3: Ahsoka (47), Obi (47), and Mace (45) Ahsoka is #228 on metawing. Mace is #52. Obi-Wan is #2. Obviously, initiative matters, but that third force charge is YUUGE. How about a force talent "In Tune with the Force" that added another force charge. How much would you pay for that? Example 4: Blackout (63) and Kylo (76) Same initiative. Pilot abilities that are both kinda meh. 13 points looks like a lot but performance would show that Kylo is a much, much more solid option. Counter examples? Maarek to Vader- 21 point increase. Vader has been hit with point increases already. Maarek and the other X1's are probably overcosted? Oddball to Anakin Y-wing- 16 point increase. Even three force can't make a Y-wing that hard to catch and kill. Wedge to Luke- 7 point increase and losing (arguably) one of the best pilot abilities in the game. While Luke can withstand a surprising amount of fire, the X-wing just can't outrun and dodge arcs for long. You can accuse me of cherry-picking examples, ignoring Initiative, or undervaluing pilot abilities etc. But I think that FFG needs to take a very close look at how many points are being paid to add force charges to a pilot. That first force charge needs to pay a premium cost. Moving up from 1 force charge to 2 (or 2 to 3) needs to be expensive as well. Force is good. It's even gooder when paired with: Multiple reposition options Lots of green dice Fast/maneuverable dial options
  16. Don't. Get. Shot. Soontir Fel can boost and barrel roll nearly every turn if necessary to stay out of firing arcs. If they point their guns at you, be somewhere else. With his free focus (assuming you are good enough to line up the bullseye) Soontir can (usually) tank a single shot here and there but if the is taking multiple modified shots in a round, you have erred badly. Soontir is the classic high ceiling, low floor pilot. Those that fly him well get probably the best 53 point ship in X-wing. Seriously, he is such a bargain at 53 points. Those that fly him poorly get nothing. (Insert Willy Wonka meme here.) As a new player, try something beefier that can weather a few shots.
  17. I know some folks did. And it took 7 hours to complete 2 games? Epic without huge ships or wing tools is not a great idea me thinks. One guy had fun at least. But he was flying six Upsilons so not sure if you wanna take his word for it.
  18. I think you are conflating "rolling dice" with "performing an attack" I don't believe they are the same thing. The whole process is performing the attack.
  19. Yeah, this whole thing is turning into a serious mess. You basically have to meet the requirements and be able to pay the costs at two different times in order to resolve an ability. This is just about certain to create all kinds of unintended nerfings and lots of confusion as combos which used to work no longer do.
  20. gamblertuba

    AMA Reminder

    Anyone watching live that can share highlights?
  21. gamblertuba

    AMA Reminder

    Geonosians invert name and surname order and due to their insectile vocalizations the "s" and "n" are both silent. Sun Fac is also high-ranking hive member so his name should always be spoken loudly and emphatically. So the correct pronunciation is big "Fac U!"
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    AMA Reminder

    I hope somebody asks about gas clouds. If the developers are happy with how they have worked out so far. I'd love to see a new Rules Reference when points get adjusted that adds some actual consequences to hitting gas clouds. Also (and I say this a Separatist player) grappling struts should probably be 2 points if gas clouds are going to be less forgiving for Aces.
  23. I get real confused when BrownBomber responds in a thread. I always end up thinking "I don't remember posting that..."
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    Worlds Meta

    -Every X-wing Player Ever
  25. Yup, most of that sounds pretty much bang on. Especially 5's and 4's being mostly under and overpriced respectively. Edit for evidence, here is the trend for initiative of the top 50 pilots from meta-wing so far. After nerfs to Rebel Beef and Phantoms, Init 4 is being squeezed out. I think I1 and I6 are just pulling from a smaller pool overall.
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