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  1. Colored card sleeves and colored bases for generic spam. Instead of X-wing #4, it's the blue one. Solves the problem of the ID tokens getting moved off of a card. I also like to color coordinate with my custom paint jobs whenever feasible.
  2. Not sure if this was autocorrect or not but he will forever be known as Andrew S. Luck from now on in my head at least.
  3. I'm curious if they would sell a damage deck, maneuver templates and dice in a pack, no ships. Somebody has already pointed out they do something similar with Runewars.
  4. Probably better to shut it down if they aren't going to meet you... not even halfway. Sounds like they are walking the wrong direction. Hopefully someone at FFG notices the lack of aggregated data and realizes how incredibly useful that would be now that, you know, they can fix point costs. Sozin and Geordan and others, I salute you for your hard work and wish you well. Go and be free... Except Mu0n. He needs to keep working on the Vassal module until it achieves sentience and updates itself. I think that is how Skynet happens. "Sure, this program could become self aware and doom mankind. But at least I won't have to reprogram and debug every other month."
  5. I'm stuck on the idea of Sabine with Juke and maybe Nien Numb. Pre-move barrel roll and link to evade. Perform a blue maneuver and then focus for action. Not sure if that's worth 50 points with dorsal but she's interesting anyway.
  6. @Biophysical Curious why Guri isn't showing up in your list of I5 aces. Guri with Advanced Sensors is going to be an absolute monster against anyone who moves before her. I think she looks pretty solid with just AS and your cheap EPT of choice. The Virago title doesn't seem attractive as I don't see two mods worth taking. You could also go whole hog and give her Afterburners and Lone Wolf and make her your end game piece. Guri, Fenn, and ??? Could be a great place to start. They fit with two I1 quadjumpers...
  7. If it is not specified on card text, you can deploy out of either. Has always been the case for Hound's Tooth and Gozanti I believe. Nobody played Epic or Hound's Tooth title though so...
  8. Just finished Thrawn: Alliances and I think LFL had some input on just how crazy, bonkers strong the Defender is supposed to be. I'm very curious about 6 Scyks with HLC... Six Sick Scyks Sucka!
  9. Decloaking is also described as a boost (or barrel roll) IIRC.
  10. Somebody sell me on the $40 box though. Counters are easy, rules are online. Why not spend $20 on two decks and save half my money?
  11. Very curious how they are going to introduce Clone Wars factions. A new Core Set seems likely? Jedi Fighter vs Vulture Droids with Sith Infiltrator and Arc-170(?) rounding things out as separate expansions? Odds we have some way of using Rebel Z-95's or Arc's as Republic ships? I don't see ever buying in regardless and Separatists? No interest at all. Luckily, I shouldn't be missing any cards anymore. I will probably wait until episode IX before I make a decision on FO or Resistance.
  12. If you're playing with quick builds on your kitchen table, the base rules are probably enough. You can make up whatever clarification is needed. Tournament players have a one stop shop for all detailed rulings and FAQs and errata. It's probably going to be a cleaner system.
  13. Might be worth making a little flowchart for the first few games.
  14. I wonder if Drea and Four Kihraxzqjkprzyx's will do anything.
  15. Still not on podbean. C'mon now...
  16. Five Kihraxz might actually be a bit interesting... Seven Quadjumpers!!!!1!!1!!! (Do it.gif)
  17. Hmm. So naked Scyks would be a terrible idea. Torpedoes kinda cost an arm and a leg but seem powerful. I'm not sold on the cannon options available so far. Looks like the Scyk might be a filler, flanker ship to threaten with munitions but the Scyk sucks again?
  18. Scum Y-wings get illicits. Elites all over for the higher initiative generics. The humble Academy Pilot is 11.5 FEE. (First Edition Equivalent) 4B 1Y is possible. (Credit to Bunke) No more four vipers and Sunny. Hull and shield upgrades are at least worth a look on low agility ships. Where's muh squad builder?!?
  19. I think it is clear now that quick build cards are not always going to be legal builds in standard. Which makes sense. If you are going to squeeze all pilots into one of only 5 cost categories you will have a hard time unless you can give them an extra push to make them worth a full threat rating bump.
  20. We might see more upgrades that cannot be used in that pack in order to make sure that you do not need to purchase outside of your chosen faction anymore.
  21. It's going to give all of those lists a fight. You might not be the favorite in the match-up but you've got a puncher's chance. Yes, you are limited once the crackshots are spent but four crackshots will dent or cripple more than you might expect. Don't knock it till you've tried it.
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