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  1. Have just a few reps with the list. I flew it instead of 4 Crack Zealots and AP-5 simply because I don't have four FAA cards. The A-wings are good at feeding focus to the X-wings and also might help a bit against a 5 rookie list. There are weaknesses for sure and a PS2 swarm could tear you to pieces. But it's as much fun as you are likely to have flying in 1st Ed tourneys for the next 2 months. Plus, if you get a chance to fly A-wings without auto losing, you take it. Don't underestimate the coordinate from AP-5 either. You can freak people out by boosting an A-wing before it moves and ending up in a completely unexpected spot. Definitely do not serve up AP-5 to your opponents entire list.
  2. Well, in all fairness, it is not brand new mechanics. It's reworking some existing 1st Ed mechanics. And the whole point here is that some design choices cannot be balanced by cost. They can only be priced out of contention and that is not the same thing. OG Palp was way too expensive in most lists and ridiculously underpriced in Palp Aces lists. It was bad design.
  3. The thread is probably premature and hyperbolic but if we are already talking about using a FAQ to errata a card, that's unsettling. Genius, even in this weakened form, does represent some of the worst aspects of X-wing design that many of us hoped to never see make their way into 2nd Ed. Edit to add: It would make the pdf version of the pricing a nightmare but I would love to see Genius have vastly different prices on different platforms and even make prices multiplicative if you take certain combos together on one ship. More likely to see a restricted list a la some of the LCG's where you simply cannot combine certain cards in a given list.
  4. Genius is a little worrisome to me. It's a good example of a 1st Ed. card that shows the problems of balancing via point cost. It was pretty much never used at zero points. Then trajectory simulator hits and it would have been winning tournaments if it cost 12 points. Being able to adjust points is not a panacea. If the game is going to stay healthy, it is because the designers can ban particular combos, not because they can adjust points. Adjusting points can fix errors in pricing, it can't fix bad design. Genius looks like bad design to me.
  5. And bring on the rules reference!
  6. • If a ship is destroyed during the Engagement phase, it is removed after all ships that have the same initiative as the currently engaged ship have engaged. This is called the simultaneous fire rule, which represents that ships with the same initiative are essentially attacking at the same time. This is a change yes? The initiative of the destroyed ship does not matter. Whether the destroyed ship has attacked or not does not matter. Seems like a simpler solution. Is another buff to Howlrunner unless I am cornfused.
  7. Is it in the scum kit with the protectorate pilots? No issue for me either way. I'm definitely buying at least one Spinny Fang. (Insert baby Vader spinning gif here)
  8. Words mean whatever "we" understand them to mean. People have been using the word literally to mean figuratively for well over a hundred years. (I just ran across such a "modern" usage in a quote from a book about James Polk.) The recent-ish push back against literally is simply pedantry run rampant. If grammarians can't handle it, that's there problem. ?
  9. I wanna see a landing mode config on the shuttle when its expac hits. The original flappy wings should serve a more glorious purpose than simply saving space when stored.
  10. Bomblet Generator is not unique? Major Rhymer can attack at range 0-3 with Cluster Missiles? He's Arvel... ish.
  11. Rules Reference? Will it be PDF only?
  12. TLT simply removed certain lists and basically certain ships from the game. I flew 4B1Z through the entire Phantom Menace fat boosting turrets and Palp Aces. Only gave up when TLT became a thing. I probably didn't lose much harder but the losses were more soul destroying.
  13. And dangerous. I'm hoping we see some "either or" options in the future. HWK for example could take a gunner OR a crew but not both.
  14. Can confirm that TLT is still broken against the poor Xwing. Harpoons aren't as bad. 5 Xwings can do very, very bad things to many lists. They won't win any tournaments of consequence due to the combombo and TLT brokenness but they are lots of fun. Too bad multispectrum camo is unique. Would give 5 Kirhaxzghdlkj's a little extra. Edit to add: I really just want to punch somebody right in the face over TLT. It was known to be OP before release and it never, ever got addressed. So. Freaking. Annoying. "You know what this game needs? A super reliable way to cause damage without ever facing the enemy. That sounds fun..."
  15. One of the preview articles said something along the lines of "in addition to" "and" so they at least seem to have access to both. Whether they can take both at the same time? Or maybe just a mistake by the article writing keyboard monkeys.
  16. Four B-WINGS with thrust correctors and linked Batteries.
  17. Except the designers and others have repeatedly and clearly said the exact opposite of that. The lack of specifics and price point has me a little concerned but they have been clear: you will NOT need to rebuy a ship model to get new cards. Now, that may turn out to be a lie, broken promise or "certain point of view" sort of thing but then FFG will face some actual legitimate anger. Edit: I see what you were saying better now. But 2e ship rereleases are almost certain to have new pilots that aren't in conversion kit. They have said expect more pilots. Bwing currently has two. Bwing 2e release will definitely have more pilots.
  18. Go back and rewatch the beginning of the devs "unboxing" stream. The devs hold up little baggies and say those contain the wave 1 upgrades. They have not been spoiled to the best of my knowledge. Edit to add: If the kits add extra generic bases, that would be really, really nice.
  19. Thread title should be: "Dear FFG and Asmodee decision makers, how much are you going to charge for the ship upgrade packs?"
  20. If TIE Phantoms have crew instead of Gunner, I'll eat a 1e upgrade card.
  21. I'm very excited about the Gunner upgrades. (At least the ones that don't rhyme with juke pie stalker.) The crew slot on the TIE Phantom was dumb. The fact that bombers could not equip bombardiers was ridiculous. Gunner slot is a great idea.
  22. How many crew carriers with reposition do we expect the Empire to get? Can't put him on a Decimator and boost out of Arc anymore. Where's he gonna ride? A Reaper?
  23. How many cards in Saws Renegades and Landos Falcon are usable by the Imperials? The Reaper has to carry all those cards. Not sure how many new cards to expect in each 2e release. Some folks need to readjust expectations from 1e to 2e. We should not expect (or want) piles of upgrades from each new ship release. It's about time that the ships become the stars again. Not the stupid upgrade combos.
  24. But will you get the promo damage deck for full size adult type people?
  25. Yes, that is what is shown but it's got to be an error. Just like the 2 Cavern Angel Zealot where U-wing pilots should be. If we got four servo cards, they should all be together. And more servos than renegade refits makes no sense. Something's missing!
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